My Disciples Are All Villains Chapter 684

Chapter 683 Unavoidable

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Zhu Honggong felt awkward. Shouldnt both of you decide? Why do I suddenly have to decide?

"Old Eighth, hows your cultivation base?" Lu Zhou asked.

"Three-leaf" Zhu Honggong replied sheepishly.

"Thats not worth a mention in the Evil Sky Pavilion, but for the people outside, being able to recultivate to the Three-leaf stage is a commendable feat. If you leave, Im afraid that youll be missing out on a bright future. If you stay in the Evil Sky Pavilion, your future achievements wont be inferior to mine," Lu Zhou slowly said, "Think carefully about this. I wont stop you."

Zhu Tianyuan. "???" Why did this statement sound a little wrong? Were they not going to let his son decide for himself?

Upon hearing this, Zhu Honggong said, "Master, I dont have a big ambition. All I want is to live a stable and uneventful life."

"Now that the beasts are invading, and the humans racing to sever their lotuses, its going to a survival of the fittest. I can understand your wish of wanting to lead a stable life, but do you have the ability to do that?" Lu Zhou asked.

"" Zhu Honggong had no way to refute his masters words. Even when he left the Evil Sky Pavilion in the past, he had relied on Si Wuya and Yu Zhenghai to live a peaceful life. How could he manage on his own?

When Lu Zhou saw Zhu Honggong keeping quiet, he said, "Thats all I have to say. You can make your choice."

There was a heavy meaning behind Lu Zhous words that was not lost on Zhu Honggong. His master meaning was if he chose to leave, he would no longer be a disciple of the Evil Sky Pavilion.

Lu Zhou closed his eyes again as if nothing had happened. His expression was calm.

Zhu Tianyuan felt that something was amiss after listening to Lu Zhous words. It felt as though his son was being led astray.

Zhu Tianyuan was about to speak up when Zhu Honggong suddenly prostrated himself in front of Lu Zhou and said, "Master, Ive never thought about leaving the Evil Sky Pavilion."

Zhu Tianyuan. "???"

Was this person really his son? How could his son forget everything they discussed beforehand?

Lu Zhou nodded in satisfaction. He opened his eyes to look at the duo and said, "Naturally, Im happy that you chose to stay. As for the Ancient Saint Cult, its meaningless whether you inherit it or not."

"Brother Ji Indeed, the Ancient Saint Cult cant compare to the Evil Sky Pavilion, but but"

"No buts. Zhu Honggong has made his decision. Although youre his biological father, you should still respect his choice," Lu Zhou said.


Who says that Im not respecting his choice? This Zhu Tianyuan felt like crying.

"I respect my sons choice, but what will happen to my Ancient Saint Cult from now on? Should I hand it over to someone else?" Zhu Tianyuan was reluctant.

Zhu Honggong kowtowed at Zhu Tianyuan and said, "Im sorry, father. Im an unfilial son."

"You cant be blamed for this. I can only blame myself." Zhu Tianyuan shook his head and sighed.

Lu Zhou looked at Zhu Tianyuan and said, "Why are the others looking to take over your Ancient Saint Cult?"

"Theyre trying to seize the opportunity!"

"No The reason is youre too weak."


Being weak was the original cause. Those who fell behind would naturally be picked on. This was a truth that did not change since time immemorial.

"If Zhu Honggong returned with you, can he change the Ancient Saint Cults situation?" Lu Zhou asked.

If an Eight-leaf cultivator could not do anything, what could a Three-leaf cultivator do?

As though hit by a sudden realization, Zhu Tianyuan said, "Thank you for the reminder, Brother Ji My sights have been too narrow." He could just spread the news that his son was a disciple of the Evil Sky Pavilion. That way, nobody would look down on the Ancient Saint Cult!

Zhu Tianyuan smacked his thigh and exclaimed inwardly, Why didnt I think of this earlier?

"Thank you, Brother Ji. Youve enlightened me."

"Thatll be all."

The two of them left respectfully and closed the door behind them.

Lu Zhou continued trying the lucky draws.

"Lucky draw."

"Ding! Spent 50 merit points and 1 luck point. Obtained: Reversal Card x5."

Throughout the next month, Lu Zhou spent his waking hours cultivating and trying his luck at the lucky draws.

During the second month, Rongxi and Rongbei were attacked by beasts. The Other Tribes of Rongbei were powerless to fight back. They migrated elsewhere. The five nations of Rongxi formed another alliance to repel the beasts.

There were more locations in Great Yans nine provinces that were attacked by the beasts as well. Fortunately, the barriers in the human cities blocked most of the calamities.

At the same time, this pushed the efforts to improve the Formations in the Divine Capital. The human cultivators were working together as well.

Many cultivators of various sects voluntarily applied to join the two academies. Some of the sects requested to join the Evil Sky Pavilion as well in search of security. Yet, they were all turned away by the Evil Sky Pavilion.

In the eastern pavilion of the Evil Sky Pavilion.

"Master, thats the fifth sect today requesting to join the Evil Sky Pavilion. That sect has never joined the ten great sects in the past. Do you think" Mingshi Yin started to say.

Lu Zhou shook his head. "The quality of the troops is more important than the quantity."

"The Three Sects have sent emissaries as well. They wish to forge a good relationship with us. Theyre major sects."

"The Three Sects have many restrictions and an abundance of elites. Theyre in no short supply of allied forces, but the method to attain the Nine-leaf stage," Lu Zhou said.

Mingshi Yin nodded. "Understood."

"Tell the others that Im not to be disturbed tomorrow I feel dizzy," Lu Zhou said.

"Understood" Mingshi Yin was puzzled. How could his Nine-leaf master feel dizzy? However, he did dare to press and retreated obediently.

Lu Zhou checked the dashboard again.

Merit points: 22,893.

Throughout the past month, he did 400 lucky draws. How could he not feel dizzy?

However, he was satisfied with the results. He obtained 125 Reversal Cards, one Shining Stone, and three Refining Talismans.

He had 190 Reversal Cards now, but that was far from enough.

Generally, obtaining Reversal Cards through lucky draws was better than purchasing them directly.

He was in no hurry to earn the merit points He decided to attempt them before anything else. If he was lucky, he might get some grand prize.


In the Thousand Willow Monastery in the red lotus domain.

Like always, Yu Shangrong leaned against the railing and looked out at the forest.

"Big brother, these are the most powerful sects of Great Tang. However, the most popular ones lately are the Flying Star House and the Sky Martial Court. Theyre recruiting many disciples and have produced many talented cultivators," Ji Fengxing said.

"Did anything special happen lately?" Yu Shangrong asked.

"Not really. However Its said that a mysterious saber user has appeared in Wangyue City. Hes elusive, and an elite of Ninth Temple has been gravely injured by this saber user. I dont think that hell last long. I suspect that its the Flying Star Houses doing," Ji Fengxing said.

"A mysterious saber user?"

It was common knowledge that the Flying Star House and the Ninth Temple were on bad terms. The Flying Star House had been losing many of its numbers lately. It was only natural for them to shift and vent their anger on the Ninth Temple.

"The Flying Star House has sleeping dragons and crouching tigers. Its not surprising for them to have a saber user or two, but this saber user has a special characteristic" Ji Fengxing said with a smile, "Hes a saber user, but he carries a sword scabbard with him. Isnt that strange? Big brother, do all elites have some eccentric preference or something? Take you, for example, you like to use a rag to wrap your" He trailed off before he hastily added, "Brother, dont give me that look I was wrong!"

At this moment, a disciple came flying down the mountain. He stood outside the gazebo and said in a clear voice, "Ji Fengxing, Miss Wuwu, the elder has invited the two of you up the mountain for a talk."

Ji Fengxing was slightly taken aback. He hastily looked up and asked, "Why did he summon me? Im an external disciple!"

"Elder Tian has told you to bring the guest up the mountain. He wont accept a refusal."

Ji Fengxing was shocked. However, he knew they could not avoid this. He remembered Yu Shangrongs feat of cutting down four Flying Star House disciples in the past. With a slightly worried tone, he said, "Big brother, you should run for your life now. The Flying Star House will come and investigate the Thousand Willow Monastery sooner or later. I dont think well be able to escape this calamity."

Yu Shangrong seemed surprised. With a small hint of admiration, he asked, "Arent you afraid?"

"I am but what good would that do? Im not like you, big brother. I cant roam about unfettered with a sword," Ji Fengxing said with a sigh.

"Its just as you said, we wont be able to escape if its a reckoning. Theres no need to worry. Im right here." Yu Shangrong stepped out of the gazebo.

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