My Disciples Are All Villains Chapter 685

Chapter 684 The Saber User

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"Big brother We cant afford to offend the Flying Star House!" Ji Fengxing said with a bitter expression on his face.

Yu Shangrong stood outside the gazebo. He turned around and smiled faintly as he asked, "Why cant we?"

"The Flying Star House has two Nine-leaf cultivators. Also, the house master is mysterious and unfathomable. He doesnt show himself often. Ye Zhen is injured from killing the luan. Even so, nobody is bold enough to strike him!" Ji Fengxing said.

At this moment, Wuwu came flying back from a nearby rock. She landed near the gazebo and said, "Big brother, you mustnt go!"

"You think so too?"

"The people from the Flying Star House are here to investigate Lu Songs death. If they find out anything about this, you wont be able to escape Big brother, Ill bring you down the mountain." Wuwu said as she made her way to Yu Shangrongs side.

Yu Shangrong flashed a faint smile and said, "The little Flying Star House isnt enough to frighten me. If my master is here, even Ye Zhen will have to avoid him."

Ji Fengxing was shocked to hear this. He recalled Yu Shangrongs words. There were four types of swords. The commoners swords, the lords sword, the kings sword, and the swordless state of using everything as a sword. If the big brother was only using the lords sword How powerful was his master then? It was no wonder that big brother was this calm and composed. It seemed like he was never surprised by anything. He did not even think much of the Flying Star House. It seemed like he had a truly powerful supporter.

"Good! Ill go with you, big brother!" Ji Fengxing patted his chest.

Wuwu. ""

In the end, the trio flew up the Thousand Willow Mountain. When they were halfway up the mountain, where the sect buildings were, they descended slowly.

Two disciples were already waiting for them.

"This way."

Under the guidance of the Thousand Willow Monastery disciples, they passed through several side courts and arrived at the attendant hall of the sect.

When they entered the hall, Ji Fengxing hurried ahead and fell to one knee as he said, "Greetings, Elder Tian. The disciple, Ji Fengxing, greets you."

Tian Buji was one of the managing elders of the Thousand Willow Monastery. He oversaw many affairs and had a high status.

Wuwu did not kneel. Instead, she cupped her fists.

Yu Shangrong was the only one standing with his arms crossed with his back straight as he looked at Tian Buji.

To Tian Bujis left, there was a middle-aged man in Daoist robes. There were two Daoist apprentices standing behind him. One of them carried a horsetail whisk while the other carried a sword. The scabbard was adorned with the Taiji Eight Trigrams.

Tian Buji waved his hands and said, "This is the Flying Star Houses Daoist Master Xuan Ming. Arent you going to greet him?"

"Greetings, Daoist Master Xuan Ming," Ji Fengxing and Wuwu said in unison.

Yu Shangrong remained silent. He shifted his gaze from Tian Buji to the Flying Star Houses Xuan Ming. After some probing, he confirmed the person was a Nascent Divinity realm elite.

Tian Buji looked at Yu Shangrong. He was puzzled when he saw Yu Shangrong made no move to kneel or greet him.

Although the Thousand Willow Monastery was not as glorious as it was in the past, Tian Buji had a pair of discerning eyes when it came to recognizing talents. He could tell that this mans temperament was not cultivated overnight. Hence, he did not insist on the elaborate etiquette. Instead, he turned to Daoist Master Xuan Ming and said, "Wuwu is here. Daoist Master Xuan Ming, you can speak to her. If shes willing to go with you, I wont stop her."

Daoist Master Xuan Ming stole a glance at Yu Shangrong. He was not concerned about his attitude. Instead, he looked at Wuwu and smiled.

"Miss Wuwu, Elder Lu Song has made his intentions clear before this. The Flying Star House is recruiting talents. If youre willing to join the Flying Star House, Ill certainly recommend you to the house master to become his direct disciple. I wonder if"

Before he could finish, Wuwu interrupted him and said, "Im not going Ive told you many times before. You guys are so annoying."

Daoist Master Xuan Ming frowned at the direct refusal.

Tian Buji smiled brightly and said, "Im sorry Wuwu has made her stance clear. You should leave now, Daoist Master Xuan Ming."

Daoist Master Xuan Ming shook his head and said, "Well leave Miss Wuwus matters aside for now I have another objective for coming here. I hope you can give me an explanation, Elder Tian."

"Whats this about?"

"Elder Lu Songs life stone has shattered. Something happened to him. His three disciples were killed as well. It just so happens that we found their bodies near the Thousand Willow Mountain." A hint of hostility crept into Daoist Master Xuan Mings voice now.

Ji Fengxings eyes widened. He lowered his head, feeling uneasy. They found them?

"The disciples of the Flying Star House have runes inscribed on their bodies. Unless theyre completely shattered, we can find them even if theyre hidden at the ends of the world."

Tian Buji frowned and said, "Daoist Master Xuan Ming, are you suspecting us?"

Xuan Ming said, "The bodies are proof. With Elder Lu Songs cultivation base, how can you not notice such a huge commotion"

"I deeply regret Elder Lus passing, but this has nothing to do with the Thousand Willow Monastery. I hope youll investigate this properly, Daoist Master," Tian Buji said as he tried to suppress the anger welling up in his heart.

"Tian Buji I suspect youre the culprit" Xuan Ming raised his voice and said.

Although the Thousand Willow Monastery was not as glorious as it once was, Tian Buji was not someone who would let another person humiliate him. He retorted, "Thats a vicious lie!"

"The Flying Star House has always abided by the rules! Three of ours have died at your doorstep. How are you going to explain this?" Daoist Master Xuan Ming went on the offensive.

Both of them rose to their feet and glared at each other.

At this moment, Yu Shangrong, who had been silent all this while, said, "If I may have a word?"

Tian Buji and Daoist Master Xuan Ming looked at Yu Shangrong at the same time.

Daoist Master Xuan Ming said, "Who are you?"

Yu Shangrong said tonelessly, "My identity isnt important. Its true that the deaths of the three disciples of the Flying Star House have nothing to do with Thousand Willow Monastery."

"How do you know?"

"I witnessed it myself," Yu Shangrong replied.

"And Im supposed to take your word for it? Whos the culprit? Where is he now?" Daoist Master Xuan Ming demanded.

"Its just as you said Youll have to take my word for it."


Yu Shangrongs attitude, tone, and mannerism, all of them crushed Daoist Master Xuan Mings momentum.

"Since you know the culprit, I must ask you to come with me, sir." Daoist Master Xuan Ming stepped forward.

"My apologies." Yu Shangrongs tone flattened. However, it was still polite and humble. "I have no obligation to do that."

"That wasnt a request!" Daoist Master Xuan Ming turned around and drew his sword. The sword buzzed as it left the Taiji scabbard.

Alas, before he Xuang Ming could extend his hand out, Yu Shangrong had already drawn his sword at a far greater speed. From his left shoulder, he swung the sword to his right.


The swords clashed.

Yu Shangrong remained where he stood. His sword was sheathed again.

Daoist Master Xuan Ming did not expect Yu Shangrong to suddenly attack. He was caught off guard and staggered backward. When he finally regained his footing, he heard a crack The sword in his hand snapped and fell to the floor.

Yu Shangrong crossed his arms as though he did not move at all. He only looked at Xuan Ming indifferently. "If this happened in the past, I wouldve taken your life. However, I know its not easy for you to attain your current cultivation base. I hope that youll take care of yourself."

"You." Xuan Ming glared at Yu Shangrong. His sword arm was numb. He knew that he was up against an elite. He guessed that this was a helper invited by the Thousand Willow Monastery.

As the saying went, Revenge is a dish best served cold. The Flying Star House could wait; they were not in a hurry to see revenge, and they would bide their time.

With these thoughts in mind, Xuan Ming swallowed in indignance and said, "Elder Tian, the Thousand Willow Monastery is truly something. Were leaving."

A disciple picked up the broken blade.

Daoist Master Xuan Ming waved his sleeve and left.

"Farewell." Tian Buji cupped his fists.

When they left, Tian Buji slammed the table, "Theyre insufferable bullies!"

Ji Fengxing seemed worried. "What do we do now? Big brother The Flying Star House wont let this matter go!"

It was only now that Tian Buji studied Yu Shangrong. At the end of the day, the conflict between the Flying Star House and the Thousand Willow Monastery had nothing to do with this man. Even if Lu Song was not dead, this would still happen.

Tian Buji was about to thank Yu Shangrong when Yu Shangrong said, "Theres no need to worry."

"Big brother? How can we not worry?" Ji Fengxing was stunned speechless.

"He wont be going back."

Yu Shangrong looked at Tian Buji meaningfully before he vanished out of sight and appeared outside the hall. In another flash, he disappeared again.

Tian Buji immediately felt a chill run up his spine. His eyes widened as realization dawned on him. He hastily said, "Ji Fengxing, go and stop your big brother now!"



The Flying Star Houses Daoist Master Xuan Ming led his two disciples back.

After they passed the mountain. Daoist Master Xuan Ming could no longer hold it back. He was furious. "Preposterous! How dare Tian Buji humiliate me with outside help. Ill have him on his knees and begging for mercy next time!"

"Daoist Master, Tian Buji was rude. Clearly, he doesnt think much of the Flying Star House Making him kneel is too light of a punishment."

"That swordsman is incredible We should retreat for now. Well have our revenge some other day." Xuan Ming was filled with lingering fear when he remembered that sword.

"That sword is at least heaven-grade. There are exquisite red runes inscribed on it. Indeed, hes an elite."

Xuan Mings voice had barely faded when a figure appeared and blocked the trios path.

The person had a saber on the left side of his waist and a sword scabbard on the right. His hands were placed on his back. He looked at Daoist Master Xuan Ming and asked, "You met an elite swordsman?"

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