Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 929

Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 929 Competition

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Chapter 929 Compet.i.tion

Translator: Xaiomoge

Every calamity is akin to a great shuffle. For Warlock groups, although their current territory has not changed. However, if they dont render any contributions to the empire, their territory may be taken away by other Warlock groups with contributions. This forces the Warlock groups to serve the empire to the best of their ability.

At the same time, private relic sites and secret realms of Warlock groups can be purchased by the empire with a great amount of contribution points. From now on, not only the original owners, but also the Warlocks sent by the empire have the right to use these relic sites and secret realms.

The huge empire will also recruit elite Warlocks from the major Warlock groups to form imperial legions, which will serve as the main forces against the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

In order to support the establishment of the empire, the six Warlock Imperial Courts have contributed their most precious ancient texts and knowledge. As long as you have enough contribution points, you can exchange them for methods to advance to the Warlock Monarch, the Holy Spirit Warlock, and the Warlock Emperor realms.

When the Warlock Monarchs present heard that contribution points can be exchanged for methods to advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, excitement and a scorching shade welled up in their eyes.

Each Holy Spirit Warlock is a world-shaking existence, the protector of a race. In the world of Warlocks, any race with a Holy Spirit Warlock protector can be cla.s.sified as a superior race in the universe.

The 200 plus Warlock Monarchs present are the underlying strength of humanity acc.u.mulated over the years. Most of them risked their life and consumed G.o.d grade treasures of heaven and earth to luckily advance to the Warlock Monarch realm.

Most of these Warlock Monarchs are junior Warlock Monarchs who have to way of advancing further. However, they are all peerless geniuses. If they are given a Warlock Monarch rank cultivation method, they may be able to advance further, and may even be able to advance to Holy Spirit Warlocks.

In the Cangzhi Plane, human Warlocks have mastered many Holy grade and Empyrean grade secret methods that can be cultivated to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm. However, even if you have such a secret method, it is still difficult to cultivate to the Warlock Monarch and the Holy Spirit Warlock realms. There are numerous bottlenecks along the way.

The six Warlock Imperial Courts have mastered many secret methods that can enable them to break through the bottlenecks. Thanks to them, they always had Holy Spirit Warlock protector in each era, making it highly unlikely for them to be wiped out.

The Time Monarch said flatly: "I, the Taboo Monarch, the Transcendent Monarch, the Star Monarch, the Death Monarch, and the Magic Note Monarch will be chairmen of the Human Supreme Council. Any objections?"

The eyes of the leaders of many Warlock groups in front of them flashed with enigmatic light, all coveting the position of chairman.

The eyes of the emperors of the Western Worlds three dynasties and the Great Cloud Dynastys emperor Bai Wuqing flickered with peculiar rays before they ultimately gave up the compet.i.tion for the position of chairman.

The position of chairman of the Human Supreme Council holds great power and authority. In order to ascend to the position of chairman, you must have the support of a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse. Otherwise, if you speak up now, youll just be regarded as a joke.

"I have an objection!"

A voice suddenly sounded in the hall, and all eyes focused on a handsome, elegant, black-haired Infinity Warlock dressed in a white Warlock robe.

The white-robed Warlock said with a smile: "I am Lu Yan, an ordinary Infinity Warlock of the True G.o.d Hall. I am not against the six sirs holding the position of chairman, but I think that the Truth Monarch of the Truth G.o.d Hall should also be qualified as a chairman."

"Thats right, the Truth Monarch of our Truth G.o.d Hall should also be a chairman."

"I propose that the True G.o.d Halls Truth Monarchs takes the position of chairman as well!"


Thirty six Infinity Warlock and two Warlock Monarch rank breaths rose in the area.

Among the thirty six Infinity Warlocks and two Warlock Monarchs, there is a tall, handsome man with blond hair and blue eyes, which are as abstruse as stars, and a permanent smile on his face. This handsome man is the True G.o.d Halls Truth Monarch.

Yang Feng looked at the Warlocks of the True G.o.d Hall and narrowed his eyes slightly: "True G.o.d Hall! To have three Warlock Monarchs, the underlying strength of this Warlock group is amazing!"

Warlock Monarchs are pinnacle powerhouses of this universe, second only to Holy Spirit Warlocks.

This time, the establishment if the Human Supreme Council includes nearly 80% of human Warlock groups. Even so, there are only 200 plus Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. From this, it can be seen how rare Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses are.

The 200 plus Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses are a strength that human Warlocks acc.u.mulated over tens of thousands of years. It should be mentioned that in the Cangzhi Planes surface world, the Great Cloud Dynasty hasnt managed to produce a single Warlock Monarch after tens of thousands of years. Only by investing a tremendous price, was the Bai Family able to kill three mighty divine force rank G.o.ds, plunder their G.o.dheads, and produce three mighty divine force rank G.o.ds of their own.

Xinghe Mingxuan said in a loud voice: "I have an objection. The Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Feng has talent, integrity, and strength. Furthermore, he ranks first on the human merit steles. He should be a chairman of the Human Supreme Council!"

"Thats right. Sect Master Yang Feng has great strength and high integrity. He not only made great contributions to us humans by annihilating a vanguard army of the Gumana Universe, but also vanquished three quasi-Holies of the Gumana Universe. Such a powerhouse deserves to be a chairman of the Human Supreme Council!"

"Time Monarch, the six of you of course have the right to become chairmen. However, Sect Master Yang Feng should also become a chairman together with you."


One after another, Infinity Warlock rank breaths rose as the supreme elders of the Warlock groups that signed a treaty with the Battle Demon Sect jumped out one after another and voiced their support for Yang Feng.

Yang Feng has a close relations.h.i.+p with these Warlock groups, which have purchased a large number of 4th and 5th generation battle robots and various weapons from him.

If Yang Feng can become a chairman of the Human Supreme Council, these Warlock groups will naturally get great benefits. At the very least, they wont be abandoned as bait or cannon fodder and sacrificed.

The three Warlock Monarch rank blazing angels Agnipe, Knarissa, and Besskya erupted with a fearsome breath, and dark force revolved around them.

"Warlock Monarch rank fallen angels!"

"Three Warlock Monarch rank fallen angels! To be able to nurture three Warlock Monarch rank fallen angels, amazing!"

"Those are the three fallen angel marshals under Poydul. He not only roped them in, but also nurtured them into Warlock Monarch rank fallen angels? What an incredible fellow!"


The eyes of the surrounding Warlocks flickered with envy and jealous when they saw the three Warlock Monarch rank blazing angels.

Warlock Monarch rank blazing angels not only possess far greater fighting strength than ordinary human Warlocks in the same rank, but also have a far greater evolutionary potential.

"Warlock Monarch rank blazing angels! He was actually able to recruit such powerhouses! Curses!"

When the emperor of the Great Cloud Dynasty Bai Wuqing saw the three Warlock Monarch rank blazing angels beside Yang Feng, he clenched his fists, and jealousy s.h.i.+mmered in his eyes.

In the past, in they eyes of the mighty emperor of the Eastern Worlds Great Cloud Dynasty Bai Wuqing, Yang Feng was just a small fry. Now, when he saw that the small fry he despised in the past has actually recruited Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses as subordinates, he felt so envious that he nearly wants to belch blood.

It should be mentioned that although Bai Wuqing is a man of great prestige in the Great Cloud Dynasty. However, in front of the three mighty divine force rank great ancestors of the Bai Family, he has to rein in all prestige and show respect.

Bai Wuqing wanted really badly to rope in a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, but to no avail.

"The Empty Spirit Towers master Empty Monarch should become a chairman of the Human Supreme Council."

"Thats right, sir Empty Monarch slayed a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse of the Gumana Universe and rescued us from those cruel b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. He should be chosen for the position of chairman as well!"


In the hall, 20 Infinity Warlock rank breaths erupted one after another, and then the Empty Spirit Towers Infinity Warlock and their allies shouted successively.

Yang Feng looked at the ordinary-looking Empty Monarch, yet whose eyes are full of mysteries, and a dignified shade flashed in his eyes: "Empty Spirit Tower? With the Empty Holy, they indeed have the right to compete for the position of chairman. After all, the Empty Holy is ranked eleventh on the Infinity List."

As the gathering place of the essence of human Warlocks, the core world has many relic sites and inheritances. At the same time, it gave birth to many astonis.h.i.+ng talents.

The Empty Holy is peerless genius who advanced to a Holy Spirit Warlock 5,000 years ago. He is the true master of the Empty Spirit Tower.

Holy Spirit Warlocks are aloof individuals with tremendous status. Generally, they select agents to deal with common affairs for them. The Empty Monarch is the agent of the Empty Holy.

"No, the Sky Cloud Towers Sky Cloud Monarch should be a chairman of the Human Supreme Council!"

"Thats right. The Sky Cloud Monarch in a peerless powerhouse ranked ninth on the Monarch List, a being most hopeful of advancing to a Holy Spirit Warlock in the future. He should be a chairman of the Human Supreme Council."


All of a sudden, thirty plus breaths of the Sky Cloud Towers Infinity Warlocks as well as their allies spread and threw their hat into compet.i.tion over the position of chairman.

The high position of a chairman of the Human Supreme Council is related to the rise or fall of a Warlock group. As long they are strong, they cannot let this chance slip past their fingers.

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