Master Xiu, Please Flop Chapter 8

Chapter 8: I am not a chicken, I am a phoenix!

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It can be said that this is the first time someone has visited Mo Fan's house in the past three years.

Hearing this voice, Mo Fan knew who came.

Ye Ling.


He opened the door, a look of surprise appeared on his face.

Standing beside Ye Ling was an old man with gray hair and a white goatee.

At this moment, Tianyu was in a very nervous mood, standing very nervously, not like the famous Tianzong Sect Master at all, but more like a disciple.

"Mr. Mo, this is a family teacher, this time I am here to thank you especially!"

Ye Ling said at this moment.

Home teacher?

Ye Ling is a disciple of Tianzong.

In this way, the old man in front of him is also a martial artist of Tianzong, I am afraid that he has a position in Tianzong!


This is the boss!

Mo Fan's eyes lit up slightly, and he felt that he should have a good relationship with these people. In this case, if he is bullied by the cultivator in the future, he can also find them.

Moreover, he likes to make friends very much.

Of course, not a bad friend.

"My surname is Tian, and my name is Tianyu."

"You can just call my name directly!"

Tianyu said, when he was speaking, he was also looking at Mo Fan, sighing repeatedly in his heart.

The person in front of him looks ordinary, without the slightest amount of spiritual power.

It can hide the spiritual power in the body to the extent that it is silent and not released at all!


The person in front of you is definitely an expert!

In the entire Xiuxian continent, how many people can do this step?



At this moment, the dog suddenly rushed in and rushed directly into Mo Fan's courtyard.

Seeing this scene, Tianyu paled with fright, and his scalp was about to explode.

This dead dog!

Is this trying to kill him?

Tianyu scolded the eighteenth generation of this dog's ancestor in his heart.


Mo Fan didn't notice the change in Tianyu's expression, because his gaze was already locked on the dog.

That's it! That's it! Senior is getting angry!

Tianyu shouted in his heart, the white goatee was about to stand up at this moment, thinking that he must be dead.

He lowered his head as if he was a student who had done wrong, waiting for the teacher's criticism and punishment.

"It turned out to be a husky!"

However, at this moment, a surprise voice rang from Mo Fan's mouth.

Unexpectedly, there are huskies in this alien world. You know, when he was on earth, his favorite pet was the huskies.

Hearing this, Tianyu was taken aback for a moment, and he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, but his heart was still very nervous.

"You raised this husky? It seems that it hasn't been long since you were born." Mo Fan looked at Tianyu and Ye Ling and asked curiously.

Although I don't know why the expert called this dog a husky, he still followed the words of the expert: "Yes! Lord Mo, I wanted to give this husky to you, but look at it, it is too much. Naughty..."

The monk really raises huskies!

It seems that monks are still similar to mortals and have many hobbies, not just cultivation.

However, thinking about it, it is such a boring and tasteless thing to practice every day.

"I'm interested, it doesn't matter, I like it very much!"

Mo Fan smiled slightly, and had a good impression of Tianyu.

Hearing this, Tianyu's expression remained unchanged, but his heart was already ecstatic!


As I expected, seniors like to keep pets.

"this way please!"

Mo Fan said politely and made a please gesture.


The demon dog had already rushed into Mo Fan's other courtyard.

"Superior? Pooh! It's a mortal!"

The little demon dog said disdainfully: "Do it! I want to do it! In this way, the old man must not let me stay here! So, I will be free!"

The dog's eyes shone with wise light.

My dog master is so smart!

Since he couldn't beat Tianyu, then try another method to deal with Tianyu.

Heading into the backyard, it found a table in front of it. Apart from anything else, with its legs pushed on the ground, the whole dog leaped over, opened its mouth, and bit at the table and chair!

However, the next moment.

Its face changed.

A blood tooth flew out directly.

A sharp pain struck.

It grinned at the tables and chairs in front of it.

What kind of table and chair is this?

Although it is young, its teeth are already very sharp.

Even a diamond can be crushed by it.

However, the hardness of mere wood is hundreds of times stronger than diamond!

What kind of wood is this?

At this time.

Ahead, a tortoise covered with golden lines came slowly, just past the little demon dog.

"Go away!"

The little demon dog gave a low growl, it was originally in a bad mood.


At this moment, the tortoise glanced at the little demon dog, then raised the tortoise's claws and slowly fell.

The action is very simple.


Suddenly, the little demon dog flew out and landed heavily on the rock not far away.

The rock is not broken.

It looked at this rock.

On this rock is carved a big character of dragon and phoenix dancing.


"This...this is a demon spirit stone!"

It exclaimed in its heart. At this moment, it has completely captured its previous contempt for the owner of this other house!

Demon spirit stone.

This thing is from ancient times.

In ancient times, the demon emperor stepped on a stone and was born!

With this stone, it kills the powerhouse of the endless human race!

However, in the end, the demon emperor disappeared in the long river of history.

And that stone also disappeared with the demon emperor!

The little demon dog heard his father say that the stone was called the demon spirit stone, and the word demon was engraved on this stone!

The stone in front of him was not only engraved with a demon character, but also exuded a billowing demon spirit.

In all likelihood, it is a demon spirit stone!

Oh my god!

What exactly is this place?

How could there be a demon spirit stone? This is an ancient thing!

"Superior, is it really an expert!"

It thought of what Tianyu had said before, showing its contemplation.

At this moment, its heart was beating wildly, showing inner anxiety. It found a chicken in front of it.

This is a hen, completely red, with extremely beautiful feathers, and her eyes, which is so aloof.

But it is obviously just a hen!

The hen is eating insects in the grass.

"Little hen, tell Master Gou, what is the realm of that expert?" The Little Demon Dog suddenly asked. If the realm of the expert is lower than that of his father, it can inform his father and let his father take it away. This demon spirit stone.

However, ahead, the hen flapped its wings.

Suddenly, a gust of wind swept in and directly fell on the little demon dog.

The little demon dog flew out like a cannonball.

At this time, a natural woman's voice slowly sounded.

"I am not a chicken, I am a phoenix! Besides, I am a chicken, I will destroy you!"

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