Miracle Doctor Princess Chapter 226

Chapter 226: Emperor mind

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All the people were talking for a while, but what was the situation? How could the emperor suddenly ask that? Then things would not be so easy. If you want evidence, you can come up with so much evidence at any time, but this When the emperor said this at this time, it explained many problems in the middle.

Many people's faces began to look ugly. The emperor's meaning made it clear that Huang Fuyi would not be tried. If it is to be reviewed, why wait until now to say things like evidence. If you want to raise it, you will be told all the time. How can people always be so calm when searching for evidence.

In this way, it can only be said that the emperor's heart did not take this matter at all and grabbed Huang Fuyi, just to stop the crowd, and then waited for this time to appear.

The emperor is waiting for this time to see who can't bear it first. It seems that everyone is out of control today. The emperor's thoughts have come to understand that he wants to see who can't bear the temper first, and now With so many people standing next to Huang Fuyu, even a fool can understand it.

It seems that the emperor's heart is very taboo about the party and private affairs between the prince and the minister. As far as the current situation is, so many people standing beside the emperor's emperor prove the conjecture in the emperor's heart. Those who plan for wrongdoing will find someone to frame Huang Fuyi.

Worse, if this is the case, the current situation is greatly unfavorable. The people on Huang Fuyi's side have not moved at all. Now the people who disagree are all on Huang Fuyi's side. I didn't expect that the authorities had exhausted everything, but I didn't think about the emperor. That's it.

Now, it seems that the emperor already knew what to do, but just watching the change, the emperor's mind is really deep. After following the emperor for so many years, he still can't guess the emperor's mind, if the emperor If you really want to rectify Chao Gang, you will not be the same now.

If according to the emperor's current thinking, he would definitely punish severely and imprison Huangfuyu, and then those who stood beside Huangfuyu would be persecuted.

"What? Do you have any different opinions?"

The emperor looked at the people below, and his eyes were clear. As long as it was the person who would review, he had already remembered in his heart. These people were standing next to Huang Fuyu. It seems that the imperial court still wants Substitution, if not, I don't know if Donglai country will exist in a hundred years.

However, the person who was in the middle of his heart didn't have any movement at all. This was really beyond his imagination. He was so calm. It seemed that he still looked down on this person. Otherwise, he would not sit down. Today's position, but as it stands today, there are really many gaps compared to peace days.

As it stands now, as long as Ye Zuohou outputs his words, all the situation will change, and even the emperor will feel threatened, but Ye Zuohou did not move, almost everyone kneeled down to discuss it, only The people around Huang Fuyi and Ye Zuohou did nothing.

The emperor's heart seemed to be thinking about something, and he understood it. Ye Zuohou had an idea in his heart, but this idea was not what Ye Zuohou thought. There was such a smart daughter, Ye Zuohou There is no need to worry about it. Moreover, the young lady is very close to Ye Zuohou, and naturally she will not put Ye Zuohou in danger.

It seems that I really should know the situation of this young lady. I really have never seen such a lady. I can have such a powerful mind. It seems that the general's position has been firm. Although the words of those people are not very Believable, but some things can be believed.

However, looking at Huang Fuyi's appearance, he probably didn't know such a thing. A few days ago, Huang Fu took a trip to the jail. One of the guards died. It was a coincidence that fortunately, Huang Fuyi was detained. The prison has been specially modified, and it is difficult for ordinary people to find it.

From this point of view, Huang Fuyi was about to kill the killer, and Huang Fuyi couldn't help but be quick to deal with it, but they did not succeed.

Ye Qingyi didn't know. He took the risk to go to the jail. Thanks to the emperor's husband, the emperor changed his mind. The emperor's most worried is that the brothers killed each other by hands and feet. This kind of thing is the most taboo in the royal family. As for speaking, Huang Fu's trip to prison that day made the emperor's heart beware.

The emperor also understood that since Ye Zuohou stood in such a position, it showed that Ye Zuohou and he thought the same. No matter what happened, they carried out according to their own standards. Ye Zuohou wouldn't let Huang Fuzhen take too much action.

However, the most important thing now is to save the current situation. So many people are kneeling tremblingly, how many people are stunned in their hearts, fearing that they should not be so anxious. It will be better if they slow down a bit, no Think of it, step by step.

"Return to the emperor, the minister and others have no objection."

Even if there is an objection in the heart, it is impossible to say it here. Now the emperor has doubts in his heart. If this is the case, I do nt know what the emperor will do. Maybe it will hurt everyone. Killer, but just change some people, this kind of thing can definitely be done to the emperor.

You do nt even have to kill everyone, just find a few leaders. Killing a hundred things like this will leave a shadow in everyone s heart, and everyone is afraid to lose their lives, so it s hard to climb to today Position, who is willing to lose his life like this?

"Since there are no objections, let's step back first, and I'm a little bit lacking." After getting his own satisfactory result, the emperor would have no intention to scare these people. If there was no one, he would have no intention Staying here might as well go back to rest.

"Retreat." The **** shouted with a sharp voice, and everyone's heart sank. The emperor did not investigate it, but it did not prove that the emperor would not pursue it. The days are long, but I don't know what the emperor will do.

Everyone trembled and retreated from the Golden Palace, breathing the air outside, and it was almost impossible for them to breathe. The emperor's mind was not everyone can guess.

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