Midnight Bookstore Chapter 253

Chapter 252 - Sh*t!

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Chapter 2

Quzhen felt like she was sitting on pins and needles while cooking the medicinal meal. She suddenly felt as if she had taken the initiative to walk into a wolf den surrounded by a pack of wolves.


there was an unfathomable Taoist priest..,

in a room diagonally across from her on the second floor..,

there was also a zombie who was taking a bath!

No matter how hard she forced herself to calm down, Quzhen could not really remain calm. This almost caused her to misunderstand the temperature of the medicine.

Finally, the last step of the medicinal meal was completed and it was ready.

She let out a long sigh of relief and turned off the fire. Then, she ran downstairs as if she was running away.

The old priest was still mixing cocktails downstairs. When he saw the girl running down, he immediately shouted,

Is it ready?


Qu Zhenzhen responded as she quickly walked to the entrance of the bookstore,

the bookstore was as deep as the sea,

she wanted to go home,

to look for her brother!


The old priest called her from behind,

but the girl was determined to go, and he couldnt stop her even if he called her.

The old priest shook his head and sighed. He took the cocktail that he had planned to prepare for the girl and took a sip. Then, he chuckled and immediately ran upstairs to the kitchen to prepare to sneak a drink.

At the counter of the Internet cafe,

qu Mingming was sitting there drinking tea. His family had just called him to go back, but he was perfunctory about it. He was really annoyed with his family.

There were a lot of relatives in his family, but in this generation, there were very few who truly mastered the art of the Qu family.

After all, times were changing, and the market share and demand of traditional Chinese medicine was shrinking. People were still used to going to the hospital for injections and medicine after they got sick.

However, in terms of health care, the market for traditional Chinese medicine had been growing more and more prosperous since a few years ago.

Therefore, the group of people in the family, their peers and many of the older generation, had basically used the name of Qujia Traditional Chinese medicine to run a health care product industry.

Taking advantage of the mysterious superstition of the Chinese people towards traditional Chinese medicine, it was naturally a huge profit.

Two years ago, when the family elders gathered, they were still laughing at the martial arts industry that had been affected by the anti-counterfeiting scandal. Who would have thought that the wheel of fortune had really turned? This year, the traditional Chinese medicine supplement industry had also been affected, and the market had also started to shake, the people at home wanted to invite him back to settle things, but he did not want to go back.

When he thought about the insoles that the people at home had made that could cure all kinds of diseases..,

the sanitary pads that could nourish the body..,

qu Mingming felt very disgusted. He would rather open an internet cafe here and study his bugs at night than go home.

Brother! Brother!

His sisters voice interrupted Qu Mingmings thoughts.

Whats wrong? Did you send the medicated food?

Yes, they, they

Qu Zhenzhen pointed in the direction of the bookstore,

Their place is too scary. They even have a zombie.


Qu Mingming didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Really?

Its true. Its in the bathtub.

The zombie is taking a bath!

Qu Zhen said seriously,

his face said, If you dont believe me, Ill Bite You!!

Uh wait, let me sort it out.

Qu Ming really didnt know whether to laugh or cry. He took out a silver needle and stabbed it at his sisters fingertip. Then, he began to rotate it gently.

Qu Mings excited emotions began to slowly calm down, and he entered a peaceful state.

Thank you, Brother.

Heh, its fine. Come, Lets reason. You said that theres a zombie in their shop, and that zombie is bathing?

Yes, the bugs in my body sensed it. It Cant be wrong. When I got close to that person, the bugs in my body started to fear. Theyre usually excited when they see a living person, but this time, theyre afraid!

I think there might be some misunderstanding.

Qu Ming still didnt quite believe it.

He was a medical family with a long history. Of course, he wasnt one of those ancient families in fantasy novels. In fact, in the end, it was the inheritance of doctors from generation to generation. However, Qu Ming was a special case. Although medicine and Gu didnt separate families.., however, traditional Chinese medicine rarely played this game. Nowadays, Peoples understanding of Gu could only be linked to Miaojiang.

He was a special case. He liked to study this.

Therefore, he was still considered an ordinary person. He did not see ghosts or gods, and he did not know hell. Oh, I forgot. When he was in university, he even joined Dang. Logically speaking, he was a staunch atheist.


Someone shouted from behind.

Qu Ming Ming turned around and looked behind. When she saw Zhou Ze and the girl, she was so scared that she almost jumped up and immediately hid behind her brother.

Last time, when Zhou Ze came, Qu Zhen still dared to be angry with him and not give him a good look. But this time, she really did not dare to treat Zhou Ze like that after the half-day trip to the bookstore.

One had to know..,

that unfathomable and terrifying old priest..,

they were all just the subordinates of this young man!

Come, the dragon boat festival is here. We can go to the market and buy some zongzi.

Zhou Ze asked Bai Yingying to bring the Zongzi to the counter.

Thank you.

Qu Mingming replied.

Youre welcome.

Zhou Ze was ready to go back with Bai Yingying. This time, it was only because she had treated him to some medicinal cuisine. Zhou Ze had not returned to the bookstore, so he did not know that she had brought him another serving of medicinal cuisine.

The old Taoist only cared about stealing the food and did not call Zhou Ze to inform him.

Did you buy this?

Qu Mingming pointed at the two big pockets in Bai Yingyings hands. He could clearly smell the smell of Chinese medicine.

Oh, a friend of mine is sick. I bought some medicine to take care of her,Zhou Ze replied.

What kind of illness is it?Qu Mingming asked and smiled. You know it too. Since Chinese medicine is used and Im a Chinese medicine practitioner, why dont you let me take a look?

Zhou ze pursed his lips and said, Im just afraid that this illness wont be easy for you to treat.

Just say it.

Hes poisoned.

What poison?

Corpse Poison.

When Qu Ming heard that, he deliberately turned his head to look at his sister behind him. He thought that his sister must have seen wrongly.

Since the other party was in the reverse business, it was normal for him to be poisoned in the tomb. Besides, there were no real zombies bathing. It should be the person who was poisoned using the bathtub to expel the poison.

We can try,Qu Mingming said confidently.

Okay, then Ill have to trouble you.

Zhou Ze had just pushed the door open and walked into the bookstore when he saw the old Daoist running out in a hurry. He shouted at Zhou Ze as if he had seen his savior

Boss, youre finally back. This humble Daoist is going to get a delivery!

As he said that..,

without waiting for Zhou Zes reply..,

the old priest directly ran out of the bookstore.

However, his running posture was a bit out of sync, as if there was a third leg between his two legs.

Hehe, the atmosphere in our store has always been more easygoing,Zhou Ze explained.

Qu mingming smiled but didnt say anything. When the old priest passed by him, he smelled the smell of medicinal cuisine. Presumably, this shop assistant had secretly drunk the medicinal cuisine that he brewed, and the effect was obvious.

But he remembered that the last time he had given Zhou ze the same medicinal cuisine..,

zhou Ze had calmly finished it,

he left very calmly,

there was no reaction at all.

Qu Mingming had once thought that the medicinal effect of his medicinal cuisine was not enough,

but now, when he compared it..,

he realized that Zhou Ze seemed to be a little terminally ill.


Zhou Ze invited Qu Mingming and his sister up to the second floor. Qu Zhen was really scared, but she still followed her brother. She was worried that something bad would happen to her brother here.

When she pushed open Xu Qinglangs door, Xu Qinglang, who was sleeping, opened her eyes. She saw that a stranger had come. She complained with some dissatisfaction,

You treat me like a scenic spot and invite people to Watch?

Sure, Ill split the entrance fee with you. Although there are few men who are more beautiful than women, there are still some. However, zombies who are more beautiful than women are really rare.

Qu Zhenzhen walked to the side of the bathtub and observed Xu Qinglangs condition. He frowned and said, This is not an ordinary corpse poison. This is the kind that is really infectious

An ordinary corpse poison would not cause such a change in a persons body.

Can it be cured?Zhou ze asked. He was only concerned about the result.

Ive only read about this kind of situation in ancient books. There are ways to cure it. Moreover, the effect of your method is actually very poor.

Qu mingming reached out to soak his hand in the bathtub,

then, he placed his hand on the tip of his nose and sniffed,

he seemed to have discovered something and felt a little strange,

he immediately stuck out his tongue and licked Xu Qinglangs bath water on his palm.

Xu Qinglangs face turned red.

Theres a sour and sour smell in this smell. What is it? This is the best tonic for relaxing the muscles, promoting blood circulation, and treating internal and external injuries.

Zhou Ze thought for a moment and understood. His classmate was clearly talking about monkeys urine mixed with mud.

Lets talk about how to treat him first. What do we need to prepare?

My method is to quickly raise a special gu worm, and then use this gu worm to enter the patients body and suck up the corpse poison completely, thus solving the problem of the corpse poison.

But the problem is..,

i have a suitable gu worm here..,

its just that I lack the things to raise the Gu Worm.

What Thing?

This requires you to make another trip to that cemetery, and it will be very dangerous.

Cemetery?Xu Qing Lang was dumbfounded, why was it referring to the cemetery again?

Which cemetery?Zhou Ze did not remember what it meant.

The place where he was poisoned. Find a dumpling.

A dumpling?

Huh? The Zombies in the cemetery, according to your jargon, shouldnt they be called dumplings?Qu Mingming asked curiously.

Youre the dumpling. Your whole family is dumplings!Bai Yingying immediately scolded.

Yingying, dont mess around,Zhou Ze reminded her.

SOB, sob.

Instantly, she became obedient.

Okay, lets find that dumpling Zi, then what do we do?

I need a strand of his hair as a primer, the hair of a zombie, and some special medicinal herbs to cultivate the gu worm. This way, the cultivated gu worm will naturally have a natural desire for the ingredients of the corpse poison, and its best to use it as an antidote.

Oh, I see. You should have said so earlier.Zhou Ze turned to look at Yingying. The hair.

Okay, Boss.

Bai Yingying used her fingernail to cut off a strand of hair and handed it to Qu Mingming.

Dont be shy. You can use it.Bai Yingying said proudly, If its not enough, ask me again.

Qu Mingming looked at the hair in his hand,

he didnt know whether to laugh or cry,

he said,

I dont want your hair. I want

As he said that,

qu Ming suddenly thought of something,

his face immediately turned pale,

f * ck!

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