Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 930

Mechanical God Emperor Chapter 930 Overshadowing Ten Hollies

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Chapter 930 Overshadowing Ten Hollies

Translator: Xaiomoge

Yang Feng narrowed his eyes: "The master of the Sky Cloud Tower, the Sky Cloud Holy, is a powerhouse who advanced to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm ten thousand years ago. He mastered the essence of the clouds, and his strength is extremely formidable. He is ranked tenth on the Holy List."

Holy Spirit Warlocks are regarded as the protectors of their race. Even with the underlying strength of human Warlocks, the number of Holy Spirit Warlocks they possess is not large. Besides the antiques that have yet to awaken, there are only thirteen Holy Spirit Warlocks recorded on the Holy List.

Among the thirteen Holy Spirit Warlocks, six are the protectors of the six Warlock Imperial Courts. It is thanks to the protection of the six Holy Spirit Warlocks that the six Warlock Imperial Courts are able to take charge of the Human Supreme Council. After all, with the deep roots of the six Warlock Imperial Courts, no one knows for sure how many Holy Spirit Warlocks they truly have.

Of course, the Holy Spirit Warlocks on the Holy List only include the Holy Spirit Warlocks in the core world. No one knows who the Holy Spirit Warlock behind the True G.o.d Hall is.

"The master of the Void Garden should become a chairman of the Human Supreme Council!"

"Thats right. With her unparalleled looks and wisdom, the master of the Void Garden naturally should become a chairman of the Human Supreme Council!"


All of a sudden, Infinity Warlock rank breaths rose and beautiful Infinity Warlocks shouted.

In the middle of the beautiful Infinity Warlocks, there sits an exceedingly beautiful woman with short black hair and amazing charm. Just by sitting there, she makes for a beautiful sight. She is not the least bit inferior to then Taboo Monarch and the Star Monarch in terms of temperament and bearing.

Yang Feng said inwardly: "Void Flower Holy, ranked eighth on the Holy List, the only female powerhouses on the Holy List. It seems that she is also interested in the position of chairman."

The Star Monarch uttered indifferently: "There are only nine chairman seats on the Human Supreme Council. This is the the optimal configuration according to prophecy."

With that, cold flames flashed in the eyes of the five forces, and they confronted each other at once.

The Star Lord was proficient in prophecy, and his accomplishments in prophecy were far above those of the Time Lord. Since the Star Monarch inherited the heritage of the Star Lord, she is a pinnacle existence among human Warlocks in terms of accomplishments in prophecy. Even in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, there are less than three people more accomplished in prophecy than her.

Since the Star Monarch has spoken, there are only three chairman seats left on the Human Supreme Council. However, there are five major forces competing over these chairman seats.

An Infinity Warlock of the True G.o.d Hall swept Yang Feng with a glance and said with a cold smile: "Yang Feng, you are not qualified to become a chairman of the Human Supreme Council! You should withdraw! Dont disgrace yourself!"

Xinghe Mingxuan sneered coldly and retorted: "True G.o.d Hall, never heard of it. How many of you are on the human merit steles? How many merit points have you gained? Is it even a fraction of Sect Master Yang Fengs? Truth Monarch, whos he? There is no such name on the Human Monarch Merit Stele! Hes just a turtle hiding in its sh.e.l.l! No matter how powerful he is, he is still a turtle hiding in its sh.e.l.l! How can he be a chairman of the Human Supreme Council?"

"Yes, Truth Monarchs name is not on the Human Warlock Merit Stele! This guy is clearly the type who preserved his power during the invasion of the Gumana Universe"

"Ha-ha, when the Gumana Universe invaded, he was just a turtle hiding in its sh.e.l.l. Now that the air is clear, he extends his head to fight over power and profit. This kind of person is really shameless."

"The six Warlock Imperial Courts six Monarchs are all ranked in the top six on the Human Monarch Merit Stele. They sealed the universe rift leading to the Cangzhi Plane, rendering great meritorious service to the human race. The Truth Monarch, whats that? Turtle Monarch would be more appropriate."


Yang Fengs allies mocked one after another.

When the five hundred thousand human Warlocks in the hall heard the words spoken by Yang Fengs allies, they all showed pensive looks in their eyes.

In addition to their incomparable strength, the six Warlock Imperial Courts six Monarchs played a mainstay role in the invasion of the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

If it had not been for the six Monarchs, who used Empyrean grade secret treasures to seal the universe rift leading to the Cangzhi Plane, who knows how many Hives would have flown out of that rift.

The most critical node in the superimposition and merger of the two universes lies in the starfield outside the Cangzhi Plane. After all Cangzhi Plane is the center of this universe. This universe rift was a huge deal. Had the six Monarchs not stepped in and let it expand, even Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses of the Gumana Universe would be able to squeeze through the rift and fly out.

With the tremendous achievement the six Monarchs made, the other Warlocks have no objections of them a.s.suming the position of chairman.

Upon hearing this, the face of the Truth Monarch fell, and his eyes flickered with the color of anger. He glanced at the Warlocks beside Yang Feng, and killing intent surged in his eyes.

During the invasion of the Gumana Universe, the Truth G.o.d Hall played it safe and preserved their strength. This is their biggest weakness. Now that Yang Fengs people exposed this weakness, anger flashed in the eyes of the Truth Monarch.

An Infinity Warlock of the Empty Spirit Tower uttered flatly: "It is true that Yang Feng made great contributions, but hes still too weak after all. If you want to be a chairman of the Human Supreme Council, you should at least possess a Warlock Monarch rank cultivation base."

Xinghe Mingxuan smiled coldly and retorted: "Heh-heh, Sect Master Yang Feng has personally slayed at least three Warlock Monarchs of the Gumana Universe. How many Warlock Monarchs of the Gumana Universe has your Empty Spirit Towers Empty Monarch slayed?"

The Infinity Warlock was rendered speechless at once.

Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses are not easy to kill. Even when they are not a match for the enemy, they will choose to escape.

For Yang Feng to be able to slay Warlock Monarchs of the Gumana Universe, he must have compelled them into a fight to the death, or used an Empyrean grade secret treasure to inflict them with disastrous damage before killing them.

Derision flashed in the eyes of Xinghe Mingxuan, and he sneered: "What is the rank of your Empty Monarch on the merit stele? Oh, right! I remember now! It seems that the Empty Monarchs name is not on the Human Monarch Stele! Hes another turtle who only knows how to play it safe!"

The arrogant expression on the Empty Monarchs face gave way to a gloomy expression at once.

When the Gumana Universes powerhouses invaded, their formidable vanguard armies swept the universe. Many human Warlock groups adhere to the principle of playing it safe and preserving their strength. As long as the other side does not provoke them, they wont take the initiative to fight against the Gumana Universes powerhouses.

After all, a war comes with casualties. Its not easy to cultivate powerhouses above the Moonlight Warlock rank. But in the universe war, Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses are nothing more than ants and cannon fodder. Even when it is Infinity Warlocks, its rather common for them to die.

In the fight with the Gumana Universes powerhouses, the Great Cloud Dynastys Bai Family suffered countless casualties, their vitality was greatly damaged, and they even lost an Empyrean grade secret treasure. From this, the danger of this war is evident.

Yang Feng, on the other hand, fuels war with war. He seized a lot of territories in the fierce battles with the Gumana Universes powerhouses and made a lot of wealth through the arms trade with his allies. It was thanks to this that he didnt suffer any losses. Otherwise, just the ethereal universes favor would not be enough to make up for the loss of 5th generation robots lost in the battles.

The Sky Cloud Monarch uttered a fact: "In order to become a chairman of the Human Supreme Council, in addition to meritorious service, you also need strength. Yang Feng, I concede that you made enough contributions to become a chairman. However, without the support of a Holy Spirit Warlock, you cannot occupy the position of chairman. Truth Monarch, if you dont have the support of a Holy Spirit Warlock, you also are not qualified to take the position of a chairman.

The Truth Monarch replied with a cold smile: "Who said that our Truth G.o.d Hall doesnt have the support of a Holy Spirit Warlock!"

A terrifying Holy Spirit Warlock rank breath erupted in the sky and enveloped the Star Cloud City.

Next, six Holy Spirit Warlock rank breaths rose into the sky and stirred the heaven and earth.

"I am the Holy of Knowledge, the Truth G.o.d Halls protector."

A calm voice sounded above the Star Cloud City. The voice pa.s.sed through layers of barriers and entered the ears of the Warlocks in the meeting hall.

An equally terrifying Holy Spirit Warlock rank breath came from afar accompanied by a lofty voice: "I am Empty Holy, the protector of the Empty Spirit Tower!"

A Holy Spirit Warlock rank breath rose from the clouds, and an ethereal and n.o.ble voice emerged: "I am Sky Cloud Holy, the guardian of Sky Cloud Tower."

Countless flowers suddenly bloomed in the void and formed a garden in the void.

Countless petals fluttered in the garden and light flickered, looking extremely beautiful.

A Holy Spirit Warlock rank breath rose from the garden and a cold female voice sounded: "I am the Void Flower Holy, the guardian of the Void Garden!"

In order to compete for the position of chairman of the Human Supreme Council, the Holy Spirit Warlocks hidden behind major Warlock groups finally appeared.

In the meeting hall, sympathetic gazes focused on Yang Feng.

Yang Feng, who is ranked first on the human merit steles, has rendered even more meritorious service than Holy Spirit Warlocks. His merit points are already enough for him to become a chairman. Unfortunately, in the world of Warlocks, where the strong are respected, without the support of a Holy Spirit Warlock, even if Yang Feng becomes a quasi-Holy step powerhouse, he wont be qualified to be a chairman of the Human Supreme Council all the same.

At this time, an overbearing breath slowly emerged in the sky and pressed down.

Under the overbearing breath, the ten Holy Spirit Warlock Monarch rank breaths dimmed by a lot.

"I am the Brilliant Great Holy, the guardian of the Battle Demon Sect!"

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