Master Of Thermodynamics Chapter 1011

Chapter 1002: absolute Zerofinal

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At a certain position 370 kilometers above the Devil's Sea, large ripples suddenly appeared in the sky. Observing the surroundings through the ripples, everything became distorted.

After three breaths, the ripples dissipated, and 8[www.xbqg5200.co] figures in heavy red and black armor appeared on the spot. Their helmets and thick masks completely covered their faces.

It can be seen that the heavy armor material must be a special kind of magic metal,

The shoulders, elbows, knees and other parts of the heavy armor have sharp spikes of different lengths. The patterns engraved on the surface of the armor form more than ten heads of different shapes, each with four eyes, fangs and a pair. Shofar, this is a typical image of a devil.

The above characteristics make the battle armor look extremely cruel and cruel.

The 8 human figures hovered for a moment, the battle armor glowed with dim red light, then the light faded, and then all converged. The color of the entire battle armor changed significantly from red and black to bright red, and the surface halo flowed, as if to drip Under the blood.

In addition, their breath has also undergone subtle changes.

As soon as he appeared, the battle armor gave people a weird feeling of obtrusive and uncoordinated, which seemed to have been rejected by the world, but now, the battle armor seemed to be completely integrated into the new environment.

A slight subspace fluctuation suddenly flashed in the air, and a bright silver cylinder drilled out of the subspace and appeared 2 kilometers away.

This is the Space Anchor dropped by the X-wing fighter!

The next moment, a strong wave of magic energy erupted.

However, when the "Space Anchor" was still traveling through the subspaces, the eight figures seemed to have a premonition. The figures disappeared without a trace in an instant. After a short while, they reappeared at a position 20 kilometers high.

This is a long-range jump!

Then they jumped 3 times in a row, extending the distance to 80 kilometers.

At this time, the wave of magical energy of Space Anchor reached its peak, and Secondary Law Space Force blocked an area of 50 kilometers in radius.

But it was too late, and the eight figures escaped the coverage of Space Anchor first.

They lowered their heads and glanced at the "Space Anchor", and extremely powerful mana fluctuations flashed through their bodies, and a pair of red flame wings instantly condensed behind them. They quickly fanned in the air and rose at high speed, sprinkling countless red lights along the way. Render out several extremely beautiful red trajectories.

At this time, more than 20 red light beams containing huge power descended from the sky and shot at the figure in heavy armor.

This is the heat death ray shot by the Hand of Thanos.

The eight figures seemed to be prepared for a long time, and the rays had not yet appeared. They collectively made a short jump of more than 200 meters, just avoiding the attack of the heat death ray.

In the next minute, the Orbital Strike Group carried out 6 consecutive rounds of shooting, but the opponent avoided all the shots perfectly, and none of them hit.


In the Dragon Palace Space City, Angela looked at the holographic image in front of her, her pretty face became extremely solemn, and her eyes were clearly worried:

"The'Sky Eye Array' of the Second Satellite Control Center has already detected the target's mana index, which has all exceeded 50,000 points, reaching the dominance level. Among them, the most powerful dominator has an index of 70,912 points.

"Your judgment is absolutely correct. This group of demons masters have indeed adapted to the laws of our world, and their combat effectiveness is very powerful..."

Renault responded non-committal:

"Under normal circumstances, my spiritual perception range is only 85 kilometers away, and my mana index is as high as 147,810 points. Even the strongest demon ruler is only half of mine. It stands to reason. , Their spiritual perception range will never exceed 40 kilometers.

"The distance between the'hand of the tyrant' space-based weapon and the demon ruler is between 200-400 kilometers, but they can escape the attack of the'heat death ray'. I think the other party must have adopted some means. Greatly enlarged the range of spiritual perception.

"Tsk tusk, it's really the Void Demon..."

Angela watched the demons spread out and flew towards the'Hand of Thanos' in the high-altitude orbit at high speed, and couldn't help asking:

"Is this ability to'amplify spiritual consciousness" one of the functions of the red and black armor of the Demon Race?

Renault nodded slightly:

"That's right!

"I guess another function of this kind of battle armor should be to increase the limit distance of [Flashing]... You know, it is not the space system dominator, the maximum distance of [Flashing] cannot exceed 2 kilometers.

"The Demon Lord can jump 20 kilometers at a time, and jump 4 times in a very short time. This is definitely with the help of the power of the armor..."

As he spoke, he raised his hand. The four prismatic metal spikes inserted in the weapon rack flew to the back of the void armor and automatically mounted on the weapon rack, making a few sounds of "knock". sound.

The surface of each prismatic spike is engraved with rice-like runes, with a total of more than 12,000. The tail is embedded with a thumb-sized white magic crystal ball, which is also a valuable "floating magic crystal".


On the other side, the demon rulers reached an altitude of 550 kilometers. The back of their battle armors ejected fiery flames, and their flying speed quickly climbed to more than 8 times the speed of sound, approaching the Hand of Thanos who was trying to evacuate.

When a demon ruler approached a Hand of the Tyrant 20 kilometers away, he made the first attack of the battle.

The majestic and frightening mana fluctuations surged from its body, and the surface of the battle armor radiated a strong red light. This light seemed to have produced wisdom, and it rushed to the right hand part of the battle armor, condensing into a bright light. The eye-catching flame gun.

The demon master slammed his right hand, and the flame spear swept over 20 kilometers of the void at a terrifying speed of more than 100 times the speed of sound, accurately hitting the'Hand of Thanos'.

The flame spear pierced this sky weapon and burst into a fiery flame of law, evaporating most of it in the blink of an eye, leaving only a small amount of debris floating in the orbit.

In just 5 minutes, the command flame was lit up from time to time in the sky, and more than 30 Hands of Thanos within a radius of 200-300 kilometers were emptied by the gang of demons.

They continue to accelerate and climb to a higher orbital space, pointing directly to one of the Blue Star's double moons-Ya'an.

There is no doubt that the goal of the demon ruler is the "Apocalypse Devil's Ring" standing on the surface of the moon. If the'Apocalypse Devil's Ring' is not destroyed, then the demon army will never be able to descend into this world.

This is exactly the same as Renault's previous speculation.


Angela stared at the holographic image and said nervously:

"The Demon Sovereign has reached an altitude orbit of 1,200 kilometers, and the current speed is 6 kilometers per second, and it is still increasing at a speed of 400 meters per second... Even if the acceleration and deceleration time are included, within 2-3 hours, They should be able to reach Ya'an..."


With a thought, Renault closed the mask with [Nian Motive Force], and said softly:

"They have no chance to reach Ya'an!"

Due to the obstruction of the mask, the voice of speaking sounded a little muffled.

More than 10 floating crystal rings inlaid on the surface of the void armor suddenly burst into brilliant white light, and Renault's figure suddenly disappeared without a trace.

After half a breath, he crossed a full 1,400 kilometers of distant space and appeared in the silent space, only more than 40 kilometers away from the demon ruler, blocking the opponent's path forward.

As a powerful master of the space system, Renault [Blink] has a maximum distance of no more than 50 kilometers, but with the help of floating crystals and corresponding runes, the jumping distance has increased dozens of times.

The 8 demons dominates the first time with all their strength.

They made a jump and approached 20 kilometers away from Renault. The armor ignited a fierce flame of law, and the spears of flames condensed and flew towards Renault.

Almost every second, each Demon Master can shoot more than 20 flame spears, and 8 Demon Masters teamed up to shoot an overwhelming flame spear. The scene looked extremely amazing.

At the same time, within the battle armor dominated by one of the demons, violent spatial ripples burst out, instantly disrupting the subspaces in the nearby area, and its power level reached the level of the'secondary law'.

This is definitely a space blockade created by some extremely precious super strange objects.

This item contains the power of the "secondary space law", which is extremely fast and its rare degree is unimaginable. A world may not be able to give birth to one. I am afraid that there is only the void demons that invaded countless other worlds. Only collected this kind of scary props.

This whole set of attacks is obviously a lore set against Renault!

Changing any one of the masters here is definitely a dead end.

However, the demons still underestimated Renault.

In other words, he underestimated the power of the secondary heat law he mastered.

When the flame spear flew to 1 kilometer away, Renault reached out and tapped without panic, the'chain of the law of thermal energy' in the soul space branched out hundreds of small chains of laws, and instantly shot out of the soul space, sinking into the void. Among.

The vast ocean of magic energy fluctuated and surged, and its intensity shocked the eight masters of the demons.

Strictly speaking, Renault's mastery of the'chain of the law of heat energy' has reached a high level, surpassing the mastery of the'chain of the law of space', and it is 1-2 steps higher than the'chain of the law of heat' dominated by the demons. .

Subsequently, a mysterious and magical change occurred in the void.

Whether it is the layered subspaces or the high-dimensional space where the sea of magical energy is located, everything is in a static state, and the magical energy, elements, and violent magical energy in each space have all stopped flowing.

To describe it in one sentence-the space is frozen.

This is the strongest skill that Renault has mastered, the top magical skill evolved from the [Third Law of Thermodynamics]-[Absolute Zero].

In front of this skill, whether it is real matter or pure energy, everything is completely frozen and enters an absolute static state, and everything will fall into dead silence.

As a result, the eight masters of the demons were stunned to discover that all the flame spears hovered in the void extremely strangely, and it was difficult for them to advance any further.


Renault snorted and clenched his fists.

The power of [Absolute Zero] quickly eroded the Flame Spear, instantly extinguishing the Flame of Law, and the Flame Spear disappeared.

Only then did the demon master realize that he seemed to have kicked an iron plate, and the enemy was so powerful that it was frightening. They looked at each other and jumped together, appearing 40 kilometers away.

[Absolute Zero] is an unstoppable skill for the master of the demons. Apart from escape, they have no second way.

Renault glanced at the Demon Race who had fled in a hurry, raised his hand and shot 4 slender [Heat Death] rays, which were directed at the 4 Demon Masters.

However, what is surprising is that [Heat Death] was unable to penetrate the Demon Race's armor, only leaving a shallow pit on the surface of the armor.

"Damn it, isn't it possible that the material used to make the armor is the'super magic metal' that contains the power of the'secondary law'? My god, this kind of material actually exists in the world..."

This answer makes him unbelievable, but it is the only explanation, because only the power of the secondary law can oppose the power of the secondary law.

With fiery eyes, Renault stared at the back of the Demon Race, "Super Magic Metal" is a rare material that does not exist in Blue Star, how could he allow his "trophies" to escape?

When he thought about it, the four spikes on the pylon on the back of the Void Battle Armor suddenly lit up with the floating magic crystal at the tail, and all the spikes disappeared.

In the next moment, the four masters of the demons who had fled 60 kilometers away, with tiny ripples flashing across their chests, and a spike was inserted abruptly in their chests, piercing their bodies, as if the spikes were born there.

The "Floating Demon Crystal" contains a very strong "secondary space law power", combined with Renault's own "secondary space law power", the combination of the two is sufficient to forcibly break the spiritual interference field dominated by the demons.

Renault gave a name to this cold weapon inlaid with floating magic crystal-Void Sting.

The Void Spike erupted with a wave of magical energy, creating countless space cracks, cutting the Demon Clan together with the battle armor into pieces.

This **** scene frightened the other 4 demon masters, who jumped frantically desperately, trying to escape the enemy's claws.

It is a pity that, under the control of Renault, the maximum attack range of the Void Sting is astonishing 100 kilometers, and it is impossible for the demons to escape the doom of death.

The 4 Void Stings flickered once again, killing 3 Demon Masters.

Only a master carrying a super-space strange object could open the strange object in time to interfere with the sub-space, forcing the Void Spike to jump out of the sub-space.

But this only delayed its death.

Renault followed behind this guy, drove more than 300 kilometers in one breath, approached the opponent faster with a faster speed, threw a [Absolute Zero], and instantly took away the life of the last demon ruler.

He opened the helmet of the Demon Race Armor with [Nian Power], stared at the opponent's stiff face, and sighed for a long time.

"Angela, I won!"

Renault activated the magic communicator built into the helmet and said loudly:

"I can be sure that during the low tide period of this mana tide, the Void Demon Race will absolutely not dare to invade our world again... It will be 10,000 years before humans have a chance to see the Demon Race again."

A voice of extreme joy sounded in the communication channel:

"So, in ten thousand years? How should humans deal with the demons? Great Supreme Master, don't you plan to leave a solution for our descendants?"

Renault smiled and said:

"Of course! Ten thousand years later, it's humans' turn to invade the alien space of the Demon Race!"

(End of the book)

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