Miracle Doctor Princess Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Fight over

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In recent days, the chapel has been stable. The Lord Shang Shu is still the same as in the ordinary day. Although the ministers have a strange heart, they have no way to say anything. Maybe the Lord Shang Shang was originally such a person, but stood People on Huang Fuyi's side couldn't stand anymore.

Seeing that Huang Fuyi has been arrested for five or six days, the emperor has not said anything, which shows that there is still a problem in the middle. The emperor just grabbed Huang Fuyi and did not say anything. What does the emperor mean? It was because he believed in Shang Shangshu and let Huang Copier survive on his own. He still had doubts about Shang Shangshu's impeachment, so he investigated it in secret and did not say it explicitly.

This is really too strange, if there is any action, everyone's mind will not be so embarrassed, the more such a little bit of movement, there is no mention of everyone's heart.

No one like the emperor can understand it, not only the people on the side of Huang Fuyi are worried, but the people on the side of Huang Fuyi are also worried. The emperor caught up and said nothing without interrogation. This made it clear that he had a secretive feeling for Huang Fuyi. The longer the delay, the more complicated the matter was.

In this way, the emperor will find the problem in the middle, and now it seems that someone is investigating in secret. If this is the case, he has no chance of winning here, and Huang Fuyi will definitely rise again.

In this case, it is not a good thing for Huang Fuyi, and it is not a good thing for himself. If Huang Fuyi rises, according to Huang Fuyi's character, he will definitely suppress everyone. The current situation can no longer be Delayed.

A few people discussed it, and were ready to speak to the emperor again. If there were no more actions, I was afraid that it would be Huang Fuyi who would be rescued by others.

Above the chapel, the emperor looked impatiently at the ministers below. These people are so many things every day. They are a little impatient to talk about themselves. These people have so much patience. It s true that the Japanese have spoken so much, but today it seems that there should be no such temperament.

"There is something to start, nothing to retreat." The **** shouted with a sharp voice. The emperor's face was a little impatient. It should be that he was annoyed by His Royal Highness King Yi a few days ago. I did not expect these people to really It is bearable.

The two ministers below looked at each other, and it was also clear in their hearts. One of them stood slowly and bowed, afraid to lift his body: "I have to play the emperor, the emperor."

Finally I saw someone standing up, the emperor's face showed a different look, and I waited for so many days. I finally had the patience to stand up to speak, and it seemed that I really didn't. White and so on.

"When does Ai Qing want to play?" The emperor looked at the man who stood up, thinking that he would be an adult Shang Shu, but he was unexpectedly a member of the Ministry of Defense, but this was also his own expected thing. Nowadays Ye Zuohou has not yet decided to stand there, and everyone is afraid of the military power in Ye Zuohou's hands.

Ye Zuohou made great contributions to Donglai Nationality. If he showed which side he stood on, it would prove that the people on that side had already obtained the first move. However, this is also the strange place of the emperor. Ye Zuohou has never expressed his attitude, and he looks neutral.

However, this is what I want to see most. The situation where the prince is party and private is the last thing he wants to see. This will show that the prince has long been rebellious. Such a person can never let him board. Grandmaster, originally there was some hope for Huang Fufu. Now it seems that he really should think about it.

"His Royal Highness, Lord Shang Shu impeached His Highness King Yi a few days ago, and now the people in the capital are very disturbed. This matter is so disturbing that many people think that His Royal Highness Yi should be reviewed. If there is a real conspiracy, take precautions in advance, so that the war will not start and the people's hearts will be turbulent. "

Sure enough, the matter of Huang Fuyi was to be reviewed. It seems that Huang Fuyi can't sit still. If he can still sit, he will not be Huang Fuyi. His son, he is still very clear, what kind of person he is, he still knows in his heart.

In the current situation, the people on Huang Fuzhen's side are also unable to sit still, because everyone knows that the longer this matter is delayed, the more the variables in the middle will be. These variables will appear before Huang Fuyi can successfully ascend to the throne.

Oh, I also thought about the child of Huang Fuyi. If he later ascended the throne, when Huang Fuyi would help him again, according to Huang Fuyi's intelligence and ability, they would be able to tidy up the Chaogang, but, I did not expect that the problems between Huang Fuyi and Huang Fuyi could not be resolved simply by myself.

"Well, Ai Qing said it makes sense, but I don't know what other people think differently?" The emperor sat there with a smile, looking extremely lazy. As if I didn't care at all, but I was looking forward to the following words in my heart.

Sure enough, I haven't waited long, and another person has come forward. This time is not the person I think in my heart. I really want to know, when will the person in my heart expect to come forward and say a word. However, looking at it so calmly, it should not stand up for a while.

"Emperor Qi Kai, the minister also thinks that Ning is right. Now the people are worried. If they do not step up their measures, I am afraid that the people above this chapel and the people will find it difficult to reassure. Moreover, many of the capitals in these days It is rumored that His Highness King Yi now intends to rebel, and has gathered the army to attack the capital at any time. This matter is of great importance. The officials also asked the emperor to make a decision as soon as possible. "

The words of the matter have been identified, and everyone is kneeling and reconsidering. The current situation is very anxious for Huang Fuzhen. Now that so many people are reconsidering, why is the emperor's face even more confused? Here it is.

"Well, the two Ai Qing said everything is reasonable, but now there is no tangible evidence that His Royal Highness is suspected of Li Tong's attempt to usurp power, so how can he be brought to trial?"

The emperor looked at the people below with a smile, so who else could understand the middle question. The emperor is now having a problem, and it is clear that he wants to protect Huang Fuyi. How can this be good?

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