Miracle Pill Maker Bullies The Boss Chapter 1527

Chapter 1527:

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When Shangguanyun heard this, he looked at his sister defensively, "Why are you going out?"

He still remembered yesterday that he wanted to find a school for him.

Huo Yao was taking out his cell phone and sending a message without raising his head, "I'll know when I go."

Shangguanyun touched the tip of his nose, feeling a little horrified, "Can you not go?"

Huo Yao just glanced at him sideways, didn't speak, turned around and walked out.

Seeing this, Shangguan Yun dared to have any comments, and hurriedly got up to follow Huo Yao.

Not long after, Huo Yao parked his car outside the police station.

Shangguanyun looked at the police station sign outside the car window. Although he didn't understand why his sister wanted to bring him to this place, he still didn't dare to ask more and got out of the car soon.

Cheng waited at the door of the police station tomorrow morning, and when he saw Huo Yao, he greeted him and nodded respectfully: "Miss."

He glanced curiously over the teenager behind her.

She looked pretty, and standing with their eldest lady at this time really gave people the feeling of being a sister and brother.

Huo Yao nodded his head, and after shouting as an uncle, he pointed to Shangguan Yun next to him, and introduced little explanation: "Huo Yun."

Cheng Ming looked at Shang Guanyun, smiled kindly at him, didn't ask too curiously, and randomly handed the account book that he had just obtained in the bag to Huo Yao, "Miss, this is what you want."

Huo Yao took the account book, flipped through it, then closed it again, "Thanks for your hard work."

Cheng Ming smiled and shook his head, "It's all trivial matters. The staff inside have already booked an appointment, so they are waiting to take a photo and apply for a permit."

After speaking, he walked ahead and led the way.

As soon as Huo Yao took a step, Shangguanyun pulled her clothes around. She turned her head and said, "What's the matter?"

Shangguanyun's eyes were as bright as water, he looked at Huo Yao's household registration book, and then his eyes fell on her face again, "Sister, you brought me here just to apply for a new identity certificate."

Huo Yao raised his eyebrows slightly, "Otherwise?"

Shangguan Yun coughed, loosened the hem of his sister's clothes, and only said, "Although Huo Yun's name sounds a bit dirty, I will reluctantly accept it."

Huo Yao glanced at him, and if the corners of her mouth didn't turn up, she would believe this nonsense.

The two quickly entered the lobby of the police station. Cheng Ming took Guan Yun inside to take pictures and record fingerprints. Huo Yao did not follow in, but waited outside.

She stood in the corner and took out her phone to look at it.

When opening WeChat, someone added her as a friend on the address book.

Seeing the nickname, Huo Yao's eyes flashed an accident, and she quickly clicked to pass verification.

After a pause, Huo Yao typed two words on the screen and sent it: [Auntie Tong?

Tong: [Hmm.

The other party's brief reply, at first glance, is the style of the patriarch, Huo Yao's lips are slightly pursed, "Are you okay?

Shangguantong's eyes were soft over there, and then he typed back: [Very good.

That's good. Huo Yao was thinking about something, and then he sent another one in the past: [By the way, Aunt Tong, Xiaoyun is here with me.

Tong: [I know.

Huo Yao tapped his finger on the screen and said: [I want him to go to school and live the life he should have at his age, what do you think?

Shangguantong looked at the phone, suddenly feeling more bitter in her heart, she raised her head, and after a while she replied: [Okay.

Huo Yao knew the patriarch's personality and her face was cold and warm, but she was especially special to Shang Guanyun. Not only was she very strict when she was young, she never allowed him to come out.

She once wondered if the kid was her own.

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