Midnight Bookstore Chapter 254

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This bookstore..,

is really too scary.

Qu Mingming suddenly remembered what his sister had told him before,

she said:

Brother, this bookstore is too scary, they actually raise zombies!

At first, he didnt believe it.

Now, Qu Mingming not only believed it, but even more shockingly discovered:

This bookstore..,

was not a group of people raising zombies..,


a group of zombies raising one or two living people!

Qu Ming was still very brave, or else he would not have dared to play with Gu Worms. But at this moment, he admitted that he was a little afraid, he was really afraid.

This was a kind of understanding that went beyond his own worldview. No matter how magical gu worms were, in the eyes of outsiders, they were incredible. There were even many movies and TV works that had myths about them. But in Qu Mings eyes, Gu Worms.., could be explained and understood from a biological point of view, or could it be classified into the category of normal scientific reasoning? It was not a fantasy.




standing in front of you alive..,

zombies who even cut off a strand of hair for you..,

how could this be explained scientifically?

Are you seriousQu Mingming asked tentatively in the end.

Boss, he doesnt believe me.Bai Yingying pointed at Qu Mingming and looked at Zhou Ze.

Let him believe me first. We still need him to detoxify the poison,Zhou Ze said.


Bai Yingying lowered her head,

then she raised her head abruptly toward Qu Mingming,

the temperature in the room instantly dropped,

the air was filled with a bone-chilling chill,

at the same time..,

bai Yingyings beautiful hair began to flutter in the wind. She opened her hands, revealing her long purple fingernails. At the same time, sinister fangs were revealed at the corners of her mouth!

Deep within her eyes, a reddish-brown luster was brewing like the depths of lava.


Qu Mingmings body trembled,

he was so frightened that his legs went soft and he collapsed on the ground.

Bai Yingying rubbed her head curiously,

Eh, I didnt faint from fright.

This could be considered a compliment,

when ordinary people saw the true face of a zombie, they might be scared to death, let alone faint from fright. However, Qu Mingmings legs only went soft.

Qu Zhen, who had been following her brother into the Tigers Den, was also frightened. However, she opened her mouth and moths flew out of her mouth.


Zhou Ze was even faster. To be exact, Zhou Ze had long discovered the uniqueness of his sister. When she opened her mouth and was about to spit out those poisonous moths, Zhou ze slapped her lower jaw and closed her mouth forcefully.

However, those moths immediately changed their route and wanted to come out from Qu Zhens nostrils and ears. There were many holes in a persons body..,

as long as one really wanted to..,

they could always develop a route.

Stop, Sister.

Classmate Ming Ming, who was sitting on the ground, shouted.

Qu Zhen immediately closed her eyes and those moths that were about to fly out immediately returned.

Qu Ming struggled to stand up while supporting himself with the bathtub. He pointed at Xu Qinglang in the bathtub and asked,

Can I ask you one last question?


Was he bitten by you?

Yes and no, whats the difference?Zhou ze asked.

As a doctor, we dont seek to ascend to the emperors palace, but we do so with a clear conscience. We would never do anything to help the wicked.

We didnt bite him. He was a living person, but there were some accidents and he was bitten by other zombies.Zhou ze said impatiently, Doctor, can you help my friend see a Doctor Now?

Qu Ming nodded. He glanced at the strand of hair in his hand,

Let me be quiet.


Boss, is what he said true?

On the first floor of the bookstore, Bai Yingying asked while massaging Zhou Zes shoulder.

Old Xu is already like that. Hell just give up.

Hehe, if Lady Xu hears this, she probably wont have to treat him. Hell willingly turn into a zombie and fight you to the death.

Hehe, hey, by the way, why did it take so long for me to get the express delivery?

I dont know.


A cat meow sounded.

Zhou Zes gaze focused,

there was indeed a pet in the bookstore, but it was a golden monkey. There was no cat in the bookstore.

Boss, theres a cat meowing.

Bring the yin-yang book over,Zhou Ze said.

Bai Yingying immediately brought Zhou Zes yin-yang book and placed it on the coffee table in front of Zhou Ze.

The Yin-yang book looked like an old-fashioned notebook. However, the Black Cat on the cover was constantly changing its position. It looked very anxious and would occasionally meow from the notebook.

Wheres the snake?Bai Yingying realized that something was wrong. She remembered that Zhou Ze had taken the eighth aunt in, and there was a black cat and a small snake on the cover.

But now only the Black Cat was left, and the small snake was nowhere to be seen.

Zhou Ze flipped the Yin-yang book over. On the back of the notebook, he saw a small black snake constantly testing the edge.

This feeling was like a comic book that was common in the post-70s era. It was animated by flipping the pages.

The small snake had already broken free from its cage, and even got rid of the stupid cats entanglement, but it still couldnt get out.

Zhou ze stretched out his finger and poked the small snake,

the small snake on the cover suddenly quivered, as if it had sensed something.


a wisp of green smoke slowly rose up. Zhou ze stretched out his hand and dispelled the green smoke, revealing the face of an old woman. This should be eighth aunts original appearance.

Zhou Ze didnt understand what was happening on the shamans side, and he didnt know anything about the existence of fairies. However, he felt that the scene in front of him was quite interesting.

A snake spirit might have been worshipped by someone from some place, but in his place, it had become a sparrow in a cage.

Junior, thats enough. Let Me Out.

Eighth aunts voice was gloomy. She was not asking for help, but more like she was joking with a junior.

Zhou ze tilted his head slightly and looked at the old womans face. He did not say anything.

The people from my hometown are almost here. Young man, even if you are a ghost, you wont be able to bear the consequences. Now, release me and everything will be fine.

Zhou Ze still didnt say anything,

to be honest..,

whether it was on TV or in novels, it seemed that these villains were all carved out of the same mold. They were obviously a completely useless threat to the person involved, yet they still insisted on saying it, and they even said it with relish.

Young people, the Yin department controls the reincarnation of humans and ghosts, but we demonic cultivators have long jumped out of this circle. You have no right to arrest me!

Have you delivered the takeout?Zhou Ze asked Bai Yingying.

It should be here soon, boss.


With that, Zhou Ze threw the yin-yang book on the coffee table again. Following that, the old womans face contorted for a moment and then dissipated.

Previously, Zhou Ze had thought that this eighth aunt was about to break out of this place. Now that he thought about it, although she had broken out of the cage inside, it was still wishful thinking for her to leave the Yin-yang book. There was no need to worry anymore.


The Black Cat meowed again.

Squeak squeak! ! !

At this moment, the little monkey ran over and jumped onto the coffee table. The Red Little Sisters face was facing Zhou Zes face.

Zhou ze slapped the Little Monkeys Butthole. The little monkey turned its head to look at Zhou Ze in dissatisfaction,

How many times have I told you? I know that your butthole is red, but dont always show off to other peoples faces.

The monkey pouted its mouth. It was naturally unhappy with boss Zhou. Of course, there was a reason for this. There was indeed a grudge between them in their previous life. The demon monkey, which was the predecessor of the monkey, was killed by Zhou Ze.


The Black Cat in the Yin-yang book cried out again.

The little monkey could not be bothered to be angry with boss Zhou anymore. It continued to stare at the cover of the Yin-yang book.

Whats wrong? This black cat is useless on its own. It was forced into a corner by a snake. Dont learn from it.Zhou ze reached out and rubbed the little monkeys head.

Squeak squeak squeak!

The little monkey was about to stretch out its claws to open the notebook when Zhou Ze grabbed it.

Dont touch it. You can look at it. If you touch it, youll have to go in.

Although the mysterious woman had said that this yin-yang book could be used to collect sexy ghosts as a pastime, boss Zhou had seen how mysterious and powerful it was. It was really easy for people to fall into it. Moreover, once they fell into it.., whether they could wake up and realize that it was in the notebook depended on luck.

If the monkey went in, Zhou Ze did not have the confidence to let it out again.

At this time, Qu Zhenzhen came down from the second floor. She looked at Zhou Ze carefully when he looked at Bai Yingying, as if she was afraid that Zhou Ze and Bai Yingying would suddenly open their bloody mouths and eat her.

To be honest..,

this girl..,

in the eyes of ordinary people, she might not be much more Cutethan a zombie. She was simply a human-shaped movable insect nest.

Wheres your brother?Zhou ze asked.

He has already started to raise the Gu Worms. By night time, he will be able to start removing the poison,Qu Zhenzhen replied.

Then are you going back to the Internet Cafe?Bai Yingying asked Qu Zhenzhen.

Yes, although there are employees in the internet cafe, there must be a family member there to keep an eye on it,Qu Zhenzhen replied in a low voice.

She looked like a lady from a wealthy family.


Bai Yingying held Zhou Zes shoulder and rubbed her body against him, acting coquettishly.

Go. You Dont have to eat anyway.

Okay, Boss!

Bai Yingying was very happy. She walked up and held Quzhens hand. Quzhen was so scared that he shivered. Previously, Bai Yingying had revealed her true colors to reassure her brother. Quzhen was also watching from the side.

Come, sister. Ill go to your place and play a game. Do you eat chicken? Hows Sniping?

I usually like to read books and dont play games much.

Ah!Bai Yingying was very disappointed. She pretended to be mischievous and said, Then I can only eat you.

Qu Zhenzhen quivered,

two large centipedes with many tentacles immediately drilled out of her palm,

a few worms also began to wriggle in her eyeballs,

worms also popped out from her ears,

They can allow my dynamic vision to capture my hearing ability and game control beyond the scope of ordinary people,

its like cheating,

so I rarely play games because its not challenging,

if you want to play,

i can take you.

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