Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 565

Chapter 565 Efreet

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While Jiang Feng was killing Giant Abyssal Catfishes within the desert, Ling Luo and Red Boy did not remain idle.


No one knew what Ling Luo did, but she finally managed to take the Treasured Lotus Lantern off of the stone table. In the next second, the entire building began to crumble.

"Sis Ling Luo, you spent so long getting it off the table. What is it for?" Red Boy asked curiously as he stared at the Treasured Lotus Lantern in ling Luos hand.

"What do you know? This thing is very important for the Shifter Emperor. We should go to the other rooms and collect the other treasures before this place descends further downward. Perhaps we might even find a way to enter where the Shifter Emperor ended up in!" Ling Luo said to him.

Space type Sacred Artifacts, Primordial Artifacts, and Primal Artifacts that had no owners all had self-defense mechanisms in place. Anyone that touched them would be instantly teleported to somewhere else, but it was only useful for the first time.

That was why despite Ling Luo holding the Treasured Lotus Lantern, she was not teleported away.

She only wanted to look for another Space type artifact in the nearby buildings and then go and look for the Shifter Emperor.

Just when they had arrived next to a building, Red Boy pointed at the underside of the Bottomless Pit and asked Ling Luo in surprise, "Sis Ling Luo, what is that?"

Ling Luo looked down into the Bottomless Pit and her face turned pale as she said, "The Soul of the Spacetime Emperor Dragon!"

From the depths of the Bottomless Pit, a gigantic nine-clawed dragon that seemed to be formed by diamonds slowly flew upward.

It was at this time, the Spacetime Emperor Dragon seemed to have noticed Ling Luo and Red Boy. In a flash, its giant head appeared in front of both of them.


Red Boy immediately fainted.

"Lord God? Why are you here?" The Spacetime Emperor Dragon blinked his giant eyes as he asked Ling Luo. He had identified Ling Luos true identity.

When Ling Luo saw that Red Boy was unconscious, she let out a sigh of relief and she said with a smile. "Emperor Dragon, I thought that your soul has already dissipated. I didnt know that you would still be alive. I am very happy to be able to see you again."

The Spacetime Emperor Dragon then answered her question, "I have the ability to control time. I can remain eternal if I want to. However, I didnt choose to leave simply because I am still being haunted by an obsession."

Ling Luo sighed and asked, "You still havent found the point of connection?"

The Spacetime Emperor Dragon shook his head and answered, "No. Despite staying in the Bottomless Pit for ten thousand years through my manipulation of time, I still could not find its end nor could I find where the point of connection is. But I believe that place exists!"

"You should give up," Ling Luo said with a sigh. "The Bottomless Pit is not a place that is under my influence. If that place did exist, I would have found it a long time ago. It seems that their appearance was also just an accident."

"No. I believe that it exists, and I believe that I can find that place!" The Spacetime Emperor Dragon said. "If you do not believe me, why are you still here?"


Within the desert.

After Jiang Feng had killed another 15 Giant Abyssal Catfishes, the darkness had receded as the sky turned bright once again.

The total slivers of the Laws of Space that he possessed had increased to 470.

Unfortunately, other than Space Slash, he still did not learn any other Space skills, and that had made him quite disappointed.

"Hm? Something is not right!" After the sky had turned bright, Jiang Feng suddenly noticed that something was wrong.

After the frigid night had passed, it should not have turned so hot so soon. He felt as if he was going to be barbecued alive.

If it was not because he was immune to fire-elemental damage, his Sacred Health would have already begun reducing.

"Ah! Why is it so hot? My Sacred Health keeps on going down, damn it!"

"Me too! Even the ice elemental equipment on me has little effect. Looks like were all going to die here!"

"Luckily, my fire resistance is quite high. I can barely handle the heat. But if the temperature keeps on rising, even I wouldnt be able to hold on much longer!"


Just as Jiang Feng was feeling suspicious, he noticed that many of the players in the ancient structure had begun to lose health.

Some of the players that had low maximum health had lost all their health in less than two minutes. They would disappear into white light, dropping some of their items.

When he saw what was happening, he looked at the burning sun in the sky and thought to himself, The temperature today is almost double that of yesterday. It has already reached around 100 degrees Celsius. If the temperature keeps on increasing, no matter how high my fire immunity is, I wouldnt be able to hold on for long. Even my equipment would be melted down."

"No matter. I should go into the structure and see if there are any other NPCs that live here and find the exit!"

When he saw all the players that had died off, Jiang Feng showed no mercy.

It was a good thing for him if the players from the Divine and Infernal factions all died.

Ding. System Prompt: You have entered the Ruined City. Killing is forbidden within the Ruined City, or there will be harsh punishment.

When he entered the Ruined City, a voice entered his ears.

However, he did not pay much attention as he continued to journey deeper into the Ruined City.

"Look! Whats that!"

At this time, he could hear the surprised yell of the surviving players that were on the Ancient Wall.

He turned around and looked, and he could not help but take in a breath of cold air.


Far away, a sandstorm had appeared. However, the sandstorm was not completely made up of sand, it was also made up of flames. If one were to take a better look, one could almost see a figure within the flames.

"This is a blazing sandstorm that was created by the Lava Gigantos and it seems to be coming this way. I can upgrade my Laws of Space again!" After the initial shock, he quickly calmed down and reached the top of the Ancient Walls with Deicide in his hand as he looked at the blazing sandstorm that was making its way quickly toward him.

The Lava Gigantos were all Rank Six Lesser Sacred Master monsters. He could easily deal with them.

Despite the Lava Gigantoss high number, as long as he could climb up their bodies, not only could he avoid the attacks from the other Lava Gigantos, he could even have an easier time dealing damage.


Yet, what happened next caused even the calm Jiang Feng to lose his cool.

He then saw the Blazing Sandstorm began to converge and consume one another.

And after a short while, a huge and monstrous Lava Gigantos was formed.


After forming into a huge Lava Gigantos, it let out a roar into the sky as its body began to shrink.

In the end, he became a man wearing fiery armor.

He looked at the mans stats with shock.

Efreet: Rank Three Great Saint

Introduction; Space Monster.

Sacred Health: 55,000,000

"Holy sh*t! Efreet, and a Space Monster! Were in serious trouble this time!" Jiang Fengs face turned pale when he saw the Efreet heading toward the Ruined City.

He did not know why the Efreet would appear in this place, but he knew that even if everyone here worked together, they still would not be able to beat it.

Despite knowing that the Efreet would be extremely hard to handle, he did not choose to leave.

If the Efreet could polymorph into a human form, that meant that he might know how to leave. He wanted to try to ask him if he knew of a way to leave this place!

T/L Note: How the hell did you reach that conclusion?

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