My Ceo Harem Cultivation System Chapter 39

Chapter 39: The Secretary's Midnight Fantasy

Regrets. What-ifs.

Ying Yue He stared at the ceiling above her head and hugged the pillow pressed against her chest. Her blankets were warm, toast and snug but sleep evaded her. "Haah" She sighed softly and pressed a hand to her cheek. She tried to forget the scene that continued to replay itself needlessly in her mind for the past hour or so. It was a losing battle.

She couldn't stop thinking about him.

What would have transpired if she had taken a leap of courage and kissed him then and there? Ying Yue He didn't know, but her mind continued to fill in her on what might have developed. If she had taken that one step forward and didn't hold back, it could have been the perfect moment.

It really was the most opportune of times.

He had been simply standing over there, insisting that he took her home. And though the expressions on his face tended not to shift that much, he was always an epitome of a poker face, there had been some insistence on his part back then.

She should have taken a chance.

Ying Yue He had already tiptoed on the spot and prepared herself for it. She looked up at his face and then chickened out, she should have kissed him

And there was a likely chance that he might have reciprocated.

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The night sky was a black canopy over them dotted with little bright lights of brilliance, the cold breeze blew across the street and tickled her nose with a frosty chill. Her gaze was on him alone and he had stood there right in front of her. Looking back at her, waiting for her to accept his offer to drive her home.

"It's not a bother for me to take you home." He had said it. His brows furrowed overnot exactly sure why she was not saying yes.

If she had tiptoed up back then and kissed himhe might really have returned it.

Shock coursed through his face, freezing the man for a moment, but he didn't push her back. And then he did the complete opposite. His thumb brushed over her cheek and he pulled her in further to him, deepening the kiss. Soft, warm lips that assertively met hers, along with a hot and wet brush of his tongue.

One shaky gasp and that was all the invitation he needed to invade her mouth, brushing past her teeth and then meeting her tongue with his and pulling it to his. He began to toy with her, sucking her tongue in his mouth as his other hand rested against her back. His fingers traced circles against the small press in her back, tugging dangerously low to her backside.

The sensation fogged her mind and sparked her senses at the same time.

She pulled back away from him after a minute, a heat scorching her face at the flushed feeling of her lips and the trail of saliva that came with it. "I you don't have to take me home, Mister Li." She scratched her cheek. The heat was prickling her stomach when she looked at him. "But if you insist, would you like me to take you there?"

He would blink for a moment.

She was confusing, saying one thing and meaning the otherbut this time, a chuckle would escape his lips and he'd give her a funny look but nod, "I'm not entirely sure what's the difference between me driving you home and you taking me there is, but alright."

And she knew it was a stupid ideabut she was drunk on the idea of it, and she would go for it. She'd grab his wrist and drag him there, the two of them could have taken his car, but her nerves sparked and sizzled at the idea and he went along with it.

He perhaps had an idea Of course he knew what she meant, but he let her drag him along.

Once or twice, she'd stop and look down at her hand and find that she had truly captured the man's wrist in her hand, and she'd raise her head and see that she really had him with her. She wasn't dreaming or had mistaken him for another man. She didn't really know what to think, her palms were sweaty but she refused to let him go.

He raised a brow, "What's the matter, Miss He? I'm not going anywhere with you holding me like this."

A pout crossed on her lips, "I know that."

This was a stupid ideabut then she'd see the look on his face. A certain light in his eyes, a small smile tugged on his lips that showed a certain hint of resigned fondness there. He did like her, he truly did because he wouldn't have agreed if he didn'tand so she tugged her to him, well tried to do it, and he'd end up walking to her at his own volition.

And then she'd kiss him under the light of the street post.

It was another kiss, twice now, interrupting their own journey, but the destination didn't matter that much as it did the tripexcept for the heat that continued to course through her. She squeezed her thighs together, longing for more friction. She wished that the two of them were already at her homethey should have done it in his car, shouldn't they?

Was it too late?

He brushed his tongue over her lips, once again. Entangling her with one touch. She tried her hardest to pull away and cough. She didn't want to be the one saying it but it had to be said. "I think we should hurry it up, Mister Li. We don't have all night."

"I actually think we can make room for that."


A red flush was apparent on the woman's face, even as she stared at the ceiling above her. Her pillow already lay forsaken at the side as she had one hand on her chest, mindlessly squeezing one breast with a soft sigh. Her other hand trailed down her abdomen, and she was soon toying with the waistband of her shorts.

Ying Yue He kicked off her blankets.

She tugged the waistband down and ran her fingers over the soft fabric of her panties, moving past the damp spot in the middle. Her lights were already shut and only moonlight spilled in from her window, displaying her bare legs and white cotton underwear.

Another soft sigh escaped her lips as she squeezed her breast harder. "I mean...I should have worn something more silky or lacy if I was going to do something, you know? Black? Red?"

Her thoughts now well, it only made her cheeks heat more. Fantasizing too much about her boss was weird? Too much? "I popped in a mint after I ate too, but it would also be iffy to kiss him when we finished dinner and Mou Gu ogling at the windowbesides he's probably the fussy type that would want me to brush, floss and gargle before we even actually kiss."

Not that there was anything bad with it at allsqueaky and fresh, she'd love that.

And it was enough reason for her to not make a move. She coughed once and he wanted her to get a maskher made up scenario in her head would have never come true. But it didn't mind that stopped her at all, did it? Her fingers slid down underneath the taut fabric, slithering against her skin as her toes curled. A small jolt came when her still-cold fingertips brushed with her clit. "I mean, those kinds of stuff you have to think along with endangering your professional relationship with him, idiot."

Turned on and frustrated.

Ying Yue He was going to have a long nightnot too long after, a strong rain showered down from the heavens.

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