My Empress Is My Bad Girl Chapter 3805

Chapter 3807: I Am Lucky To Meet You

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"Your father is trying to save his son, changing one life for another. In fact, he has nothing to do with you. You really don't want to carry such a heavy burden."

"I shouldn't forget all this."

"It's okay to forget the pain. You see, after many years, you still remember it again. Does this mean that you have become strong enough to resist these pains?"

Hongluan shook his head and said nothing.

Indeed, time can heal everything.

Now even if she knows the truth, she is in pain, but she can no longer bear it.

She turned over and faced Jin Lan, took his hand, covering her face, feeling the warm breath from his palm, and whispered: "Jin Lan, I just remembered that I liked it so much. your."

Jin Lan couldn't help but her cheeks were slightly hot, and smiled low: "Really, you never told me."

"If I don't like you, how can I pass the letter to you privately, and let you sneak into my room by breaking the wall at night? Change to another man and discount his legs early."

"I'm so lucky."

"I am lucky to be able to meet you." Hongluan burst into tears, but smiled at the corners of her lips, "I owe you a lot for so many years. But you have been holding back not to tell me in order not to make me sad. You are so... Silly."

"You are a fool." Jin Lan touched her face, "I knew that there was a problem back then, but didn't ask me for help."

"My father's affairs are hard to have room for maneuver. I can no longer drag you down, drag the entire Jin family. Even if I look back now, I still don't regret the choice at that time."

"We don't think about the past."

"It's useless to think, father and the others can't survive."

Hong Luan let out a sigh of relief and smiled bitterly, "Look, when I was young, I didn't endure any suffering, and I lost my memory when I was stimulated by the tragic death of my relatives. After so many years, I have experienced a lot of things, knowing the impermanence of life, I will never again. That's so hypocritical."

Jin Lan smiled and said, "This is probably the gift that years have given us."

"Years only gave me a heavier body and wrinkles around my eyes."

"You don't have wrinkles, you are still the most beautiful woman in my heart."

When Jin Lan saw that she had been able to tell jokes, she felt relieved and happy.

Hong Luan said, "It's okay to hide it from me. Artai's temperament can't be concealed, and he has indeed grown up."

"After all, he is not often with you."

"Yes, for so many years, he has been running around with his mother. If he lives together, he will inevitably leak."

"Don't underestimate Artest, he is already a calm and reliable general."

"It's all my mother's teaching." Hongluan frowned. "But where is that child? Is he still alive?"

Jin Lan knew that she was asking about the boy born to Wu Liuer.

Jin Lan said: "The child is still alive."

"where is it?"

"I don't know. Artest took the child away and said that he was entrusted to a family to raise him. For so many years, he had never been to see him. I don't know what the child is like. Do you want to find that child?"

Hongluan was a little dazed, and then slowly shook his head: "It's better to stop it. Counting the time, he has grown up, and he has become a biological son if he wants to come, and he leads a normal life. Why should he disrupt his life. Artai did it. That's right."

When the accident happened, Artest was still a child under ten years old.

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