My Empress Is My Bad Girl Chapter 4078

Chapter 4080: Out of place

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"Didn't you say that my aunt and my mother look the same?"

"Mother is fat," Niuniu said.

Qianer helplessly: "This kid."

The infant looked at her: "How do you understand this for such a small child? There must be someone in the princess mansion who is chewing his tongue. Sister, don't be too bodhisattva. Your princess mansion should also be cleaned up."

Qian'er didn't speak, but his expression was not very good.

"Niuniu, go and eat snacks." The child told the maidservant to bring melon and fruit snacks and lead Niuniu to eat.

Niuniu got used to letting the maidservant take care of her, and obediently followed.

The toddler pulled her sister and asked, "How about your princess mansion?"

"Very good, in my princess mansion, what can you do?" Qian'er smiled. "There are so many people in the mansion, it is inevitable that there will be a few uncomfortable mouths. I will take care of them when I return."

"Is Li Zhongci good to you?"


"He doesn't dare to treat you badly." The toddler laughed, "However, Niuniu is already three years old, don't you plan to have another one?"

"I want to conceive another one, whether its a brother or a sister. Its good to be with Niuniu. However, I havent been pregnant for the past two years." Qian'er smiled, "Maybe the fate hasnt arrived, but Im sorry. Don't worry."

"I didn't ask the doctor Ouyang to check the pulse? It's okay to get it.

"I have this plan recently."

"Don't worry, even if you don't give birth, it's enough to have a Niuniu."

"I think so too."

The sisters' ideas about marriage, marriage and childbirth were all influenced by their mother's queen, so they were not persistent.

Because there was no meal in the Fengtian Hall, the queen ordered someone to bring a table of food. The sisters took Niuniu to eat some casually. In the afternoon, Li Zhongci, the husband and wife, came to pick it up in person.

After all, she is a married princess, so it's not easy to live in the palace all the time.

Qian'er told her younger sister to go to see her at the princess mansion, so she took Niuniu and resigned from Li Zhong.

The toddler got up for a nap and walked around in the palace. Everywhere he saw was a strange face, it was a little boring.

After all, it is the emperor's harem.

She is a bit out of place as an unmarried princess.

Although the little concubines respected her very much, she still felt bored, so she changed into neat clothes and rode out of the palace, thinking about going to the Hou Mansion first, and then to the Gu family.

She was walking slowly and unhurriedly on the road when she suddenly heard someone calling her from behind.


There is no need to answer, just listen to this unique title, and you will know Shui Yijun.

The toddler ignored it.

Shui Yijun hurried up on horseback and said with a smile: "Youyou, why don't you ignore me?"

"It turns out to be the champion scholar, I don't know what to advise?" the child said coldly.

Shui Yijun walked side by side with her, looking sideways at her: "Youyou are a little unhappy."


"Youyou are not dupliers."

The child walked in silence for a moment, and suddenly said, "I don't understand why you left without saying goodbye."

"I saved it for you..."

"I saw it, but there is no difference between leaving without saying goodbye." The child said coldly, "Why, are you afraid that I will keep you? Or are you worried that the elders of Piaoyun Village beg you to stay as the owner?"

Shui Yijun smiled and said, "I just want to surprise you."

"Funny, you are only a champion, what surprises I have."

"Well, I said the wrong thing."

Shui Yijun fell silent, followed her silently, and stopped talking.

This makes the child a little irritable, with his feet clamped between his horse's abdomen, and he whizzes out.

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