Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 566

Chapter 566 A Bet

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Golden flames were burning on the Efreet.

Like Jiang Feng, he possessed the Golden Fire Sacred Domain.

He gave the Ruined City a glance and then stepped toward it by walking in the air.

He was not making any hasty steps, but every step he took seemed to have crossed a distance of thousands of meters. In just a short while, he had already reached the top of the Ancient Walls, staring down at Jiang Feng and the rest of the players.

All the players on the Ancient Walls did not dare to make any sudden movements under his watchful eyes, afraid that they would catch his attention.

The fact that he was being looked at made Jiang Feng very annoyed. He jumped up to one of the roofs of the buildings by the Ancient Walls, and he stood with his back straight, looking at the Efreet.

All the players were shocked when they saw what Jiang Feng did.

They never expected that Jiang Feng would show no fear against a Rank Three Great Saint. Instead, he wanted to fight it.

The Efreet was slightly surprised despite forming a smile, and stared at Jiang Feng with interest and asked, "Are you not afraid of me?"

Jiang Feng smiled as he shook his head. "I am not even afraid of King Zhou, I would not be afraid of you. Instead, I am kinda excited to see you."

The Efreet was confused and asked, "Excited?"

Jiang Fengs lips formed into a curve as he said, "Because when I kill you, I can gain even more powerful Space Crystal Cores!"


All the players on the Ancient Walls, Xuanyuan Qi and the Efreet heard his words, and they had all become silent.

They did not expect Jiang Feng to respond that way. It was like he was purposely provoking him!

In truth, Jiang Feng did not mean to provoke him. However, he did want the Space Crystal Cores on the Efreet.

But speaking and doing were two different things.

"Are you sure that you would be able to defeat me?" The flames on the Efreet became even hotter as he asked him.

"How would you know if I would not be able to without trying?" Jiang Feng said with a smile. "Dont get too excited. Before that, tell me why youre here?"

Despite reaching here, the Efreet did not attack them. Instead, he was talking with them.

He tried provoking the Efreet as well, but it seemed that other than making him more emotional, he showed no signs of wanting to kill him.

He did not attack him despite being incited, that meant that the Efreet came here for a reason.

When the Efreet heard Jiang Fengs question, his eyes slightly opened up as he said with a smile, "Not bad. Indeed, I came here for a reason. There is something that I will need you to help me with. While it is dangerous, but once you succeed, I shall rain you with rewards!"

Jiang Feng stared at him.

He knew that if they refused, the Efreet would most probably kill them.

Of course, if he could tell them how to leave this place as well as gain some treasures, he did not mind helping him.

Before Jiang Feng could even speak, Xuanyuan Qi had already taken a step forward and said to the Efreet, "We can help you, but you have to tell us how to leave this place!"

The Efreet said after letting out a burst of loud laughter, "Haha! Of course. Everyone that has ever come here and met me would ask for that!"

Jiang Feng said with curiosity, "Everyone?"

The Efreet did not try to hide it and said, "You must be mortals coming from the Three Worlds, correct? In truth, for the past ten thousand years, hundreds of groups of people had come to this place. However, there were only a few that had escaped this place alive."

So, it seems that there were some NPCs that had made their way here in the past ten thousand years of the Divine Dominions history, Jiang Feng thought to himself.

He then asked again, "Do you know who else left this place alive?"

The Efreet gave it a thought and then said, "I only remember a few. One was called the Spacetime Dragon Emperor, the other was called the Divine Monk Xumi. Donghuang Taiyi, Tathagata, the Ancestral Dragon, the Mechanica Sacred Dragon, the Sword Emperor Zangxue, the Shadow Emperor Laiwu, Pope Athena"


The moment that they heard the Efreets words, everyone including Jiang Feng could not help but be in shock.

Every one of those that had left this place alive had become a famed person in the Divine Dominions history.

"There are two ways to escape this place alive. The first one is to learn the Space Tunnel Heavenly Saint skill. The second one is to learn a classs most powerful skill and destroy this space. However, both of them are extremely difficult!" The Efreet said.

"Thank you!" Jiang Feng had found out how to leave the place from the Efreet. It was very difficult, but at least he knew the way and had an objective.

"What do we need to do?" Xuanyuan Qi asked the Efreet with curiosity.

"Board the vessel, and you will know once you follow me!" The Efreet said as he waved his hand and a gigantic ship made of sand appeared in front of everyone.

Jiang Feng did not hesitate and jumped on it and landed on the deck of the sand ship.

He wanted to see what the Efreet would have them do. Maybe he could get something out of it.

Xuanyuan Qi and the other three hundred surviving players did not hesitate as well as they jumped on the sand ship.

That place was too dangerous for them. Just the cold and the heat could kill them. Rather than waiting for death, they would rather go and get something good first.

"Come!" When the Efreet saw that they had boarded the ship, he waved his hand again and nine Lava Gigantos appeared in front of the sand ship. Nine chains of flames appeared as they pulled the ship heading in a general direction.

Jiang Feng did not feel any heat anymore once they were on the ship. Instead, they felt quite cool.

"Long time no see, Shifter Emperor!"

Just as Jiang Feng was looking at the nine Lava Gigantos pulling the sand ship, someone appeared right next to him.

"Qiu Si! Why are you here?" Jiang Feng looked at him in shock.

Indeed, it was the previous Inheritor of the Divines, Qiu Si.

After he had passed on his position as the Inheritor of the Divines to Xuanyuan Qi, he had not appeared in the limelight for a long time. He had become very inconspicuous.

Even now he was merely wearing something plain. From the warm smile that he had on his face, it seemed that after putting down his responsibility as the Inheritor of the Divines, he had become much more relaxed.

Qiu Si then gave Jiang Feng a bitter smile and said, "It is all because of you. Everyone thought that there were going to be some powerful treasures down here, and we all jumped in. While I am keeping a low-profile, I am still quite interested in treasures!"

Jiang Feng smiled as he shook his head. "You cannot pin that blame on me. There are plenty of treasures down in the Bottomless Pit, but I only found out once I jumped in. Of course, these treasures arent my final aim."

"The Bottomless Pit is not so simple! " Qiu Si nodded and sighed.

"Indeed. The Bottomless Pit must be hiding some great secrets. Otherwise, there wouldnt be so many elites coming to this place."

"From what the Efreet had said, we can deduce that all those that left here would become someone important in history. Shifter Emperor, do you want to take on a bet?"

"What bet?"

"Lets bet on who can escape this place earlier. If I win, you can give me a Golem. If I lose, I will give you a big surprise. It is definitely worth more than a Golem!"


While Jiang Feng did not know what kind of surprise Qiu Si had in store for him, he knew that Qiu Si meant what he said. That meant that Qiu Si had something that was extremely attractive to him. That was why he had agreed to him about the bet.

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