My 100 Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 749

Chapter 749 Third Young Master Ye Was Interrupted At A Critical Moment Iv

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"Its okay to let the Gu family be happy for a few days, but I cant let my woman suffer." The corners of Third Young Master Yes lips faintly curled into a sneer.

He could not bear to let his woman suffer even the slightest bit of injustice. What was that Gu Nan?

Third Young Master Ye suddenly took out his phone and dialed it. "Didnt you say last time that Gu Nan had a deal with you in private? Send all the evidence to the army."

His woman, no matter what, she must not be controlled by others.

"Boss, this is not in accordance with the rules of our Hells Palace." The Fly was stunned. Their Hells Palace had always guaranteed that they would never reveal any information or information about their guests, and now Boss actually wanted him to hand over evidence of the deal?

"Who set the rules?" The corners of Ye Lanchens brows raised up slightly, that overbearing arrogance was absolutely boundless.

"It was you who set the rules." The Flys lips twitched violently. was there even a need to ask? These rules were set by the boss himself.

"So, are there any more questions?" Ye Lanchens gentle voice was enough to make ones heart tremble.

"No more questions." The Fly secretly swallowed his saliva. You are the boss, the most powerful. Whatever you say must be followed. What else could he say?

"Remember to hand it over to Chief He." Ye Lanchen instructed. If it was handed over to the Gu family, it would definitely be suppressed. If it was handed over to Tang Yuncheng, he was afraid that it would be exposed. Chief He was a neutral and upright person. He was the most suitable candidate.

"Is this the standard of someone who wants a kingdom but not a beauty?" Mr. Lei He stood beside him. Although he did not hear the entire conversation, he could guess what was going on.

Third Young Master Ye glanced at him and the corners of his lips curled up slightly. He said with a smile that was not a smile, "I can tolerate other things. Except for bullying my wife. If I have to tolerate that, am I still a man?"

"Tsk, after so many years, I have never seen you really tolerate anything." Lei Hes lips twitched. He spoke as if he, Ye Lanchen, had ever tolerated anything.

"Your mother said that youre a good child, a good child. I think that in this world, other than your mother, no one would think that you, Third Young Master Ye, are a good child." Lei He added slowly, but there was a faint smile on his face.

"How is Mother recently?" Third Young Master Yes expression was obviously more restrained, and there was a hint of complexity in his eyes.

"Dont worry, shes fine. Ill take care of her." When Lei He said this, there was a smile on his face, and his voice was extremely gentle.

"How many years has it been? Why havent you made any progress at all?" After hearing Lei Hes words and seeing Lei Hes expression, Third Young Master Ye believed in him. He believed that Lei He was really good to his mother. Since that was the case, the two of them should be together in a proper manner.

As long as he was truly good to his mother, he would not object.

"Back then, your mother was hurt too deeply. She had always been afraid of and ostracized by men. However, after so many years, she has already gotten used to my existence and no longer ostracizes me. I am already satisfied and dont dare to hope for anything else." At this moment, Lei Hes face was filled with heartache, it was also filled with happiness and satisfaction.

He had protected her for a full fifteen years before she finally got used to him and no longer ostracized him.

He was afraid that if he really proposed to her, she would shrink back again.

The incident back then had hurt her too deeply. It was so deep that it would be difficult for any other woman to walk out of that shadow. She had already worked very hard.

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