Murim Recurve RECURVE Chapter 40

Chapter 40

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Burmat Re'Shi sat within the courtyard, gazing at the open lawn outside, watching the rain slowly trickle down until it stopped. The barely lit surroundings brightened a little after that, soon reducing in intensity as it seemed to rain again. His dazed state numbed as he expressed a longing to venture out.

His hands shivered as he pushed the wheels of his wheelchair, moving forward at a slow pace. The moment he ventured out into the lawn, a maid hurriedly ran towards him, shouting, "Master, you'll harm yourself if you get drenched now."

"The rain has stopped," Burmat Re'Shi said, showing no intentions to stop, his gaze stubborn, "I wish to take a stroll now."

"Please wait a moment, Master." The maid hurriedly bowed and sprinted towards a nearby cottage, finding a servant that she found familiar, "Master Re'Shi wants to take a stroll. Ask Lady Re'Kya if he is allowed to do so."

"Give me a moment," The servant paced through a corridor that connected to another house, moving over an arched bridge under which a canal flowed. Corridors made the paths that connected one house to another, creating a roofed structure to walk without getting drenched.

The servant didn't sprint through the corridor, for that was considered rude by the masters of the household, only walking at the maximum pace she could muster. She arrived before the entrance to a house, prostrating at the entrance, "I wish to convey a message regarding Master Re'Shi."

"Come in," A young voice echoed out; the servant opened the door and entered, her head facing the ground. She then heard a feminine voice suffusing with authority ring out, "Raise your head and speak."

Only then did the servant dare to raise her head, gazing at the lady before her. Standing on her right was a girl bearing resemblance to the lady, her expression poised with arrogance. "What does he want now?"

"Manners, Re'Fia. He's still the successor to the Clan." Burkurel Re'Kya chided, gazing at the servant, motioning her to speak.

The servant cupped her fist as she stated, "The maid of Master Re'Shi said he wishes to take a stroll outside. She wishes to seek your permission."

"Permission granted; ensure he remains unharmed." Burmat Re'Kya waved her hand casually, dismissing the servant. The servant bowed before exiting the house, closing the door on her exit, careful to move it slowly, unwilling to offend the two inside.

She then returned and relayed the message to the maid. On hearing that she was granted permission, the maid cursed, "Why do I have to do such a troublesome thing."

She grumbled as she swiftly returned to the courtyard of Burmat Re'Shi, watching him reach the exit. "Master, please wait. Let me fetch you an umbrella." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https://www.wuxiaworld/book/murim-recurve_19768904005185905/a-throw-into-the-moat_53557141948127804">www.wuxiaworld/book/murim-recurve_19768904005185905/a-throw-into-the-moat_53557141948127804</a> for visiting.

Burmat Re'Shi didn't seem to have heard her shout, slowly moving through a corridor, watching the canals situated on both the sides. Every Clan with the prefix 'Re' styled their Clan with a lot of water amidst, forming arching bridges and island-formatted houses and roofed corridors with decorated pillars connecting everything.

It was to stay in touch with the element they wielded. Burmat Re'Shi let out a wry smile as he gazed at the fishes swimming within them. Swimming amidst them was a beast the Clan heavily nurtured, for it generated them a beneficial environment.

Burmat Re'Shi arrived before an arched bridge, feeling some difficulty in move over it, thanks to its inclined slope. The maid arrived on time, holding an umbrella that she attached to the backrest of his wheelchair.

She then held the handle at the top, pushing the wheelchair, "Master, please allow me to help you."

Burmat Re'Shi nodded, not commenting on the matter. "Head to the Clan gate, the southern one."

"But" The maid hadn't obtained permission to take him that far, unsure of the way to reject his choice.

Burmat Re'Shi looked at her, his eyes turning sharp for a moment, "Did you just refute me?"

"No master, no, I was about to say," The maid waved her hands in a fluster, panicking for a moment, thinking of the way to continue her previous statement, "But, can your body handle such a long travel?"

"Heh," Burmat Re'Shi snorted, shaking his head, not pressing forth on the matter, "It's not far. It takes less than fifty breaths from here."

'If it rains and his injuries worsen, I might lose my head.' The maid screamed internally, 'Why can't you make my life easier, you cripple?'

The maid continued to push the wheelchair, not wishing to talk further. She gazed at the sky, noticing that it was about to rain soon. She then gazed at the Tikka jewellery on his forehead, seeing the glow on the embedded gem, 'He's already losing his talent as a Harmoniser. He's worse than a cripple now. At least, a Harmoniser cripple could still defend himself.'

They reached the southern gate of the Clan that lead them into the outskirts of their city, Burmat City. The soldiers stationed at the gates barred them exit, "Please show us your permission to leave through this gate."

"I'm taking a stroll. My mother should have known about it by now. So, move aside." Burmat Re'Shi waved his hand, his face turning stoic. The soldiers stationed at the gates glanced at the faces of each other, noticing the troubled expression each held.

They then gazed at Burmat Re'Shi, cupping their fists as they bowed, "Sir, we would lose our heads if anything happened to you."

"I'll be within your reach," Burmat Re'Shi said, motioning the maid to push his wheelchair. After a moment of hesitation, the maid pushed him through the exit, resigning herself to her fate. There existed a drawbridge over a moat that separated the city from the land. The moment the maid pushed his wheelchair over the moat, it started to rain again. "Master, we should return."

She had just spoken when thunder rumbled, while lightning flashed, causing her to instinctively close her eyes. Even the two soldiers paying attention to him closed their eyes to avoid turning blind.

Burmat Re'Shi smiled, waving his hand as he condensed blue radiance over it, shaping it into a sphere before throwing it over the drawbridgeinto the moat. The sound of the thunder masked the sound it made while splashing into the water while the lightning prevented anyone from witnessing his action.

Burmat Re'Shi commented after a moment, taking in a deep breath, "You're right, we should return."

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