Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 567

Chapter 567 : The Yin Yang Lake

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As he stood next to Qiu Si, he took a glance at Qiu Sis stats. His eyes narrowed, hiding a glint of surprise within them.

Qiu Sis stats were similar to his.

At this stage, few players had stats that could compare to his.

That meant that after removing his status as the Inheritor of the Divines, Qiu Si had become even stronger.

With his current stats, he could definitely kill Xuanyuan Qi.

It seemed that he was truly not suitable to be the Inheritor of the Divines. He was quiet and peaceful in temperament, and he was lacking the domineering and calculative personality required to fight for anything.

All Qiu Si did in the past was because of Shenye as well as the responsibility that was placed on him.

Now that he had let all that go, he has become much more free and easy, he is able to enjoy himself more as well. Without those chains, he is able to enjoy being within the game, and he has been given even greater opportunities. That is how he has become even stronger, Jiang Feng thought to himself as he looked at Qiu Si.

"Have you ever thought of putting down all that burden on you?" Qiu Si asked Jiang Feng.

"Can I put them down?"

"I will keep the wine warm and wait for you!"

"You dont hate me?"

"No. Its all because of the big families. You understand!

He had killed Baili Shenye, and he was Qiu Sis cousin. He had never thought that Qiu Si would be so open-minded about it.

But once he had given it some thought, he knew. A large faction such as the Baili family would have its own internal strife.

Perhaps after Baili Shenyes death and his attack on Baili Yuanqin, it would allow Qiu Sis father to be the Baili familys patriarch, and he would get even bigger benefits out of it.

That meant that he might even be thankful to Jiang Feng, and he could not exactly hate him.

As they stood on the ships forward deck, Xuanyuan Qi looked at him and Qiu Si with a frown.

He said as he ground his teeth, "Damn it. Why is Qiu Si suddenly walking so closely with the Shifter Emperor? Is it possible that he has joined the Shifter Emperor?"


Tianzi City, Silvermoon.

Shi Long stood next to King Zhou and asked with a bow, "Your Majesty. According to our intelligence report, many of those from the Divines Nation and Infernal Nation, as well as the Shifter Emperor himself have descended into the Bottomless Pit. Should we send others to follow them?"

King Zhou had Su Daji and Su Ningxiang in his arms as he let out a cold smile. "No need to pay them any attention. The more of them that have entered, the better. In that case, they would not be able to leave anytime soon. Once the Shifters Nation, the Divines Nation, the Infernals Nation, and the Angels Nation have reached 50% completion, we will force an invasion and destroy all four nations! I will not allow anyone to compete with me for the domination of this world!"

After becoming the ruler of Silvermoon, he had been given some system privileges.

Forcing the invasion of a nation was one of those privileges.

In reality, there were a number of nations being built before this. However, the nations had only been built halfway before they were destroyed by King Zhou in one fell swoop when they were still quite lax.

This time, he was going to use the same way to take down the four nations so that he could continue to rule over Silvermoon.


Within the desert in the Bottomless Pit.

Under the guidance of the Efreet, Jiang Feng and the rest had finally reached their destination.

There was a lake in the middle of the desert.

The desert was separated into Yin and Yang. Its Yin side had a layer of ice. Its Yang side kept on burning as if the water was made of fire.

Those who stood around the lake would feel wintry cold in one moment and scorching heat the next.

The switch between these two was quite rapid, causing those who were weaker among the 300 to be tortured mentally as their Sacred Health kept on dropping. Very quickly, only about a hundred out of the three hundred were still alive.

Most of the others had died after losing too much health.

Those who were still alive were those who had plenty of pills to recover health or equipment that were resistant to cold and heat.

There were also those who were able to completely resist the cold and the heat, and they were Jiang Feng, Qiu Si, Xuanyuan Qi, and another five players that he did not know.

The Efreet pointed at the lake in front of him and said, "This is the Yin-Yang Lake. There is a special place underneath the layer of ice, and only you can enter. Help me destroy the blue-colored ice crystal within. Each of the crystals contain Space Crystal Cores. Whoever comes out alive, show me the number of Space Crystal Cores that you possess. The more Space Crystal Cores you have, the more rewards I will bestow upon you!"

"Impossible! It is already very difficult for us to block the cold and heat on the outside. If we jump in, we are simply committing suicide!" A player said.

"Worry not. I will open a path for you and guarantee that all of you can enter. However, it is up to you if you will survive or die inside!" The Efreet said.

"Alright, open up the path!" The other players wanted to say something, but Jiang Feng did not give them the chance to speak and immediately agreed to it.

Each blue ice crystal would have a Space Crystal Core within it. The Space Crystal Cores were incredibly alluring to him, and he did not want to miss such a chance.

With the Ghost-White Heavenly Ice-Fire, he could ignore both cold and fire.

"Very well!" Efreet nodded with a smile and then stroked his finger toward the direction of the Yin side of the Yin-Yang Lake.


In the next moment, the ice layer cracked open and a roundish passage appeared.

Jiang Feng did not hesitate and immediately jumped in.

The reason that he was in such a rush was because of the Space Crystal Cores. He did not care about the Efreets rewards.

He only hoped that there would be more blue ice crystals within it. The more, the better.

As long as there were enough blue ice crystals, he would be able to obtain even more space crystal cores. If that was the case, he might be able to learn even more Space skills. Perhaps, he could even learn the Space Tunnel skill.

After he jumped into the passage, he quickly used the Ghost-White Heavenly Ice-Fire to surround himself.

He descended for dozens of seconds before landing in a chamber that was unimaginably cold.

The chamber was extremely dark, and it was extremely vast. There was a diamond-shaped blue crystal around eight meters tall every thousand meters or so. And next to each of them was a Giant Abyssal Catfish acting as their guardians.

"Hm? I didnt expect Giant Abyssal Catfishes to be in this place! Im going to get rich this time!"

When he saw that, Jiang Feng was very happy as he took out the Lianyao Flask and quickly headed toward a Giant Abyssal Catfish.

He had only killed around 18 Giant Abyssal Catfishes before dawn came last night, and they had all disappeared afterward. He had not killed enough of them just yet.

In this chamber, the Giant Abyssal Catfishes were everywhere. And there were blue crystals everywhere as well.

And these Giant Abyssal Catfishes and blue crystals would not disappear.

If he wanted, he could keep on killing them and increase his Laws of Space.

Using the Lianyao Flask, as soon as he could enter the mouth of a Giant Abyssal Catfish, he could do what he did yesterday, trying to learn any Space Skills within their heads and then killing them off.

Very quickly, he had already killed a Giant Abyssal Catfish, swallowing a Space Crystal Core. He then attacked the blue ice crystal next to the Giant Abyssal Catfish.

The blue crystal had around 10,000,000 Sacred Health.

However, he had quickly shattered his first blue ice crystal using his Deicide. Soon, a red Space Crystal Core was dropped from inside.

Space Crystal Core: Gain 50 slivers of the Laws of Space after consuming it.

"This is great!" Jiang Feng let out an excited smile after he had eaten the red Space Crystal Core, and then headed straight to the next Giant Abyssal Catfish.

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