Midnight Bookstore Chapter 252

Chapter 251 - The Terrible Bookstore!

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The next morning, for most people who had a normal schedule, it was the most refreshing time of the day. For people who did not have a regular schedule, this time was often the most difficult to endure.

Qu Zhenzhen walked out of the internet cafe with a casserole in her hand. She was very reluctant, but she had to follow her brothers instructions and deliver the medicinal cuisine to the bookstore owner across the street.

In Qu Zhenzhens opinion, there was no need for the two families to move around at all. She had acted rashly the last time, but her brother had also given the other party an explanation.

In the end, it was the other party who was a little nosy.

However, her brother seemed to be very concerned about the owner of the bookstore. He was clearly just a ground mouse. Sometimes, Qu Zhenzhen really did not understand her brothers thoughts.

He pushed open the door of the bookstore,

the business of the bookstore was very quiet. It didnt seem like his internet cafe. There were many customers even in the early morning.

There was a Taoist priest sitting at the bar counter. He was wearing a Taoist robe. He was sitting there and reading a book with a yellow cover carefully. From time to time, he would touch his lips with his fingers to dip his saliva into the pages of the book.

Seeing that a customer had come, the old Taoist raised his head and said with some doubt,

Are you here to look for someone?

Because the old Taoist had never seen anyone come over with a big casserole to read a book.

Where is your boss?Quzhen asked with a casual attitude.

He just went out to buy vegetables.

The old Taoist was not lying. The Boss had gone out to buy vegetables with yingying early in the morning. He was going to get some snakes, insects, rats, and ants to add more ingredients to Lao Xus bathtub.

Sometimes, the old Taoist also felt that Lao Xu was quite pitiful. He had actually been infected with the zombie poison. He thought about how he had wanted to become a zombie and live a long life. Now, the old Taoist felt a lot of relief because the boss had said that when a zombie.., more than 99% of them would have the IQ of an idiot. They would even forget who they were and only had one instinct left.

The reason why Bai Yingying was special was because she had been nourished by madam Bai for 200 years.

Then Ill wait for him to come back.

Putting the Casserole on the bar counter, Qu Zhen found a seat and sat down.

The initial stage of the medicinal cuisine was ready, but there were still a few more herbs that he had to put in himself. At the same time, he had control over the heat. He really couldnt just put them down and leave. His brother had been cooking for a long time. Even if he didnt like this bookstore owner anymore.., he didnt want his brothers efforts to be completely wasted.

The old priest didnt say anything and continued reading his book.

After Qu Zhenzhen sat down, he subconsciously began to size up the bookstore. The layout of the bookstore was pretty good. The style of the decoration was also very fresh and refined, showing the taste of the designer.

However, opening a bookstore like this on South Street was definitely a loss.

Stretching his waist, he caught a glimpse of the death attendant sitting in the corner of the bookstore from the corner of his eye. Qu Zhenzhens expression instantly froze.

Was that guy wearing a cosplay costume a real person or a doll?

Qu Zhenzhens first reaction was that it was a doll because he was motionless. But for some reason, the bugs in his body had a palpitating restlessness towards that thing.

With a flick of his finger, a bug that looked like an ordinary ladybug fell from Qu Zhenzhens body. It quickly crawled on the ground and its target was the death attendant.

However, just as the bug passed through the bar counter, a small and cute furry claw suddenly stretched out and grabbed it at an extremely fast speed.


there was a crisp Crack crack cracksound coming from behind the bar counter.

Qu Zhenzhen frowned slightly and looked in the direction of the bar counter.

The old Daoist had just bent down when he saw monkey smash was actually peeling a bug to eat. He immediately stretched out his hand to Pat Monkeys head and pointed at it,

it meant that even you would eat such a dirty thing!

Monkey smash felt very wronged, but he could only sit back next to the old Daoists leg and lean against it to play with his phone.

During the day, the monkey himself also knew how to avoid suspicion and tried his best not to appear in public.

After the old priest reprimanded the monkey for eating recklessly, he raised his head and saw that the girl who gave him the Casserole was looking at him. At that moment, he also returned a smile.


was this provoking me?

The same smile, in the eyes of different people, meant different things.

From Qu Zhens point of view, the old priest had discovered her probing. This was a warning to her!

Her brother had said that most tomb raiders had their own unique skills, and they rarely acted alone. Each of them had their own division of labor, so they were not to be trifled with.

In the past, Qu Zhen really did not take it seriously. This time, she was serious.

Qu Zhen slowly bent down and pretended to be napping on the table. A small snake the size of an earthworm with several colors on its body came out from Qu Zhens left ear, which was deliberately blocking her view.

The colorful snake turned into the color of the table after it landed on the table. After landing, it turned into the color of the floor. Like a chameleon, it could change its color according to the surrounding environment, which was the best hiding effect.

This time..,

the snake didnt go past the bar counter again, but chose to go around.

The little monkeys ears suddenly moved while playing with its phone under the bar counter. It immediately stood up and wanted to continue replenishing its protein.

However, the old Daoist was quick-witted and grabbed the monkeys tail.

Youre going to catch insects again? I didnt give you any food, did I?

As he said this, the old Daoist used his finger to hit the monkeys head.

The monkey was very wronged,

he reached out and covered his head,

although his eyeballs were still moving in that direction, he did not run out against the old Daoists wishes.

The snake was still crawling, its speed was very fast, and according to the changes in the surrounding environment, its speed was also very fast. Monkey heard the sound, but the old Daoist, that idiot, did not react at all.



qu Zhen was lying on the table with her eyes closed, but she could vaguely sense the snakes senses in her heart. She could not see clearly, but she could sense it through other means.

This was a connection between the host and the Gu Worm, a mysterious connection.


when the small snake had just slithered in front of the death attendant,

the originally motionless death attendant suddenly lowered his head,

this was A. .

He was thinking,

he was trying to discern,

it took him a few seconds,

the death attendant thought this was trash,

trash was not allowed in the bookstore!


the death attendant opened his mouth,

his entire body bent down like a toad. His hands, which were originally sitting on the chair, quickly supported himself on the ground. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. He directly swallowed the snake, which felt that his hidden skill had already reached its limit.


in the next moment..,

the dead body returned to its original position. It was straight as if it had never moved at all.

Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss

Qu Zhen only felt an intense pain, as if she was rolling in a pool of sulfuric acid. She immediately opened her eyes and cut off the last connection with the snake.

She raised her head,

qu Zhen, whose forehead was already dripping with sweat, looked at the bar counter in disbelief again.

The old priest was holding a copy of How can a golden unicorn be an object in a pondand reading it with great interest,

after reading a long paragraph, the old priest subconsciously lit a cigarette, closed his eyes, and tapped his fingers lightly on the table.

The scene in the book appeared in his mind, and he was savoring it carefully.

To read a book, one must go through ones brain. The old priest called this behavior of his Rumination..

But in Qu Zhenzhens eyes, the old Taoists attitude clearly represented a kind of playfulness and disdain.

He had completely seen through his tricks, seen through his probing, and could resolve it at an unimaginable speed every time. Then, looking at his sage-like aura, it was as if everything was under his control.

In particular, every time the other partys fingers knocked on the table, it was as if they were knocking on her chest again and again, making it difficult for her to breathe.

The old priest did not understand how that girl had imagined him so well,

he was now thinking of waiting for his boss and Yingying to come back. He had to take the afternoon off to go out and comfort people. It would be difficult for those old sisters to earn money alone.

For a moment, the old priests face revealed a look of pity and concern.

Quzhen could not sit still anymore. She stood up. In this place, she felt humiliated like a cat playing with a mouse. She did not want to suffer this humiliation.

Excuse me, when will your boss come back?

In the beginning, Qu Zhen wasnt so polite. Now that one of her bugs and one of her snakes had died for no reason, her attitude had also changed.

Oh, probably soon,the old Taoist answered.

Then where is your kitchen? I want to boil the remaining medicinal herbs first.

Medicinal ingredients? Is this stewed medicine?The old priest immediately became curious.

Its medicinal cuisine.

Medicinal cuisine? What kind of Tonic?

Invigorating the kidney and strengthening the Yang.

Wuthe old priest immediately became happy.

When one was old,

it was inevitable that when one was helping others,

one would appear a little powerless,

moreover, the old priest often felt guilty for not being able to help more people due to his limited ability. He had always had the heart to help all living things.

He immediately said,

The kitchen is upstairs. Lets go. Ill take you there.


The old priest took Qu Zhenzhen to the second floor. When they went upstairs, Qu Zhenzhen deliberately took a second glance at the death attendant sitting in the corner.

Here, Miss, this is the kitchen. You can go in and use it.

The old priest opened the door of the kitchen.

After Qu Zhenzhen went in, he found that the interior was very well-decorated with all kinds of appliances.

By the way, Miss, is this the medicinal cuisine our boss ordered?The old Taoist asked.


Can I drink it at my age?

Yes, this medicinal cuisine is very nourishing.

Thats good, thats good.

The old Taoist smiled happily.


Qu Zhenzhen was about to open the closet under the stove, but she found that it was locked.

Hey, this is the kitchen used by our chef. We usually dont go in. If hes not here, well just eat takeout and no one will cook..

Just you wait. Ill ask him for the key. Hes like that. He thinks that the kitchen is his territory and wont let us touch it easily.

The old priest walked out of the kitchen as he spoke. He went to Xu Qinglangs bedroom and knocked on the door:

Old Xu, Im coming in. Let me take the key to the kitchen counter from you.

Qu Zhenzhen subconsciously followed behind the old priest. When the old priest went in to take the key..,

she turned her body,

she looked inside,

there was a bathtub inside,

a man seemed to be sitting in the bathtub.

Through the white smoke on the bathtub, Qu Zhenzhen saw a green-faced thing with fangs on both sides of its mouth slowly raise its head.

Quzhen was so frightened that his face turned pale,

gan Linniang!


these grave robbers,

in the middle of the city,

in this bookstore,

raised a zombie!

At this moment,

quzhen finally understood why his brother was trying to curry favor with them,

this is really a group of,

a horrible, hidden lunatic!

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