Master Xiu, Please Flop Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Trembling two ha

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"I am not a chicken, I am a phoenix! Besides, I am a chicken, grandma, I will destroy you! I will destroy your dog legs!"

The hen with red hair all over looked at the little demon dog and said coldly.

The little demon dog shivered when he heard this, and it could clearly feel the powerful demon spirit emanating from this chicken.

Obviously, this hen was released deliberately!

Even its father did not have such a strong evil spirit.


At this moment, in the pond, a white carp suddenly rushed out. It was suspended in the void, and the silk dragon qi radiated from the body.

"Dragon Qi!"

The little demon dog exclaimed again: "You are not a carp, you are a dragon, a white dragon!"

"Little milk dog, it's so easy to make a fuss!"

The white carp rolled his eyes and said, "The master is coming, you better be quiet for me!"

"This dog has fine skin and tender meat. It should taste good!"

At this moment, a demon flower even spit out words.

Hearing this, the little demon dog's mouth opened wide, his eyes almost staring out, and his brain fell into a short blank!

Where did he come here!

"I...I...I..." Its voice trembled.

Is it going to die here?

Is it going to be the nourishment for that demon flower?

Do not! Do not!

It roars in its heart, it is still small, it is so young, it wants to fall in love, it can't die like this.

at this time.

Not far away, a footstep sounded.

Suddenly, all these weird things disappeared all around.

White carp swims in the pond.

The golden tortoise crawled slowly.

The hen still eats the bugs in the grass.

The demon flower absorbs the sunlight to its heart's content.

It seems that what just happened has never happened.

Tianyu followed Mo Fan to come here. When he came, his heart was still extremely nervous. He was worried that the little demon dog would be ruining everywhere in Gaoren's house!

However, the next moment, he was stunned.

I saw that in front of and under the table, the little demon dog was lying on his stomach, with a rather well-behaved look.

Seeing Mo Fan coming, it thought: "This must be an expert!"

It ran over immediately, the dog's tail on its **** wagging constantly.

"These two ha are interesting! Haha!"

Mo Fan laughed. He thought of something. When he walked into the room, when he walked out, there was an extra frisbee in his hand.

He shook his right hand: "Go!"

Suddenly, the Frisbee flew out directly.

When the flying disc flew out, it also burst into bright light.

Looking at this Frisbee, Tianyu's face changed slightly. He took a deep breath and tried hard to keep himself as calm as possible, but his heart had long been ups and downs like a sea of anger.

God treasure!

This is a magical treasure!

God treasure as a dog's toy?

He stared at the Frisbee, and confirmed again and again, that there is nothing wrong, this is the **** treasure!

He gave a wry smile inside.

Yes, after all, he is an expert.

Shenbao is like **** in the eyes of an expert!

Not only did he discover that this Frisbee was a divine treasure, but even the Erha had discovered it.

Erha ran over very actively and jumped forward. When he went, he still looked at Tianyu with a bad look.

This gaze is clearly for fear of Tianyu and him grabbing the treasure.

Tianyu naturally didn't dare to grab it.

Erha bit the Frisbee in one bite.

When biting down, a strange energy suddenly moved quickly towards Erha's body.

This feeling is weird.

Take a closer look.

There is a picture painted on this frisbee.

This is what Mo Yun drew on the Frisbee when she was bored before, to make the Frisbee more beautiful, nothing more.

This look.

Let Erha shocked.

That is a landscape painting.

At this moment, Erha felt that everything in front of him seemed to become illusory.

It seems to have entered the painting.

The mind drifted to another realm.

At this moment, it feels so small.

In a short moment, its mood has undergone earth-shaking changes, and its cultivation base has been directly promoted from the late stage of the foundation-building stage to the early stage of the bigu stage!

It's incredible!

You know, it would take him at least five years to cultivate normally and remember the enchanting talents!

Erha doubted whether he was dreaming.

None of this seems to be true.

At this moment, what happened to Tianyu and Ye Yinyi who sat down, their eyes fell on Erha one after another, revealing a light of envy.

Good luck!

Obviously, they all knew that Erha's cultivation base had broken through.

Erha was caught in a huge shock, holding a Frisbee in his mouth, stiffening.

Being able to incorporate the principles of heaven and earth into the painting, the ordinary-looking young man in front of him is afraid that his cultivation level has reached a level that is beyond fear!

It can be extremely sure that in the entire Xiuxian Island, no one is the opponent of this person! Even, no one can resist this person's half move!

For a while, it shivered.

Of course, Mo Fan didn't know what Erha was thinking.


Mo Fan was making tea and pouring tea for the guests. When he thought of something, he asked, "Both of them are monks from Tianzong!"


Tianyu carefully took the teacup with both hands.

Mo Fan asked, "If people have no spiritual roots, can they still cultivate?"

Cultivation is what he yearns for.

Ye Ling did not speak, but looked at Master Tianyu.

She remembered that Master had said that every word of the predecessors had deep meaning and connotation.

He thought about this, but couldn't figure out what it meant.

It seems that his accomplishments in this area are still too low.

Tianyu carefully figured out what Mo Fan said, and he was also confused, he was wondering how to speak.

Mo Fan looked at Tianyu, a little speechless, does it take so long to answer this question?

Could it be that there are exceptions?

"Can't practice!"

After a long time, Tianyu uttered such a sentence: "Spiritual root is the foundation of cultivation. If the foundation is gone, it is naturally impossible to cultivate!"

"is it?"

Hearing this, Mo Fan sighed. It seemed that Tian was jealous of talents.

He didn't say anything, seeing that the two hadn't had tea, he said, "Drink tea!"

"it is good."

Tianyu nodded and glanced at the tea.

This tea looks ordinary.

To say something different, it is that this tea is extremely clear!

He didn't think much, he just drank it down.

The same is true for his disciples.

"This... Dao Yun!"

Tianyu exclaimed in his heart, but unfortunately, this rhyme was too big, he couldn't absorb it at all.

If he could absorb a little, his cultivation would have broken through!

What a pity, what a pity!

"Tea is not drunk like this!"

Seeing this scene, Mo Fan couldn't help laughing.

Is this teaching me to comprehend Tao Yun?

Hearing this, Tianyu suddenly raised his head and looked at Mo Fan with scorching eyes.

By her side, Ye Ling suddenly raised her head and looked at Mo Fan. She was not stupid and knew that there was something in Mo Fan's words.


Senior wants to guide me!

He was ecstatic.

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