Mistakenly Saving The Villain Chapter 119

Chapter 118: World Rebirth

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Hundreds of thousands of soul lamps are still swaying on the rock wall of the top of the immortal.

Since the beginning of the war, no matter whether it is lightning or war, the enchantment and silence here have not been destroyed.

Yue Wuhuan walked up slowly and held up the first soul lamp. The soul named Xie Que in it had already suffered numbness after three thousand years of torment.

Looking at this disgusting soul, the memory of struggling in **** reappeared in his mind, and the foul smell in his breath became heavier.

However, these pasts can no longer torture his heart.

Yue Wuhuan gently extinguished this soul lamp, letting the sinful soul fly out and disappear forever in the world.

Deep in my heart, there seemed to be a black shackle untied, and after the hatred was let go, the soul became free.

Yue Wuhuan extinguished the second soul lamp, the third lamp, the fourth lamp...

His revenge is over long ago, and there is no need to look back.

As the soul lamps of memories went out one by one, and the chains of hatred were untied one by one, his soul became more and more relaxed, and his pace became more and more brisk...

In the end, Yue Wuhuan stood on the top of the cliff, raised his hand, and released a powerful spirit, extinguishing hundreds of thousands of soul lamps at the same time.

The moment the soul lamp went out, the phoenix locked in the abyss finally gained freedom. The cursed mole on the corner of his eye slowly disappeared as the hatred faded.

Yue Wuhuan finally saw the true face of the world. The air was filled with countless filthy devilish air, corroding everything. This is the source of the stench he smelled. High in the sky, a black door to **** was half open. Half-heavy, the filthy magical energy gushes out from inside, manipulating and changing the whole world, turning it into a hellish nightmare.

The monsters realized that the seal was unlocked and the general situation was gone. They were struggling to death, and wailing came from the thunder.

Yue Wuhuan raised his head: "The usurper."


The gods, the emperor and the gods all surrounded the withered world tree.

The fruit of the world bred on the tree has been invaded by most of the dark magic energy.

It is a sacred tree that appears with the Phoenix in a pure and flawless flame, and it relies on the power of the Phoenix's rebirth and reincarnation.

The phoenix meticulously maintains every immature world, waiting for the world's rules to be perfect and the world to function mature, then it will fall off, put it into the galaxy, and become a real world.

Because the rules of the small world are not mature enough, loopholes often appear, causing the fruit of the world to wither or die. Therefore, the Phoenix God has designed a magic weapon to control fate for adjustment and trial purposes. It selects suitable human souls to test the rules of the world in the form of tasks, or to break the destiny of the world that has gone astray back to the right path. .

Because the development and culture of each world are different, there are different fields such as science and technology, magic, and cultivation. In order to facilitate everyone's understanding, so that the fate line will not go wrong, the task conference will be based on storybooks, dramas, legends, novels, etc. Formally proceed...

The magical artifacts are running smoothly, and one small world after another has formed on the world tree, which contains countless souls and resources.

The demons have long coveted these immature worlds, but the world tree must rely on the power of the phoenix to grow, and the phoenix **** is the most perfect god, whether it is power, wisdom, or will, he is powerful and impeccable.

The demons have planned for hundreds of millions of years, and finally found a way. They took advantage of the battle between the gods and demons, set a trap, wounded the Phoenix God, took a small piece of his soul fragments, threw them into the world tree, and then extracted the world. The delusions and desires of all things towards the Phoenix God merged and turned into a sealed tear mole, blocking the memory of his soul, creating a beautiful body with limited power, and placing the soul in it.

The seal will also cause blasphemy against the beauty of the phoenix. When his body is mature enough to carry power, the demon will control the trajectory of his fate, attract the evil person to his side, infringe and harm the body, and let his spirit Produce pain and hatred.

It takes a strong world power to lift the seal.

The more the Phoenix God hates the world, the more the world rejects the Phoenix God.

Therefore, he could not wake up, could not control the world, could not use the power of the world.

This is a very simple and very shameless method.

At first, the gods thought that the problem was not big. Although this kind of thing is disgusting, the gods have a strong will and will not be affected by this kind of damage. Moreover, the small world is still the home of the Phoenix God, which is easier... ... Therefore, they believe that the powerful phoenix will soon wake up, see through the false body, expel monsters, and return again.

However, the gods were wrong.

The world tree began to wither gradually, and after the fruit of the world had been contaminated one after another, they realized that the perfect Phoenix God Sovereign had weaknesses.

The Phoenix God was born in a pure flame. He is extremely happy to clean, does not touch any filth, does not touch any dust, he has self-esteem and self-respect, he does not want to accept any feelings with distracting thoughts, and he does not want to bear the touch of a body with desires. He wanted to seek the most flawless love wholeheartedly, so he rejected the pursuit of all creatures.

His nobleness, his perfection, his seriousness, his intelligence, and his strength are all his strengths.

The Mozu turned all these advantages into a sharp sword to stab him.

The Phoenix God Lord could endure any physical and mental torture, but could not endure the shame of being defiled. The perfection he was proud of was stained with a small amount of filth, like ink dots falling on white paper. He struggled desperately, trying to get rid of it, but the ink dots expanded and became more and more dazzling.

He hated the world, and then was rejected by the world. The monster took the opportunity to control more worlds and inflict more tragic torture. However, he could not get any help from any world. He was constantly fooled by fate, so he hated the world even more, and finally lost himself. Would like to see the truth.

This is an endless loop.

In the repeated cycles of rebirth, the phoenix completely fell into the mud, unable to break free, his power became the nutrient for the monsters to nurture the **** world. The original normal world turned into a paradise of demons one after another, and then was corroded and taken away.

The gods are mad.

They tried to invade the small world to awaken the Phoenix God.

However, the magic weapon of destiny has been controlled by the demons. Invading the small world to rescue the phoenix, it is necessary to pretend to be a human tasker and use the process of accepting the task to find the Phoenix God.

When the demons sensed their movements, they set a trap, blocked the mana and memory of the task force, and handed them all kinds of strange rescue missions. If they failed, they would receive severe punishment.

The gods have talents and abilities, and even if they enter reincarnation, they are much better than ordinary people.

The Emperor of Heaven branded the logo of saving the phoenix **** in their soul imprint, reminding them not to lose their way after entering the world.

One by one, loyal, brave, and intelligent gods entered the small world and tried to awaken the Phoenix God.

In response to their weaknesses, the Mozu gave a tragic start after another, repeatedly tortured, and then used countless false clues to mislead them in the wrong direction.

For example, a general with a strong personality gave him a stigmatized identity and an ugly appearance, allowing him to live forever in the eyes of contempt and pain, and then generate hatred and anger, blinding his sight; the loyal and kind maid deprived him of all Happiness, misled by endless sadness, allowed her to meet countless poor humans in need of help. In the constant mercy and salvation, she finally forgot about the Phoenix God; as for the gods who had admired the Phoenix God before, they created extremely similar perfections. Counterfeit, arrange a variety of romantic romances that fit their hearts, so that they will have a desire for fakes, indulge in love, and live a happy life. They can't see the dying tortured, no longer perfect real phoenix...

The failure of one task force after another brings even worse consequences.

The heart of the Phoenix God became more sensitive and suspicious, his personality became more and more extreme, and more and more morbid. No matter who he was close to, as long as he had other purposes, a trace of desire and a trace of strangeness for him, he would be mad. Attack, even resist with death.

Without the task, the tasker cannot leave the small world.

To do the task, he couldn't get the trust of the Phoenix God.

Most of the gods gave up the rescue after a few attempts and returned directly to complete the task of the magic weapon. A few have a very deep friendship with the Phoenix and want to be hard-hearted friends with the demon, such as the guardian **** Demon Frontier Anlong The general lost himself in endless failures and lost his qualifications as a quest person. The spirit fell into reincarnation along with the phoenix. The dragon bones were taken away and turned into pawns used by the demons to torture the phoenix.

The emperor finally found out that this was an impossible task...

The small world was taken away one by one.

The entire God Realm fell into a state of nothing to do.

The mission petition submitted by the gods in the Qing Dynasty was something unexpected for all the gods.

The emperor wanted to break his head and couldn't think of where the Phoenix God and Qing Shi God had friendship, so that Qing Shi God was willing to enter the mission world and try to save after all the gods failed.

The ascension of the gods in the Qing Dynasty was an accident and a coincidence in the God Realm.

His original body was a white stone that was refined by the Emperor of Heaven from the Red Lotus Profound Fire hundreds of millions of years ago and placed in Songshan to suppress the ghostly fire in the underworld. Many years have passed, and no one remembers this stone. Who knows, this stone has been soaring because of suppressing the underworld flames for so many years, saving billions of living beings and accumulating a lot of merit?

When the emperor saw that the stone he refined became immortal again, he was stunned...

He tried to say a few words in the scene to ease the atmosphere, and then found that although the stone has turned into a human appearance, his heart is still a stone, not beating at all, and he can't feel ridicule, contempt, hatred, like, praise...

The emperor said for a long time the scenes and intimate words, Shishi looked at him blankly, could not understand anything, and could not speak.

The scene is a bit awkward...

The Emperor of Heaven gave him a name casually called Song Qingshi. When the destiny king wrote his pen, he mistaken the meaning of the Emperor of Heaven, and he became Song Qingshi. The emperor looked at this name as if it were good, so he made do with it. Then he devoted his words to educating the newly released Qing Shi Shenjun so that he would read more books if he was not sensible, and he would understand everything if he read more books.

He spent a lot of effort, finally let Qingshi Shenjun understand this sentence and understand the importance of learning.

Because the gods of the Qing Dynasty were unable to adapt to and integrate into the lives of the gods, there were many problems. The Emperor of Heaven wondered whether it was a stone he refined, and he must be responsible, so he found a small yard on the cloud, placed him in, and sent him. People teach words, and then give them a lot of books, so that they can study well in them, and then they will come out to meet people after they have learned.

As a result, Qingshi Shenjun stayed in the yard, fell into the pile of books and never came out again.

The messenger came to report that he was reading and studying every day, occasionally sitting at the window and watching the clouds, and he was unwilling to attend any gatherings of gods, and he refused to talk to anyone.

Tens of thousands of years have passed since such a boring life...

At first the gods even met to discuss this silly stone, but then they forgot.

When the emperor saw that the gods showed no signs of getting better, he didn't understand loneliness, and didn't care about living alone, so he gave up taking care of him, only remembering to add more books to him every year when he was rewarded, which was considered care.

After the news of the Phoenix God's accident spread.

For the first time in the Qing Dynasty, the gods walked out of the small courtyard, came to the temple, and asked to enter the mission world.

The powerful gods have all failed. What can this stone that can't even speak?

However, Qingshi Shenjun was extremely stubborn and could not understand rejection and mockery.

Who can pass a hard rock?

The emperor persuaded his heart to be tired, and suddenly thought that the **** of Qingshi could fly as a stone and rely on merit, and his luck should be very good, and he and the **** of phoenix have no emotional entanglements, no desires, no understanding of emotions, and no understanding of messy love. Maybe not fall into the trap of the demons. The Phoenix God has a hobby of collecting beautiful stones. Maybe a silly stone has a silly blessing, and he succeeded?

Anyway, everyone has failed. One more failure is okay. You will come back after hitting Nanshan...

With the mentality of a dead horse as a living horse doctor, the emperor sent Qingshi Shenjun into the small world and asked him to try to save the Phoenix God.


The soul recovers, and the divine power returns.

All the memories returned to the sea of knowledge of Yue Wuhuan. He remembered that in the many desperate reincarnations, he saw the figure that he tried to walk in again and again and failed again and again... the first dozens of times In the reincarnation, this figure smashed and bumped, did not understand human emotions, could not speak, and had many obstacles. Not to mention completing the task or walking in front of him, he died on the approaching road.

However, he did not give up, no matter how painful the fall was, he would come back again.

He stubbornly found one problem after another in his failures, trying to compare the feelings described in the book with the feelings of human beings, imitating and expressing clumsily, and finally he approached the sensitivity with the simplest persistence and desireless mind. The suspicious Phoenix gave everything, so that Phoenix gradually surrendered his trust and his heart.

The human world has seven emotions and six desires, constantly polishing this stone.

He has read more books in different worlds, tried different warmths, has seen all kinds of situations in life, experienced all kinds of pain, and gradually understands crying, smiles, sadness and anger, and suffering and Joy becomes agile.

In the end, Stone understood the feelings, allowing Phoenix to find his true self.


All the imprisonment is lifted, the power returns, and the world tree is full of vitality.

The most dazzling phoenix was resurrected. He dragged nine golden and red flame tail feathers and flew into the dim sky and rushed to the gate of hell.

The holy light broke through the darkness and thoroughly cleansed the world contaminated by monsters.

The filthy things were expelled, the filthy breath was purified, and the gates of **** were closed forever in the unwilling roar of the monsters.

The lightning stopped, the thunder stopped, the sky began to drizzle, the cracked ground closed again, the dry riverbed appeared again, and the trees that were knocked down by the thunder sprout green shoots. The flowers bloomed, and the fragrance bloomed. The birds no longer flee, looking for materials suitable for building nests. The animals hiding in the corner reappeared, tentatively returning to their original homes.

The whole world is changing into a different life.

The demonized patients woke up in the rain, and they were surprised to find that the black markings on their bodies gradually disappeared, and there was a joyous cry in the sky. When they raised their heads, it was a phoenix flying by in the clouds, that was pure and flawless. The beauty of this makes them forget the war, the sorrow, the hatred, the killing...

The horror shrouded in my heart disappeared, and the dark desire that was constantly emerging faded away.

Looking back on what they did these days, they feel extremely stupid.


After the City Lord of Lingxin City noticed that the demonization had disappeared, he immediately stopped fighting.

He hurried back with the monks in Lingxin City at the fastest speed. In the courtyard of Lingxin City, he saw his beautiful and gentle daughter, just as usual, holding spirit tea and fragrant fruit, and smiling at him: "Daddy, you have worked hard..."

It is said that men have tears and do not flick them lightly.

The lord of Lingxin City held his lost baby daughter, crying to death.


On Xianling Island, Mrs. Nian lay on the grass holding the blossoming hand, quietly waiting for the arrival of death.

Suddenly, Duo Duo pointed to the sky and exclaimed: "Look, what a beautiful bird!"

Mrs. Nian opened her eyes, she saw the phoenix flying in the clouds, and then the dark clouds gradually dispersed, and the gentle rays of sunlight fell on the ground, becoming more and more dazzling. After the phoenix flew away, she woke up from the beautiful scenery, and suddenly found that her body became relaxed, and the black markings on Duoduo's face disappeared...

Behind them, the cheers of the nuns:

"We survived."

"Fairy Island survived."


The phoenix flew over every corner of the world, and cheers appeared in every corner of the world.

All the devilish energy is expelled cleanly.

Finally, the phoenix flew back to the pinnacle of immortality.

Song Qingshi was sitting slantingly on the boulder, leaning on the giant pine. The natal magic weapon in his body had been shattered, his dantian was destroyed, all the power of merit was exhausted, and his life was almost reaching its limit. His face was pale, his body didn't even have the strength to stand, but he was still very happy in his heart...

The phoenix fell and transformed into a human form again, with majesty in the phoenix eyes, noble and not tolerant of profanity. This is the **** of the world, and all things must bow their heads in front of him.

He walked up to Song Qingshi step by step and looked at the clearest eyes in the world religiously.

Song Qingshi raised his head and smiled: "Welcome back."

Yue Wuhuan said softly: "Thank you, never give up."


The world is repaired, and the world tree is full of vitality.

Yue Wuhuan raised his hand, gathered all the billions of merits generated on the World Tree into his palm, integrated it into Song Qingshi's body, and repaired his weak spirit. Then, he re-corrected the fate of the world, so that the little ball that claimed to be a system was reborn again, and there was no more filthy dirt in it.

It bounced happily, making a dribble sound, announcing:

"The tasker Song Qingshi successfully saved the protagonist Suo Bai Zihao, and the task was successful for the 1,350th time."

"The tasker Song Qingshi successfully wiped out the evil villain at the top of the immortal, and the task was successful for the first thousand and fifty-first time."

"The world is out of..."

Song Qingshi's body turned into countless light spots in the golden light, and then disappeared into the sky.

The phoenix spread its wings again and chased away.

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