Miracle Pill Maker Bullies The Boss Chapter 1696

Chapter 1696: Called brother-in-law

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As Shangguanyun finished speaking, Huo Yao listened to the mobile phone text messages in his pocket rang.

She took out her mobile phone and looked at the seven-digit account information on the screen, feeling a little bit in her heart. The next second she raised her head again, and put her hand around her brother's neck, her face was kind and amiable: "It doesn't matter if you drag your legs. "

Shangguan Yun: "..."


He knew he couldn't match that string of numbers.


Around five o'clock in the afternoon, Huo Yao went to the airport to see Li Chenhui and the others.

Their ticket was only postponed and changed for two days, and there are still experimental projects in the school, so they can no longer stay in M State.

Security checkpoint.

"Little Junior Sister, you have to be careful yourself..." Li Chenhui looked at Huo Yao, and as soon as he blurted out the words, he thought of the little Junior Sister shot a kids body builder when he was kidnapped that day. Can't tell.

Huo Yao smiled, as if he knew the complex mood of the senior, he didn't explain much, he just nodded and replied, "I know."

Li Chenhui hesitated to speak, and finally only raised his hand and patted Huo Yao's shoulder, "Be careful no matter what."

Huo Yao nodded again, thinking that what had happened in the past two days was not a small impact on the seniors, so he said: "The domestic security is good, and this situation will not happen again."

What she said was also the truth. The forces behind Shangguanhou were not in the country, and their purpose was only to attract Shangguanyi's people out, and would not specifically trouble a few seniors.

After all, the future achievements of several seniors are not low, and they themselves will be protected by the school, so she is not worried about what will happen again.

Li Chenhui knew that Junior Sister was specially comforting them. He hummed, and didn't nag too much. After a short while, he entered the security checkpoint.

Standing outside, Huo Yao turned around and walked towards the rest area of the hall after seeing the silhouettes of several people disappearing from sight.

There were not many people in the rest area. Shangguanyun and Min Yu were sitting there, not knowing what they were talking about, and the atmosphere seemed very harmonious from a distance.

Huo Yao raised his eyebrows unexpectedly and approached: "When did your relationship get so good?"

Shangguan Yun wore a peaked cap on his head, and when he heard his sister's voice, he raised his head. The joy of the young Qingzhi's face was very obvious, "Brother-in-law said that he would take me to choose a gun for me."


In just ten minutes, she went to send her brother through the security check, so she bought the kid?

Huo Yao glanced at Min Yu with a complicated mood, "You are quite capable."

Min Yu lifted the black mask on his face, and the exposed eyes were deep and glowing with stars and streamers. He sighed softly, "No way, this is Aiwujiwu."

Huo Yao couldn't find the answer in an instant, so he raised his foot and kicked Shang Guanyun, who was still sitting there, "Being a little bit principled."

Shangguanyun jumped up, did not stand to Huo Yao's side for the first time, but moved closer to Min Yu, tilted his head and said to Huo Yao, "You spit out the one million that I transferred to you yesterday, and then say this."

Huo Yao: "..."

"Brother-in-law, when shall we go?" Shangguanyun fully used the'Mother with milk' to the extreme at this time.

Huo Yao: "..."

Min Yu glanced at Huo Yao with a dark face, rolled his eyebrows, and said: "It depends on when your sister is free."

"Oh, no time." Huo Yao felt that the child couldn't get used to it.

The boy's interest has already been stirred up, and he can't wait to go right away, so when Huo Yao said he was not free, he gritted his teeth and took out his phone again, "No, you are free!"

Huo Yao heard the sound of the familiar text message: "."

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