Miracle Doctor Princess Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Guessing the mind

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Ye Zuohou sneered at the looks of those people. Huh, they are all courageous people who value their lives. If it wasn't for Yier's words to tell him in advance, maybe he would have been His Royal Highness for his sake. Excused, but fortunately now Yier told himself clearly.

Today, the emperor's attitude has also been seen. The emperor has not done anything. He just wants to see if anyone is party and private. Now it is really the solemnity of the solemn clothes. In this way, the clothes will be a lot easier, and he will Don't worry about the safety of clothes.

I still have to say something to Yier quickly to prevent Yier from colliding with anything else. Otherwise, Yier's hard work would be ruined all these days.

The emperor returned to his dormitory, thinking about Ye Zuohou's reaction above the court hall, which was really beyond his expectations. Ye Zuohou's temperament should have been unbearable for a long time. I did not expect it to be Huangfu The people over there couldn't hold the desire in their hearts.

It seems that the young lady of the Ye family really can't be taken lightly. According to the current situation, I really need to see this young lady. I really have a lot of things to say to this young lady One said, I just don't know if it's the same as I thought.

When Ye Zuohou returned to the house, he quickly convened Ye Qingyi to make clear what was happening in the chapel today and Ye Qingyi, and to say what he thought to Ye Qingyi. In this case, But it is very beneficial to my side. Instead, Huang Fu said they should be worried.

After listening to what Ye Zuohou said, Ye Qingyi frowned, and it seemed that the emperor did exactly what he thought, but now there is a separate problem. If the people in the general's government stand next to Huang Fuyi, the emperor Would you think that Huang Fuyi also secretly formed a party and private business, and then angered and completely imprisoned Huang Fuyi, such a thing is not impossible.

What's more, even if the emperor is dissatisfied with the emperor's concubine, but the emperor is at least a person that the emperor can control. Even if he wants to form a party and run a private business, the emperor can suppress it. But Huang Fuyi is different. Huang Fuyi's mind is not as simple as Huang Fuyi. In this regard, the emperor will choose Huang Fuyi instead of Huang Fuyi.

But again, if the emperor is really on the throne, the emperor's heart will be scared. He is afraid that the emperor will make Donglai country suffocating. Now the emperor needs it like Huangfu People, but can have the same mind as Huang Fuyi.

In such a case, Huang Fuyi still has a chance. It depends on whether he can put Huang Fuyi in this person. As long as he can suppress Huang Fuyi, Huang Fuyi's odds will be greater.

It seems that the most important thing is still here. As long as you find evidence that you can control Huang Fuyi, Huang Fuyi will naturally be fine. Looking at Ye Qingyi's frowning frown, there was some uneasiness in her heart. This frowned.

"What's wrong with the clothes?" Ye Zuohou was worried. Could it be that he did something wrong and exposed something? At this critical time, you can't make such a mistake, otherwise, this matter will not be done well, and clothing will be very difficult.

"Dad is okay, I was thinking, which one do you want in the emperor's heart? Daddy, if you are, a person who can control but does not have a mind, a person who is difficult to control but has a deep mind, which one would you want? ? "

Ye Qingyi has a dignified face, this is what he wants to know most. Those he wants are nothing more than his own guess. The emperor really wants the one that he thinks in his heart, even if he has no way to think clearly. Which one does the emperor want, let alone the ministers.

The more anxious those ministers are, the more the emperor will have his own idea. This depends on the frustration first, and finally wins those who are able to survive. Now it is just some small shrimps are dying. Struggling, the emperor should also understand, and began to think about the things in the chapel now.

The sooner the emperor moves this kind of thought, the more benefits he will have. In this way, he can fight for more rights for Huang Fuyi, and no one will find that he is doing something in secret, at most. That's what the emperor would find. If the emperor wouldn't find himself, then he would really be a faint monk.

However, if the emperor does this now, it is also good for himself. As long as the emperor's attention is now on the emperor's body, as long as the emperor can pay attention to the emperor's body, he will be intimidated. There will not be too much movement to stop yourself.

"I may use the former, at least I can control it myself. Why does Yier ask such a question, is it an emperor?" Ye Zuohou was a little shocked, because individuals want their people to be loyal and be controlled by themselves. In his hands, it now seems to the emperor's eyes that Huang Fuyi is such a person, but Huang Fuyi is not. If the emperor really thinks so, then it is really dangerous.

"I just worry about this, but the emperor is the king of a country. He should not be trapped in this situation. There should be more ideas. After all, the East Lai country is the emperor, and the emperor does not want the East Lai country to be destroyed by himself. The son's hands, if not, what good is the Emperor's hard-hitting rivers and mountains.

Ye Qingyi was thinking, the current situation is really a little elusive to the emperor's mind, if the emperor really only needs a good person to control, then the emperor Fu Yi really did not save, if the emperor wants the emperor If a person like Yi was able to reclaim the rights of Huang Fuyi.

Just looking at the actions of the emperor over the past few days, maybe the emperor will not have any action at all, but just watching the battle between Huang Fuyi and Huang Fuyi in secret, sometimes the emperor is very helpless, even if he is his own son, I was thinking about calculating this position under myself, nothing like ordinary people.

Ye Zuohou was lost in thought as he listened to Ye Qingyi's words. Since ancient times, the king's heart has been unpredictable. Even if he didn't think of so many things at all, Yi'er thought of so many things. Why do you think so much, does this girl feel tired? Still, this girl should have been born in the court, but unfortunately she had the wrong birth.

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