My Empress Is My Bad Girl Chapter 3906

Chapter 3908: Send your master off

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Shui Suizhu is just getting up, with a plain face, messy hair, casually put on a jacket, and a pair of shoes on her feet. No matter how she looks, she looks like a village woman who wakes up early in the country to cook and feed pigs.

Piansheng's face is beautiful again.

Not only does it not make people feel vulgar, but also a bit more lazy and charming.

She yawned, a teardrop dripped from the corner of her eye, and lazily complained: "Why did you come so early."

Infant: "...didn't you let me come here?"

"is it?"

She was completely forgotten.

The toddler was speechless for a while.

"It's all here, let's start." She yawned a few more times, "Did you bring Yi Jing Dan?"

"Brought one."

"Okay, eat it."

"... Just eat like this?"

"Otherwise? Are you planning to hold a celebration first?"

"I heard from Senior Brother Wang that the reaction would be a little big after taking this medicine."

Shui Suizhu sneered after hearing it, "Of course waste would think so."

The child frowned secretly.

This water is disgusting to talk with the bead.

She did not shy away from calling her son a trash, and even the disciples of martial arts high-powered students were trash in her eyes.

He was so arrogant that he could barely see any dust.

If it weren't for her to heal the master, she would definitely go back.

If the weak are all waste, then the water is just a waste in front of her.

However, these words can only be changed in her heart, and she has no courage to say them for the time being.

"Why don't you eat it yet?" Shui Suizhu looked at her.

The child didn't say anything, and put the Yijing Dan into his mouth.

The taste is slightly bitter, and it doesn't feel much after the stomach is eaten.

Shui Suizhu pointed her finger to a door of the room and said, "Now go in for a medicated bath, and come out at lunch time. Come see me again after lunch."

"Medicinal bath?" An unknown premonition rose in the child's heart.

Pushing open the wooden door and walking in, the oncoming smell told her unmistakably that it was her nightmare-Thirteen Grass.

She turned her head slowly and looked at Shuizuizhu who was sleepy and sleepy: "Do I still need to find you in the afternoon?"

"Huh?" Shui Suizhu looked at her.

"I finished the medicinal bath and went straight to the waterfall?"

"That's okay. It just so happens that I will sleep more."

Shui Suizhu said, then got up and left.

Leaving the baby alone, the mood is extremely complicated.

How could she have imagined that Shuizuizhu would treat her such a peerless genius in such a simple and rude way.

Is it because seeing Master uses this method, it works for her?

It's almost to be cheated to death.

Others only saw her as a genius who had been promoted to the third level in a day, but they did not understand the suffering she had suffered.

Could it be that in the next 30 days, every day, she would eat one Yijing Dan, then jump into a tub to soak in thirteen grasses for half a day, and then ran to the lower part of the waterfall, where she was slapped crazily for a long time?

Although it was a hot summer day, the toddler shivered violently.

"If you don't have the courage, just roll back to the Misty Peak, and wait to send it to your master." The sound of water and pearls came from afar, and it was sent to her ears.

The toddler is extremely angry.


Threaten an outsider with his own son's life?

Really think that she can conceal that little mess that is perfect?

If this Shuizuizhu is not a lunatic, it is a neurotic.

The child cursed in his heart. Thinking of what he had said to Zhang Lichen, he controlled the urge to kick the tub over, took off his coat, and soaked in.

Where did she think that she had just entered, and her whole body was suddenly on fire, and violent pain passed from the skin to the flesh and blood, and quickly invaded the bone marrow!

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