Mi Zang Jiao Wife: Baby Where To Escape Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216: The End Of The Pre Existence

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Everything seems to be replayed in slow motion, he will never forget the nightmare scene forever.

He watched his girl, like a broken kite falling into the rain, and the overwhelming scarlet flowing out of her, following the torrential rain like a winding stream, he watched her lose vitality...

At that moment, he didn't know anything, his brain was blank, his pupils shrank into needles, and the whole person was dumbfounded.

How is this possible? How is this possible...

"Jia Jia!!!"

A stern and distorted voice resounded throughout the street, Lu Yichen rushed over like crazy, knelt down suddenly, and picked up his lifeless sister like a rag doll. "Jiajia! Jiajia!!! Don't! Please! Don't!"

Overwhelming despair shrouded him, he felt that he was about to suffocate, desperately shaking Jiajia in his arms, impossible! how come! impossible!

Is this a joke? It's just a dream, impossible!

In the city center hospital, all the doctors in the emergency department were called out. When Lu Yichen rushed to the emergency room holding people like crazy, his eyes were red, his whole body was wet, his suit was dripping with water, his mental state Already on the verge of collapse, pulling on the doctor's sleeve, placing the dead people on the hospital bed carefully, staring at them feverishly, and the doctors on the scene were terrified.

"Help her! Help her! You guys, help her!"

However, the medical staff who followed the ambulance shook their heads towards the doctor present. They were about to get cold. How could they be saved?

But Lu Yichen couldn't see it. He stared at the doctor who was examining Jia Jia who was like a blood man, his eyes bright and terrifying.

The doctors looked at each other and shook their heads. The patient's vital signs have long since disappeared, and unless it is a god, it is impossible to live again.

"You save her!" Lu Yichen's fingers were stiff and convulsive, clutching the bed sheet tightly, staring at Jiajia closely, and watching the doctor examine every scar.

Under the violent impact, the patients bones were already shattered, the organs were hit hard, and the broken bones penetrated the heart. Such injuries...

Even the doctor turned pale. Because Lu Shao insisted on asking for treatment, they checked carefully. Finally, when the female doctor checked the blood stains and found the young girl in front of her was pregnant, her hands were trembling.

She... She is pregnant! This is a dead body with two lives!

Lang Yanhan, who had never said a word, was in a state of shock when he saw Li Jia, staring at his neurotic friend, trying to relieve him, but did not dare to tell him that Jia Jia was dead.

But the reality is cruel. The doctors know very well that people can't be saved.

"Mr. Lu, the sorrows have changed smoothly."

Finally, the few people looked at each other, and the decision was better to make it clear, even if Shao Lu couldnt accept it, but the person was really dead, they had nothing to do.

"You are talking nonsense! Jiajia is not dead! She is not dead!" Lu Yichen was like crazy, his tight nerves were completely broken. "Save her! Save Jiajia! You save her! She is not dead! She can't die! You bullshit!"

He doesnt believe it! How could she die? She was fine just now, and he said good morning to her in the morning. Why? Will not! impossible!

"Mr. Lu, your sister and the fetus in the womb have no vital signs before being sent to the hospital. Please be sorry." The doctor also regretted that the girl in front of him was Lu Shaos sister. No wonder he could not accept it.

Li Jia's crazy expression froze when he heard this sentence.

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