Mistakenly Saving The Villain Chapter 118

Chapter 117: Open Your Eyes

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The sky was stained with red clouds, and the monsters ignited fire. Countless black scales with flames fell on the ground and hit the roof, posing danger to precious lives and research materials. Song Qingshi immediately opened the mysterious fire barrier. , Sheltered the research institute and library inside, and let all pharmacists and medicine servants come in for refuge.

The monster saw the profound fire barrier, discovered his existence, and rushed down fiercely.

The huge red vines spread from the ground, split the ground, rushed into the air, and entangled the offensive of the monsters, and then woven into countless red nets in the red lotus fire, which served as a breeding room for mice and various experiments. A barrier was added to the place, turning important places into huge sepak takraw balls.

Song Qingshi holding the long sword of golden light of merit, stepped on the red lotus, and flew towards Yue Wuhuan desperately.

The monster felt the power of the golden light of merit and fell into madness, and a black devilish blade appeared on his body again, trying to destroy the danger. Yue Wuhuan's magical tools and swords had already been destroyed in the battle, and the Phoenix fire on his body was more vigorous, turning into nine long whips and countless shadows, which were constantly being scattered before the sharp blade was condensed.

The black magic energy gathered and dispersed.

The Blood King Teng Le shattered the monster's scales, pulled into the flesh and blood, and constantly swallowed the power inside.

The devilish energy invaded his body, penetrated into his soul, and brought back countless dark memories.

Those unbearable past, those disgusting things, those foul language, those painful partings, repeated in front of my eyes...

The stench in the air became stronger and it became difficult to breathe.

He could no longer contain the hatred in his heart, and could not control the mental breakdown. The dark golden phoenix eyes showed the blood of killing, and the flames of the phoenix ignited again... gradually spreading, covering the entire sky, which can burn the soul. flame. He wanted to burn this filthy world, burn himself, and let everything return to nothingness.

Song Qingshi shouted: "Wuhuan! Stop!"

The flawless flame was stained with black, the more Wuhuan's heart was full of chaos, he could not hear the sound.

Song Qingshi finally rushed to him, trying to purify the increasing filth in the flame and awaken him.

The monster in the sky finally condensed a black sharp blade, overwhelming the sky, and stabbed at the two of them.

The two black and red lotus flowers in Song Qingshi's body bloomed to form a double enchantment, covering the two of them.

However, his cultivation is too far from the monster.

The lotus was quickly withered and destroyed under the split of the sharp blade.

With a sharp blade, the monster instantly attacked his eyes.

If Yue Wuhuan died, the phoenix flames would lose control, envelope the entire world, and burn everything.

Song Qingshi desperately said: "General An! Don't do things that you regret!"

The blood-red vertical pupil moved slightly. After the monster heard this name, the suppressed consciousness in his body struggled again. He showed a painful expression, and the sharp blade's offensive gradually slowed...

"General An, wake up soon," Song Qingshi kept begging, "This is not what you really look like."

He sacrificed all the golden light of the few merits remaining in his body, all of which were wrapped around Anlong's claws, and the filthy demon energy that was wrapped in it fell off a little, revealing two shiny black dragon scales. He also wanted to give more merit and power, peeling off this ugly appearance, revealing the proud black dragon, and helping him regain his sobriety.

However, after a thousand rebirths, he has exhausted a lot of merits he has accumulated, and now, he has nothing...

After the real dragon scales were exposed, An Long stopped his attack. He raised his head and looked at his ugly appearance, screaming in anger, tearing his body frantically.

The clear dragon yin rushes straight into the sky, shaking the world.

Yue Wuhuan was awakened by the sound of dragons. He saw the situation clearly. He quickly took over the sword of merit in Song Qingshi's hand, and then used Phoenix flames to break open the filthy armor and tore the thick scales. Finally, he He pierced the golden long sword fiercely into the dragon's heart that was blackened by demon energy, and picked out the black demon core inside.

The golden long sword disappeared in the magic core, and then the magic core shattered, and the power of pure good sent out a purifying soft light, dispelling all darkness.

The black heart gradually returned to its bright red color, and the twisted body slowly dissipated in the golden light. In the end, everything turned into black clouds and gradually disappeared between the sky and the earth.

The clouds and smoke disappeared, and what appeared was the soul of the handsome general in black armor. He had a firm appearance and strong bones. He was brave and good at fighting, standing proudly between the heavens and the earth...

This is what Anlong really looks like.

He smiled at Song Qingshi: "Fortunately, I didn't make the third mistake."

The more Wuhuan looked at this familiar soul, the more painful Zhihai he felt. He felt that he should remember something very important.

An Long's soul faded away. Before disappearing completely, he stretched out his hand and gently placed it on Yue Wuhuan's shoulder, looking at those eyes that had also lost his own in the painful reincarnation, and finally asked:

"Come back, brother."


The thunder began to weaken, the dark clouds had not yet dispersed, and the sky was still gloomy.

Yue Wuhuan looked at the place where An Long disappeared for a long, long time, and then let Song Qingshi hold his hand, board the French ship, and return to the top of the immortal.

The battle is still going on, and the fight is still going on.

The beauty of the immortal summit has long been ruined, the ground is full of deep cracks, the mountain peaks collapsed, countless rubbles were smashed, trees burned, creatures were charred, blood flowed into rivers, and they were killing each other everywhere. Everywhere was ugly. ...

Song Qingshi took him to the highest point of the immortal summit.

With the smelly wind blowing, Yue Wuhuan closed his eyes and covered his nose, making his breathing more uncomfortable.

"Wuhuan, don't resist," Song Qingshi grabbed his hand and stopped his movements, begging, "Open your eyes and take a closer look at the world..."

One thousand three hundred and fifty reincarnations, failure after failure.

He will never let go of this hand...

Yue Wuhuan felt Song Qingshi's firmness. He finally opened his eyes and slowly released his spiritual thoughts, attached to countless birds, flying in all directions, trying to touch the world.


Under the cliff of the top of immortality.

The golden peacock was scarred, its beautiful tail feathers were all ruined, and it was dying.

"Why?" Bai Zihao used the cold ice to stop all the attacks. His spiritual and physical strength had long been exhausted, and he was shaking when he walked. He knew how much Kong Muhua cared about his beautiful feathers and appearance. In the second mirror, I couldn't walk when I saw my shadow by the water. I could cry for three days if I lost a feather. However, now, in order to cover himself, his body is full of wounds, no one is intact, but he has not complained.

Kong Muhua said softly: "I said, I like you."

Bai Zihao said, "But, I have bullied you many, many times..."

Kong Muhua smiled: "I know, you like me."

Bai Zihao felt wet in his eyes, and he resisted, "I'm sorry."

"Don't cry," Kong Muhua raised his hand hard and wiped away his tears. "When you first met, you were always crying, sad, scared, I don't like it... So, I want to make you happy, funny You are angry and make you forget those unhappy things, don't be wronged..."

He didn't like to excel, nor pursued him, let alone understand the rules of human beings, he was willful and reckless, and made a lot of mess.

Probably going to be dumped again...

"I'm not pretty anymore, and my tail is gone," Kong Muhua looked at her scorched black tail feathers, losing confidence for the first time in her life, trying to convince Bai Zihao, "Although I don't have the right to court, you, don't like Dapeng. , He is not a good thing, he is very rough, dont like Bi Fang, its a wooden bird, its boring. You wait for me two hundred years, the tail will grow out, I..."

Bai Zihao lowered his head, kissed his lips, and asked seriously: "I don't have a tail feather that can turn on the screen, can I ask you for a mate?"

Kong Muhua was stunned, and it took a long time to react and eagerly said: "Okay, I will marry you."

Bai Zihao corrected: "It's a Daoist couple."

"But the wedding gown is very beautiful, I want to wear it."

"Then, just wear it..."

"Can I embroider myself?"

"How did you become energetic? Are you seriously injured?"

"The tail is gone, my heart hurts badly..."

"You guy..."

"That's it, you can't go back on it anymore!"

Bai Zihao hugged the golden peacock tightly, he no longer envied the gods, and there were people in this world who were reluctant to make him sad.


Northern Territory, in the rebel army.

The monks discussed how to attack the immortal summit and kill the gods and his party members.

Ma Xianjun laughed and said: "How clean and self-contained I am when I am a god. It turns out that I am a good man. Recently, he and Yaowang Xianzun have become a Taoist couple. I heard that every year Immortal Summit gives a lot of money for Yaowanggu to do research. , I'm afraid that the medicine king Xianzun exchanged it with his body? I don't know how beautiful it is. When we win the top of immortality, we must..."

His throat was suddenly pinched and he couldn't speak.

Sitting at the head of the rebels, Cui Xianzun is a perverted, moody demon cultivator. It is said that for thousands of years, he was framed by the same family, his wife was scattered, and his heart was entangled. , Create a ghost sect. Now that his cultivation base has reached a perfect body, he hates the immortal pinnacle and the dominance of the gods, and agrees to join the conquest. He is one of the strongest forces in the army.

Now, he pinched the neck of Ma Xianjun, who is the best flatterer, and asked in a low voice: "Why don't I know... the godly priest is Yaowang Xianzun? Is it Song Qingshi?"

Ma Xianjun struggled and nodded.

Cui Xianzun snapped his neck angrily: "Why didn't you say this kind of thing earlier?!"

The monks were shocked and puzzled.

"Back then, I was surrounded by demons, penniless, and desperate. It was Medicine King Xianzun who gave me Wangchen Pill to help me get through the tragedy of the heart. His smile said, "There is a good opportunity today. Since you are going to use Medicine King Valley, Killing King Xianzun, hehe, use your heads to give me a gift for gratitude."

He sacrificed the soul-bearing banners, and the spirits were bursting, and the ghosts were crying and howling.

The disciple of the ghost sect followed the order and quickly followed.

The big sects were unprepared, and the individuals who were killed turned back on their backs.

Cui Xianzun laughed, unscrupulously destroying the rebel lineup.

I used to give charcoal unintentionally, but today I will give it back twice.


At the foot of Tianwumen Mountain, young sword repairers lined up and stopped the rebels in Lingxin City.

The city lord of Lingxin City is a grumpy person. His beloved daughter is suffering from demonization and is delaying time with Bodhi bark. He is anxious, and brings the monks of Lingxin City to the top of immortality and joins the conquest of the gods. When the team saw this group of reckless sword repairs blocking the way, they cursed: "Are you crazy? It is the pinnacle of the immortal that has caused the demonization! You must kill the gods before the symptoms will be eliminated!"

Yu Wenyu stood with a sword: "It wasn't made by the gods!"

The lord of Lingxin City said angrily: "After the dark period, the filthy demon was born! Who else could he be?!"

Yu Wenyu insisted: "It was not made by the gods!"

The lord of Lingxin City scolded again: "You ignorant little ghosts, get out of here!"

Yu Wenyu is clumsy and clumsy, does not understand disputes, but does not retreat half a step: "It was not made by the gods!"

The lord of Lingxin City sneered: "Little Tianwumen, is it going to be against Lingxin City? Tell your elders to come out!"

"No need to call." Yu Wenyan brought the elders and sword repairers to the sword and said coldly, "His father is here."

The lord of Lingxin City suppressed his anger and said arrogantly: "Now, the pinnacle of immortality is the public enemy of the world. If Tianwumen wants to protect it, I will level these seven peaks!"

Behind him are tens of thousands of monks in Lingxin City. Tianwumen is no more than a thousand people.

Yu Wenyu walked to his father and said aggrieved: "Father..."

"We are Jian Xiu. We must have the courage to stick to our beliefs and face strong enemies when we wield the sword," Yuwenyan rubbed his hair and said softly, "Yu'er, you are doing well. If you are greedy, you must be afraid. Death, vain the truth, bend your knees to the enemy, and you will not be worthy of the sword in your hand."

The face of the city lord of Lingxin City was ugly.

Yu Wenyan drew out the long sword in his hand and said angrily: "Tianwumen Sword Repair! Draw the sword! Set up the formation!"

Thousands of swords came out of their sheaths, shining coldly and murderously.

Standing at the forefront of the sword formation, Yu Wenyan said word by word: "It was not made by the gods!"

All sword repairs made a thunderous sound, which was transmitted into the ears of every cultivator in Lingxin City, and in their hearts: "It was not made by the gods!"

This is the truth that they firmly believe.

What about the praying man's arm as a car? !

Sword repair and draw sword, fight to the end!


On Fairy Spirit Island, most of the female sisters have already suffered from demonization, and they are barely supported by the bodhi bark.

Mrs. Nians body is already covered with criss-crossing black markings. She sits quietly in the shade of the tree, looking at the blue sea, waiting for the end...

Once a little orphan on the side of the road begging, it was Immortal Monarch Yan Yuan who brought her back to the Chilong Sect, took care of her carefully, and taught her various formations and celestial skills. Later, Immortal Jun Yanyuan realized that his life was about to end, and sent her to Xianling Island. Mrs. Lingmiao was a gentle woman, comforting her who often cried because of homesickness, and used her formation to conjure various cute little ones. Animals make her laugh and always praise her for being smart...

Unfortunately, she was born without parents.

She is very lucky to have met many good people in her life and gained countless tenderness.

Therefore, she is willing to pass on such tenderness to help the same unfortunate children and let them get new happiness.

Madam Nian looked at the dark spots on her hands and sobbed softly.

A four-year-old girl ran over. Her body was also covered with signs of demonization. She opened her eyes wide and asked curiously: "Mrs. Nian, what are you doing?"

Mrs. Nian wiped away her tears and smiled: "Duo Duo, why are you here?"

Duo Duo grieved: "My sisters said Duo Duo is dying. But Duo Duo doesn't understand, what is death?"

Mrs. Nian looked at the innocent child and felt her eyes red again.

Duo Duo climbed onto her lap: "Mrs. Nian, why Duo Duo would die?"

Mrs. Nian whispered: "Because... we want more children like Duo... to survive."

Duoduo thought for a long time, but didn't quite understand, but nodded sensibly: "That must be a very good thing."

Mrs. Nian took her into her arms and restrained her tears firmly.

"Don't cry, Duo Duo is not afraid of death."

"I am sorry"

"Duodu lied, but Duo is still a little scared and not brave enough."

"I am sorry"

"Duo Duo wants to hold hands, so he won't be afraid of holding hands..."

"Okay, I will lead you and walk together."


For three days and three nights, the birds flew over the mountains and mountains, across the world, saw so many joys and sorrows, and saw so many stories...

Morning bells and evening drums, eight streets and nine mosques, the world is full of attitudes.

He saw a lot of shameless beasts, saw a lot of fools who were deceived, and saw more people struggling in desperate situations, unwilling to give up the one he loved, they helped each other, helped, and lived together. Die, never leave.

He saw people who kept their promises, people who were determined, and people who were compassionate...

All beings are trapped in darkness, struggling to seek light.

Where is the real god?

The more Wuhuan watched the world silently.

Song Qingshi stood behind him, with all hope, softly begging:

"Wuhuan, this world is not so unbearable..."

So, come back...

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