Master Xiu, Please Flop Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Tea is not drunk like this!

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The two of them looked at the teacher like students, waiting for the teacher's instruction to solve their puzzles.

At this time, Mo Fan's voice came slowly.

"Taking tea and tasting tea, since it is important, how can you drink it so quickly? Naturally, you have to drink it slowly."

"Simply speaking, there are four steps: look, listen, smell, and drink."

Over the years, the system has not given him any benefits in cultivation, but has given him all kinds of life knowledge. Mo Fan has long been familiar with tasting tea.

Upon hearing this, both the master and the apprentice fell into contemplation. They really didn't know anything about tasting tea.

In fact, they are not to blame.

As a monk, how can you study this on weekdays?

At this time, Mo Fan's voice sounded again, and his voice seemed to have magical power, resounding in the two people's minds.

"The so-called look is to look at dried tea. After all, the first impression of a tea is its appearance! And the most important thing to look at dried tea is to look at its color, string, tenderness, etc., to see if it is In line with the characteristics of the breed."

"The so-called listening is the sound of tea falling into the teapot, so you can know whether the tea is tight or loose, heavy or light."

"The so-called smell is divided into four types, namely dry smell, hot smell, warm smell and cold smell."

"Smell it dry to observe the shape of the tea, to smell it hot to tell whether the aroma is pure, to smell it warm to determine the flavor of the tea, and to smell it cold to know the persistence of the tea's aroma."

"The so-called drinking is to drink slowly, and this drink is also very particular!"

Mo Fan said one by one, he really didn't understand cultivation, but he knew everything else very well.

It can be said that he has an encyclopedia in his mind.

Tianyu and Ye Ling were confused, and their faces were confused.

When Mo Fan saw this scene, he couldn't help but shook his head, and immediately said, "You can taste the tea again according to my method. Believe me, the taste will be completely different! When drinking tea, first press the tip of your tongue against your palate, and your lips slightly Open it, and then inhale from it to make the tea soup turn around in your mouth. You can give it a try!"

"it is good!"

Both the master and the apprentice nodded, and re-taste the tea according to Mo Fan's method.

This time it was tea tasting, not tea.

Immediately after swallowing this tea, a strong aroma spread to the nasal cavity with breathing.

this moment.

They seem to have entered the world of Tao Yun.

To be precise, he came to a small place in Dao Yun.

Just now, they were in the world of Taoist rhymes, and their foundation was so bad that they couldn't comprehend these rhymes at all.

Now they understand from the basics.

Really realized something.

The sound of Dao Yun sounded in the two people's minds, and it resounded endlessly.

Both of them stared with wide eyes, completely stunned!

Their cultivation bases have broken through!

Ye Ling had originally cultivated in the early stage of the Nascent Soul Realm, but at this moment, she was promoted to the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Stage.

Tianyu upgraded from the early stage of the Golden Body Stage to the later stage of the Golden Body Stage, bursting with golden light on his body.

"Is it delicious?"

Seeing the reaction of the two of them, Mo Fan knew the answer.

"Thank you son!"

Tianyu said excitedly, you know, he has been in this state for ten years!

Today, after drinking a cup of tea, he broke his cultivation base!

Who will believe this?

He tried to remain calm, but his heart still rolled like a sea.

With this cultivation base, it is not impossible for him to defeat the Blood Venerable!

He even felt eager to try.

Could it be that the senior knows the purpose of my coming here, so he helped me break through the cultivation base?

Tianyu thought secretly in his heart, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt the terrible predecessor.

It is said that those peerless bosses like to use sentient beings as pawns and layouts.

Am I fortunate enough to be a **** of the boss?

Thinking of Tianyu is particularly exciting.

Tianyu thought of something and planned to test it, then took out a piece from the space ring and handed it to Mo Fan.

This is a piece of jade, on which is carved a big character of dragon and phoenix dancing.


Seeing that the master took out this stone, Ye Ling was horrified, but his face tried to keep calm.

This is the treasure of Tianzong's Zhenzong!

It is said that this is the first sect master of Tianzong who stayed behind. That year, the sect master of Tianzong was born and fought fiercely against the evil dragon and sealed the evil dragon in this stone!

Mo Fan glanced.

The brilliance of this jade is undoubtedly more precious than the last stone.


Give me a special stone?

Perhaps these two people are too poor.

It must be bad for the two of them to mix up in the Heavenly Sect. Otherwise, why give him a stone? Not a magic weapon for cultivation?

Mo Fan thought secretly.

"The son lives here in seclusion. If you go out, you may save a lot of trouble by keeping this jade on him!"

Tianyu said quickly, and at the same time, he was quite nervous. In his opinion, if the opponent accepts it, then it means that he is fortunate to be the opponent's pawn!

But if the opponent does not accept it, then I am afraid that my position in the opponent's heart is not even a chess piece!

Mo Fan thought for a while.

After all, these two are cultivators, although it is really not good for these two people to mix in the Tianzong, it can even be said to be very shabby, but no matter what, they are also Tianzong disciples!

It's good to be able to get together!

In the future, I might really have to trouble the master and apprentice, so he nodded and accepted.

When Mo Fan lowered his head to accept, he didn't realize that at this moment, an extremely intense light of excitement burst out of Tianyu's eyes.

Inner ecstasy.

Had it not been for Mo Fan here, he would shed excitement tears on the spot, and tears would have filled his eyes.

Accept it!

Senpai accepted it!

This proves that I am a **** of the predecessors!

Mo Fan thought for a while, and felt that he had accepted the huskies and jade from others. If he didn't take out something in return, I would be embarrassed.

He thought about it again, he didn't seem to have any good things.

This is a bit embarrassing.

At this moment, not far away, a tortoise covered with golden lines crawled over here, holding a wooden statue in its mouth.

That is a statue of a man.

He is holding a large knife, with long blood-colored hair and a small body, about the size of a palm.

This is what Mo Fan was boring to carve.

This is a wooden statue of a barbarian.

"This wooden statue has Taoist rhyme!"

After seeing the wooden statue, Tianyu was stunned.

He could feel the thick Taoist rhyme in this wooden statue.

It takes so much spiritual power to pack such a rich Taoist rhyme into this wooden statue!

Tianyu has a new understanding of Mo Fan's strength.

"Do you like this wooden statue?"

At this moment, Mo Fan asked, he didn't blame him for asking like that, after all, Tianyu's gaze had been stuck in the wooden statue of Barbarian.

"If you like it, I'll give it to you."

Mo Fan said lightly.

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