Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 1442

Chapter 1441 : A Sword That Splits Everything

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Ever since a long time ago, incantation speed, speed of release, as well as range of magic had been the three essential factors of a Magician.

As a God-grade BOSS, Nephis was one of the highest existences in the game so she was naturally able to incant and execute any spells in an instant.

Even if this was the case, there was still a vast difference in the speed of magic release.

Not every magic skill could be instantly released like the [Death Ray]. For example, a single-target skill like fireball was a relatively slow magic. While ordinary players were able to execute it, the probability of striking their target is incredibly pathetic.

This was the same even for a God-grade BOSS like Nephis. The majority of her magic skills needed time to be unleashed.

Therefore, the range of magic became a key factor.

If a target was too far away, it became easier to avoid the magic skills. However, it was even more depressing to have someone like Wang Yu being this close to him.

If it was any ordinary player, Nephis was naturally not going to be worried. However, was Wang Yu an ordinary player? This fellas attacks were continuous and persistent such that the slightest of mistake was enough for him to take advantage.

As a magic-type BOSS, Nephis was clearly not going to be able to oppress Wang Yu in such close proximity. In the face of Wang Yus attack, many of the skills were disrupted even before they could be unleashed.

In fact, Nephis was starting to regret her decision to fight so closely with this fella. She made things awkward for herself in a manner that she wasnt even able to execute any of her magic skills which she was most proficient in.

Just when Nephis was getting depressed, Wang Yu actually flew up into the sky just to avoid the [Flaming Tornado].

To a Magician, there wouldnt be a difference in the flat surface distance and vertical distance if they were able to attain perfect execution space.

Now that all three essential factors were satisfied, Nephis was finally able to fully release her skills.

When Wang Yu saw this from above, he also knew that he had made a mistake by opening up the distance between himself and Nephis.


Looking at the sky full of fireballs surrounding Wang Yu, Nephis couldnt help but smile pridefully. She grasped her right fist tightly before shouting, "[Exploding Stars]!"

At this time, a sky filled with fireballs flew towards Wang Yu from all directions like meteors.

This [Exploding Stars] was essentially a one-time summoning of countless fireballs towards the opponent.

Even though fireballs were not considered a powerful magic skill, it was an entirely different story if Nephis was the one executing it. Moreover, there were over 60 to 70 fireballs flying towards Wang Yu. Even if this was an ordinary player, releasing 60 to 70 fireballs should be enough to trouble Wang Yu severely.

"Boom boom boom boom!"

Wang Yu was submerged by a skyful of fireballs as a series of explosions could be heard.

Hearing the explosion of her skill, Nephis stood there looking extremely proud of herself, "Tsk! Merely a slightly stronger ant! In front of a true god"


Just when Nephis was feeling proud of herself, she heard a peculiar sound.


Hearing that sound, Nephis subconsciously lifted her head to realise that there was a golden protective shield at where Wang Yu was at earlier. It was enough to disperse the multiple fireballs.

"Eh? Spirit Guard?!"

The monitoring crew watching the fight all looked surprised.

This kid was truly a difficult figure to deal with. To think that he still had a skill like the [Spirit Guard].

But it shouldnt matter because Wang Yu was still the same distance away from Nephis. Even with his [Spirit Guard] to protect himself, he was merely delaying his death by three seconds.

Evidently, this was what Nephis thought.


Nephis smiled faintly when she saw that her magic skill was deflected. "A truly irritating fella."

"The same can be said of you!"

Wang Yu responded cheekily before flying towards Nephis.

"So what?"

Nephis jumped several metres back before pointing her finger at Wang Yu again, "How many more of those skills do you have?"

Following which, Nephis once again started executing her [Exploding Stars].

"Swish swish swish swish!"

Countless fireballs flew out from Nephis palm towards Wang Yus body.

Wang Yu remained calm as he wielded his long sword in his right hand. With a flip of his left hand, a short sword appeared as he charged towards Nephis fireballs.

"Is is he going to give up by killing himself like that?"

The bald man couldnt comprehend Wang Yus actions. Given his speed and coordination, he should be able to dodge this wave of fireballs if he flew backwards. So why did he seek his own death by charging forward?

The next scene opened the eyes of everyone watching this fight.

When Nephis fireballs were less than two metres away from Wang Yu, Wang Yus left hand protected himself while he thrust his sword forward and started swinging it in all directions. He managed to hit all of the fireballs accurately.

Fireballs were like icicles which would explode upon contact.

"Boom boom boom boom"

Multiple fireballs exploded in front of Wang Yu.

Even so, Wang Yu did not stop moving or even slow down as the explosions continued.


The monitoring crew could no longer sit still or maintain their cool. Even the older workers who had witnessed Wang Yus methods couldnt believe what they saw.

One must know that under ordinary circumstances, there were only two ways to deal with a skill like [Exploding Stars]. The first was to use a shield or some protective item to block or the second was to use enough speed to dodge these fireballs.

However, Wang Yu defied all odds and did neither. Instead, he relied on a sword to physically disrupt all these many fireballs

Forget <>, actions like this were unheard of even in the entire history of gaming.

"Too too disgusting This fella is way too disgusting."

The monitoring crew could no longer find words to describe Wang Yus mightiness. Wang Yu was probably the first player to frighten an entire monitoring crew in this manner.

This was especially true for the bald man who was standing right in front of the screen. He was completely dumbfounded by what Wang Yu did but in a good way and immediately declared himself as his fan. He was indeed a young man, filled with enthusiasm and love for the game so his reaction was understandable.

Wang Yus speed did not reduce because of the fireballs as he made it in front of Nephis after surging through the dense fireballs.


Seeing how Wang Yu broke through her own skill, Nephis squinted her eyes in shock as she hurriedly retracted her right hand, "Retract!"

Following Nephis order, those fireballs which were not exploded by Wang Yu instantly flew back from all directions towards Wang Yus body.

In the face of the incoming fireballs, Wang Yu swung his sword and released a massive sword radiance.

The fireballs flying towards Wang Yu were extremely dense so the sword radiance managed to split all the fireballs. At the same time, Wang Yu started swinging his short sword to explode all the fireballs coming at him in a peculiar angle.

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