Master of Marvel World Chapter 189

Chapter 188: : Huby's question

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Shen He also watched the entire video in the company's villa.

Basically, it is a standard public relations declaration to introduce one's own country and one's will as King Attilan, and try to gain wide acceptance by all mankind.

The effect cannot be said to be absent, but I am afraid it will not be very good.

After watching the video, Shen He also took a look at the discussions on major online platforms.

The result is just as he thought.

Facing the Kingdom of Attilan that suddenly appeared and expressed their willingness to stand on the earth camp, more people voiced doubts about Inhumans, a race with extraordinary abilities, their origins, and even preemptive occupation of them. In addition to the dissatisfaction of the moon, many people expressed their worries about the desire to return to the earth in its declaration.

After all, this is not a few heroes with extraordinary abilities, but a whole race.

Shen He doesn't know if there are other public relations factors in it, but there is no doubt that strangers still need to face a lot of hardships if they want to integrate into the earth.

However, he does not intend to intervene too much.

In this incident, Chaldeans should act as a role calling for everyone to live in peace and mutual respect and understanding, and do not clearly stand in the Attilan Kingdom and force the humans on the earth to accept the alien race, otherwise it may be counterproductive.

After all, the market for conspiracy theories is enduring in public opinion.

The biggest problem right now is how to use this alien battle as expected.

"In three days, the Cheritas only launched a few small battles." Shen He sat on the bed in the room, in front of his followers.

The internal meetings of the slaves are basically held in the room, and everyone finds their own seats. There is no restriction, and there is no slight meeting atmosphere.

Even Violet and Hubby were still eating snacks made by Nakiri Erina.

By the way, can Hubie also taste human food?

"They should be collecting information about the human army." Lelouch coughed lightly and turned Shen He's eyes from the girl to him. "We have too little information about the Cheritas, and it is not clear whether they know how to war. Trick, maybe you can get some information from Loki."

"The Cherita people are actually not to be afraid." Shen He's eyes flickered slightly, "I am mainly worried that they will ask for help..."

Even at the moment when Odin and Gu Yi were both alive, Thanos didn't dare to go out in person, but as the overlord of the universe, he didn't have the need to take action personally.

What Shen He is more worried about is that other forces in the universe will intervene, such as the Kerry Empire that created the alien race.

There are still the corpses of the Cree left on the earth.

"Don't worry if you ask for help." Lelouch sees it more thoroughly than Shen He. "After all, the gate of time and space is in our hands. Only this point will leave enough retreat. In case the situation is really serious, we can use the Universe Rubik's Cube to open it. The channel connecting Asgard, I mean, we should make full use of this special time period today and do things that are not usually easy to do."

The most important point in the game is to always pay attention to the overall situation and pay attention to your own goals.

Lelouch himself is a thoughtful person, and he is in the third party's perspective of the incident, so he can often grasp the most important points.

"What are you talking about?" Shen He still didn't react.

On the contrary, Qi Mu Nanxiong was thoughtful, because he had already got the answer from Lelouch's mind.

"virtual reality."

Lelouch spit out these words.

As soon as a flash of lightning flashed through his mind, Shen He also suddenly realized.

"We have painstakingly created the current situation. As long as the alien army remains one day, we will have the best hole card. The question is what should we use this hole card for?" Lelouch did not wait for Shen He. "We can use it to exchange for Attilans peaceful admission, and we can also use it to exchange for Chaldean prestige, but these are just unstable interests, and virtual Reality-this is the foundation of all ages."

The foundation of all ages...Shen He was speechless and said well, how could he be guilty of second disease again.

However, he already understood what Lelouch meant.

The virtual world is used well, and it is definitely a big killer to build power and authority.

Because it represents a whole new world, a better and more advanced world.

Under normal circumstances, the owner of the old order in the world will never allow such a new order to be given to others. This is an important reason why Tony has worked so hard to complicate the virtual reality helmet.

But now it is abnormal.

Once the threat of aliens can be used to establish a virtual reality world belonging to the Chaldeans, then there will truly be the capital to use non-violent means with the World Council.

The other party has nothing more than money and control.

These two things, Chaldeans can get from virtual reality, and when that happens, they will have money, control, and force at the same time.

"It's worth a fight." Shen He quickly decided.

The last time he was forced by the World Security Council with public opinion, he had to fudge in person, saying that it is impossible not to hold back a breath of malice.

What's more, now that the Chaldeans has unknowingly developed to this point, Shen He is also constantly thinking about a problem.

What exactly is Chaldea going to do?

The initial decision to establish Chaldea was because Shihe and Violet were ambushed by Hydra, making him think that he needed a force to protect him and his followers.

This is a very pure and basic requirement.

It's like a person who first established a career, just hoping to give his family a warm and stable home.

But as the career gets bigger and bigger, there are more and more people, and new goals follow.

The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility?

Such a classic sentence suddenly appeared in Shen He's mind, and then he sneered somehow.

"Master?" Jeanne yelled softly.

"It's okay, just thinking about something." Shen Hechong smiled at his wife sitting next to him, and then looked at Lulu Xiu, "Now is indeed a good time to develop the business of a virtual reality company, but I am afraid that specific measures are still needed. Think about it, if those people are determined to die, that would be pretty bad."

"What they ask for is nothing more than profit." Lelouch's mouth curled up with a smile, "Such pure thought is better to deal with."

In his view, the most troublesome aspect of the World Council is that there is no exact "person". They are a group of powers, the embodiment of interests, abandoning themselves, and are represented by thoughts that are distorted from the entire social order. .

To get rid of them completely, there is only one way to destroy order.

And the destruction of order will inevitably lead to killing and death. His lord does not want this, and many of his companions cannot accept this.

Lelouch thought of his sister, and couldn't help sighing in his heart.

Abandoning the bottom line can make people stronger, but after all, people don't live just to be strong.

"Let's discuss these things slowly."

Shen He suddenly staggered the topic, and he also discovered that he and Lulu Xiu were almost the only two talking about this here, and the rest of the followers were not interested at all.

I dont know what to do if Im not in charge...

"Lelouch." Shen He suddenly called Lelouch again, "Your two younger sisters have been living in the castle for a while, and I don't even dare to see them now."

When he said this, the helplessness on his face did not hide at all.

Yufimia is better, with a gentle personality, as long as she is cruel, she can basically only bully her.

However, Nanali really made Shen He overwhelmed. As long as she met, she would cleverly come up, but she was always inquiring about her brother's news both inside and outside. The simple pupils always carried worry and resentment, the most important thing. The thing is, Shen He is really cruel to bully such a little girl.

"It just takes a while."

In this regard, Lelouch was more cruel than Shen He, and then he seemed to look at Shen He with a little embarrassment.

"Master, it may not be long on my side. I still need to ask the Master to take care of another person. She is a female, thirteen years old."


Shen He noticed that Jean's sight suddenly changed.

Even Violet, who was gnawing at the cake with her head down, suddenly raised her head and looked at Shen He.

So what do you mean by deliberately emphasizing the age of thirteen?

"..." After being silent for a while, Shen He asked back, "Is it Jiang Lihua?"

"It's worthy of being the master." Lelouch gave a thumbs up. "I am going to learn from Cao Cao to take the emperor and bring the emperor to the princes, just as the world can't find Princess Euphemia. When the video is released, he will understand that he can't find his emperor at all."

During this period of time, Lelouch has basically stabilized the situation in the Eleven Districts.

But if you want to destroy the British Empire, you can't rely on the Eleventh District alone, so you must seek more powerful forces.

The Chinese Federation is the most important goal.

"It's nothing at all to raise your hand." Shen He waved his hand, indicating that he didn't care about it.

However, he still has some expectations for the silver-haired and red-eyed young emperor. He liked this character when he watched anime before.

Joan looked at her lover in distress.

She naturally understood what the master was thinking, and the master seemed to like little girls very much.

"In this case, I will go back first."

Lulu Xiu stood up, and after beckoning to the other followers, he applied for return.

After Shen He agreed, he couldn't help sighing as he looked at the place where Lelouch had disappeared.

"There is only Lelouch as the strategic follower, and it really is less. The Chaldean stalls are getting bigger and bigger, and I am a little bit powerless."

After thinking about what to do, he felt a little headache.

After saying this, Violet opened her mouth, and then lowered her head in frustration.

The same is true for Joan.

Even the two rituals frowned.

The atmosphere at the scene was a bit weird all at once.

Shen He also reacted and smirked, "I just said casually, you all helped me a lot, thank you very much."

Even as a family, there are some things that can't be said casually.

"No, this is the truth." The two rituals twisted at the beginning, shoulders leaning against the door, "I can only fight anyway."

Getting angry...Sister Shishi is definitely angry with this action...

"Where." Shen He smiled bitterly, "The establishment of Chaldea was originally my willful decision...I really thank you very much."

Even if other people didn't say anything, with Qi Mu Nanxiong's character, he was able to help him to this step, and Shen He was already very moved.

After all, the relationship between him and his followers does not require one party to pay for the other party.

"I didn't do this for your thanks."

The two ceremonies didn't know why they were a little irritable, they simply opened the door and walked out directly. The meeting was over anyway.

"Then I will go to the castle first."

Qi Mu Nanxiong also walked to the castle gate summoned by the side of the room.

He likes the castle better than the villa here.

Because there are desserts made by Nakiri Erina.

The other servants also left one after another. In the end, only Joan and Violet remained in the room, plus a cute Hubby.

"Did I say the wrong thing just now?" Shen He asked, turning his head to look at Joan of Arc.

"Of course." Jeanne also looked at him helplessly, "The Master was very good at talking before, and he can understand our thoughts."

"This is because..." Shen He shook his head and did not continue.

The servants he summoned, especially those who were first summoned by him, have unknowingly changed from the "personality" he knew.

Although this makes them more real, it is indeed not as able to penetrate their minds as they were at the beginning.

"I don't know what other people think." Jeanne got closer, but she seemed to avert her eyes embarrassingly, "But for me, not only as a lover, but also as a follower, I will do my best. Accompanied by the master, if you insist on saying your wishes, being able to protect you and guide you is my greatest wish."

"......thank you."

Shen He smiled and stretched out his hand to put Joan in his arms. This saintly lady really has the charm to make him attached.

But for this embrace, Jeanne seemed to be a little uncomfortable, and her body was writhing and trying to break free.

They are almost old husbands and old wives, is there anyone who is so shy to hug?

While Shen Hezheng was wondering, he suddenly felt a strange line of sight, but Hubby in front of him stared at them with embarrassment.

"What are you looking at?" Even Shen He was a little embarrassed in this line of sight.

"The master's body temperature, pulse, and **** have all changed, confirming that he is ready to mate." Hubby said in a soft voice.


After a weird silence ~www.wuxiaworld~ Joan of Arc in her arms pushed Shen He away, her face already ruddy and out of place.

"Little, little children can't talk like that." Jeanne seemed to try hard to show the majesty of her big sister.

"But Hubby is two hundred and ten years old."

Hubby made a sound that seemed to be a protest, and suddenly approached, lightly pressing on Shen He's body, after a while, his eyes raised blankly.

"There is no response, I don't understand. Is it because Huby is not as attractive as Joan?"

"...My'interests and hobbies' are normal." Shen He pressed Hubbys shoulders and pushed her away, almost gritting her teeth and said, "If you want to understand the human heart, you must first understand Human common sense, if anyone has a relationship with you...then, it wont be wrong to fight half-dead first."

He is just a kid who likes cute dada, not a pervert.

Hubby's appearance also looked only eleven or twelve years old, younger than the growing Violet.

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