My Favorite Manly Husband Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Extra

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On the eighth day of May in the fifth year of Jianyuan, the emperor and empress were married and celebrated everywhere.

The sun was shining, the breeze was gentle, and magpies sang the willow shoots.

The guards with red ribbons tied around their waists lined up from the gate of the palace to the mound of worship to the heavens. Another imperial army was martialized on the street, clearing the road for the emperor to pass through. There were no hundreds of people on both sides of the road craned their necks to get a glimpse of the sky. Unfortunately, through the bright yellow veil, they could only vaguely see two young people wearing red auspicious clothes with straight waists sitting in it.

As Che Yu approached from far away, the people onlookers knelt down, and wherever they passed, the sound of knelt and worship sounded: "Long live my emperor, long live, long live!" "Queen empress, thousands of years, thousands of years!"

The queen empress in the car raised her white chin slightly, her eyes calmly looked at the black and crushed people who had knelt on the ground. She was dignified and self-sufficient, showing her national motherhood. But after passing the busy city and out of everyone's sight, the empress empress suddenly softened, shrugging her shoulders weakly like a withered flower.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Yu, who was sitting beside him without anger and prestige, had a little smile in his eyes, stretched out his hand to support his shoulder and let him be next to him. Su Qingze immediately stiffened, his face flushed slightly. He looked up, Zhao Yu's narrow black eyes met him softly.

"Just be patient." Zhao Yu stretched out his hand and stroked the dripping pregnant mole between his eyebrows, his cold voice was coaxing.

The wedding of the empress was originally extremely cumbersome. He also deliberately simplified a lot of unnecessary links on the grounds of laboring the people and hurting the wealth. But the young man began to bathe in incense and prepare for the wedding from the first three days. , Follow the steps of the big marriage step by step, and you have to carry it all the way, physically and mentally exhausted.

"Yeah." Su Qingze replied softly, leaning against him. The wedding gown is luxurious and heavy, and there is a luxurious accessory pressed down on him. Fortunately, he is not a woman, so he doesn't need to wear jewels all over his head like those maidens, otherwise he will really regret it!

The man next to him sits upright, calmly, thinking that he feels tired after only carrying it for a day, but the other person is like this every day, Su Qingze can't help asking: "Aren't you tired?"

Knowing what he meant, Zhao Yu smiled indifferently: "I'm used to it." When I get used to it, there is nothing to be tired of every day.

As the seventh son of the emperor, when his name was formally recorded on the jade, there was a special teacher who taught him his appearance, and he was extremely self-disciplined. After so many years, these rigid rules have penetrated into the soul, and then displayed in him. Is the perfect prince style, has now become the imperial authority of the emperor.

Su Qingze was taken aback, straightened up, pursed his lips and said: "You are the emperor, no one dares to care about you, you don't have to work so hard."

After thinking for a while, he said: "If you are not used to being so undisciplined in front of others, then just be in front of me, and I can rely on you." When he was young, Zhao Yu always stayed together. Very casual, that is, he wants to go up the tree to dig out the bird's nest, and Zhao Yu will also accompany him. Even if his clothes are dirty and his face is stained, Zhao Yu doesn't laugh, but he seems to be in a good mood.

"Okay." Zhao Yu raised his thin lips, gently squeezing his no longer fleshy cheeks. His soft, white and tender young boy has grown into a pliable and upright green bamboo, which can be supported by his shoulders.

Su Qingze poked the corner of his mouth with his hand: "You seem to be very happy?" He has been tossed by a group of people in the past few days and can't laugh. But Zhao Yu's mouth bends slightly from the moment he saw him in the palace, which is especially obvious now.

Grabbing his finger, Zhao Yu raised his eyebrows and asked in a low voice, "What do you mean?"

Su Qingze knew that he had asked a stupid question, especially Zhao Yu's eyes were very dangerous, so he shut up immediately.

Seeing him not speaking, Zhao Yu put the round fingertips of his hands on his lips and gnawed at them. Su Qingze's eyes widened in fright and hurriedly withdrew his hands. But Zhao Yu held onto him tightly, staring at him directly and asking, "Why didn't you call me like before?"

The two hadnt seen each other for more than a year. When the young man saw him for the first time in Beijing, he was so excited that he wanted to jump over. He just stood there and smiled at him slightly. Would you think that the youth will share with him?

Even if you don't want to call him by name, there are other names when you mention him to the palace. He is the emperor of Daqi, the emperor of civil and military officials, but he does not want to be someone else in his mouth.

Su Qingze lowered his eyes and said slowly: "My mother said that after entering the palace, he can't be so small or small."

Zhao Yu bit his finger hard and Su Qingze hissed in pain.

The man's eyes were heavy, Su Qingze held his scorching gaze and hummed dully: "I don't know what it is called." He didn't like calling the emperor, but he was warned against calling like that.

"A Heng is good."

Su Qingze shook his head: "At that time, I was young and ignorant. Just coax me. How can I be so casual now?" When he entered the palace on the first day, he asked the maid, has A Heng go down? The lady was stunned before realizing who he was asking. Later, a mother came to teach him the etiquette of the big wedding, the way for the future, and the way to serve the king. Although he was impatient, he was patient enough to satisfy the mother.

The mother said that Zhao Yu is the king first and your husband second. You have to respect him first and then love him. Love is nothing in front of the family and righteousness. Let him not take out the little daughters homework and stick it all day. Mush. In addition, he told him to remember that he represents the emperors face in time, and that he should take the emperor's priority and consider everything. He also said that the emperor is not young, let him be more tolerant and open the branches and leaves for the royal as soon as possible...

Hearing this, Zhao Yumei frowned slightly, and said with a serious face: "I didn't welcome you into the palace to let you be bound by these rules. You can do whatever you want without paying attention to others."

Su Qingze smiled: "Well, I didn't intend to listen to them, just..." It's just that the other party was sent by your mother, representing your mother's intentions. I am a newcomer and I can't save her face.

Zhao Yu frowned even more tightly: "Did the queen mother say something?"

Because she didn't marry the woman she liked into the palace according to the Queen Mother's will, the Queen Mother became very angry. Later, on the grounds of attending to illnesses, many married women and twins from the minister's family were recruited into the palace, so that he would meet some people who would do anything to get his attention every day. In his anger, he punished a lot of thoughtful minds with thunder, and even released the news. Through the occasion of his big wedding, if there are men and women or twins who see each other, they can ask him for the decree of marriage. The two-pronged approach, each family moved their minds, and the female twins did not dare to provoke him again.

The young man entered the palace and the Queen Mother had not called him once, and today he was married and the Queen Mother did not say anything.

But no expression is the biggest expression. She used this to tell everyone that she didn't like the queen.

But what does it matter? That is his queen!

"Don't care about her, don't care what she says." Zhao Yu's eyes were a little cold, "You are my queen, no one can care about you." When he was young, whether he was bullied and injured or starved and frozen. She had never cared about him or cared about him. She only mourned that Emperor Qi didn't see her every day, and hated the beauty of the high-ranking concubine, so she choked with self-pity on the mirror all day long. After he won the position with his last fight, she wanted to take care of him, and now she still wants to take care of his queen.

Thinking of the empress dowager's fingers tremblingly pointing at herself yelling at herself, the gloom in Zhao Yu's eyes was like a cloud of ink too thick to dissolve.

She scolded him, he endured it, but his queen did nothing wrong and didn't need to be angry with her...

Reaching out and rubbing his frowning eyebrows, Su Qingze said: "I know, I just ignore them, don't be angry."

Zhao Yu went over and kissed him lightly on the cheek: "If you don't know what it is, call it Zhao Yu. Call me my name."

"Only you can call."

The emperors name is taboo, and speaking directly is disrespectful, but what does it matter? Isnt the name just given to others? If his queen can't call, who is qualified?

Su Qingze's eyes lit up: "Can you?"

"I'm the emperor, so I can just say yes."

Su Qingze looked straight at him: "Zhao Yu?"


"Zhao Yu?"


"Zhao Yu, Zhao Yu, Zhao Yu..."

Zhao Yu answered him tirelessly, seeing that he was still screaming, and simply blocked his mouth.

The youth's eyes shone brightly with excitement, and his cautious figure was reflected in it. Zhao Yu sighed in his heart, and hugged him fiercely.

From now on, this person is his own, he can see and touch anytime, anywhere, no longer need to imagine his smiling eyebrows from the words on the letter paper, imitating the cheerful tone of his heart...

Su Qingze's eyebrows were smiling. With this Zhao Yu shouting out, it is estimated that some people say that he is arrogant. But so what? If he can't rely on favor and arrogance, who is qualified to rely on favor and arrogance?

When reaching Yuqiu, Zhao Yu got out of the car first, then turned around and handed Su Qingze, who was bowing forward. Under the gaze of the court's civil and military officials, Su Qingze smiled slightly at Zhao Yu and put his hand on it.

The red carpet winds up straight, paved with a passage leading directly to the altar of the hills. There are ninety-nine steps in the altar, and Zhao Yu takes Su Qingze's hand tightly and walks up with him.

The great event of the country, during the ceremony and the Rong, the Emperor of Qi must bring the empress to the altar at Xuanqiu to make sacrifices to the sky, in order to inform the emperor that he will continue the royal blood, and hope that God will bless everything and the prosperity of the country and the prosperity of the people.

With the sound of drums lingering in his ears, Su Qingze looked at the hands between the two, and suddenly remembered that he and Zhao Yu went to climb the mountain many years ago.

At that time, he was still a fat man with a round body, and he had to take a breath after walking two steps, but Zhao Yu did not dislike his slow walking, but firmly held his hand and walked up step by step.

When he was tired from walking, Zhao Yu stopped and waited for him to rest before leaving. He just walked for more than half an hour, which was originally a half hour.

This man has been waiting for him, to accommodate him...

"If you sacrifice to heaven, you can't go back anymore."

The man's low voice suddenly sounded in his ears, and Su Qingze fell into a pair of deep eyes as soon as he raised his head.

"I will not speak sweet words like Shen Qing, nor will I coax people like him, nor will I be willing to wash your hands and make soup like him..."

Su Qingze was startled and wanted to laugh, but he felt sour and sour. Did he always use an enviable tone to describe what Zhao Yu had misunderstood from the interaction of his best friend and husband, which made him mention this to himself on such an important occasion?

"I only have this heart and these thousands of miles of mountains and rivers for you." The man's black eyes were full of seriousness.

Su Qingze raised the corner of his mouth slightly, and said slowly, "Then I will accept it unceremoniously."

On the way to Beijing for the first time, he learned a foreign language with Mr. William on the boat for a period of time. Later, he wrote a line of foreign language in a letter to Zhao Yu: ILoveYou.

...This is his own secret.

Offering incense, praying for blessings, and kowtow, when the ceremony is completed, the official of ceremonies will chant aloud. Everyone under the altar bows to the emperor and the empress for three times and nine kowtows.

On the altar, Zhao Yu and Su Qingze stood side by side, one heroic and magnificent and graceful, the other picturesquely clear and bright, and the two of them were dressed in red and decorated with dragons and phoenixes. People, look at each other's affection, like a pair of bi people.

The empress got up and drove back to the palace. The emperor's wedding process was almost done. After Su Qingze returned to the palace, he accepted the worship of the wives of life, and Zhao Yu went to entertain the officials.

Su Qingze didn't know the marrying wife in Beijing, so everyone came forward to meet him one by one by rank.

Su Qingze's background is not prominent among the nobles in Beijing, and the queen mother doesn't like him either, so some self-holding and valuable life women slightly perfunctory when they meet him. Su Qingze didn't change his face and was directly given a seat.

At this time, there was an evangelist who preached: "The town of the country is here"

Gu Changfeng, who was wearing a sapphire blue gown, strode forward, and Su Qingze didn't have to be polite in the future. Gu Changfeng knelt down directly: "See Empress Empress, Empress Chitose, Chitose Chitose."

Su Qingze hurriedly greeted him and helped him up: "Gu...Guo, hurry up!"

"Xie Niangniang!" Gu Changfeng looked up at him, seeing that the youth's eyes were full of joy, and his cold eyebrows couldn't help being softer.

Let Gu Changfeng sit under her head, Su Qingze stopped paying attention to others and turned to talk to Gu Changfeng.

You look at me and I see you, the fateful woman who was left alone, dare not to speak.

Although Lord Zhen Guo is a twin, he is not counted among the fateful wives, and his status is higher than all the fateful wives present, no one dares to be dissatisfied with this.

Zhen Guo Fair Day rarely interacts with the wives in their circles. It is a detached existence, and even if someone does not like him, they dare not disrespect him. At this moment, the little-spoken Lord Zhen Guo and the queen were talking happily, and the two were naturally close, seemingly old acquaintances.

"Brother Gu, I was called up early this morning to dress up and wear a heavy dress. I am so tired. Is it so tired to be a big man?" Su Qingze whispered.

Gu Changfeng couldn't help but couldn't help but: "The others are okay. But the emperor manages everything, especially hard."

"I don't understand political affairs, so I can't solve his worries." Su Qingze frowned, and said to Gu Changfeng sincerely: "I can only trouble you, Brother Gu, for your suggestions."

Gu Changfeng smiled and said, "This is our responsibility as courtiers."

Su Qingze blinked: "I don't want to be with them here. It's so boring! I want to go to your house to see the twins. I haven't seen them yet!"

Gu Changfeng smiled: "I'll take them into the palace for you to see in a few days." Then he glanced at the survivors who were sitting more dignified and magnificent, and whispered: "You don't like to just ask them to leave Yes. The emperor is afraid that you don't like socializing, so he specifically asked me to drive people for you."

Su Qingze was a little surprised: "That's not so good, isn't it? Does it make people think that my queen is too defiant?"

Gu Changfeng said mildly: "You only have to meet them, you don't need to say greetings with them. If you feel like you are interested, just let them come into the palace and talk to you occasionally."

After thinking about it, Su Qingze smiled embarrassedly: "Then I have a banquet another day, you have to come! Let them go back today, I can't sit still." He was not only tired, but also hungry. Fasting these days, he only ate a bowl of lotus seed and lily soup in the morning, so hungry, he wanted to eat meat!

Gu Changfeng responded, got up and saluted: "Today is the day when the emperor and the empress are rejoicing, so the ministers will not disturb the empress and leave!"

Duke Zhenguo retired, and the others had to follow up and salute.

Su Qingze watched the wives in long skirts with arrogant gestures leave, and immediately went back to the room to change clothes. Ming An saw that he was about to change his flaming and gorgeous auspicious clothes, and couldn't help but said: "This dress is so good-looking, the emperor hasn't looked at it very much yet. Why did you change it, Master?"

Su Qingze acted for a while: "I'm done with the gift, I can't wait for him to come back in this suit, right?"

As soon as he finished speaking, someone asked, "What will I do when I come back?"

Su Qingze turned his head and saw the man standing behind him, with a long body and a magnificent appearance.

"I came back so soon?"

Zhao Yu nodded and walked over to hug him lightly: "Well, I want to eat with you."

He didn't say that it was okay, as soon as he said that Su Qingze felt his stomach groaning with hunger.

Zhao Yu stood behind him and took off his gorgeous and tedious coat, and finally Su Qingze wore a tailored red brocade robe. He has a fair complexion and has been exercising for the past few years. This red body makes him look slender and radiant.

Zhao Yu embraced the thin waist, a little bit fond of it, and waited for the meal to let go.

Su Qingze was shocked by this meal.

He was feasting, but the man sitting next to him stared at him feasting. If the gaze is real, it seems to eat his whole person in his stomach.

When Zhao Yu really started to eat, Su Qingze really realized that the feeling of being eaten into his stomach was not as simple as he thought!

On the bright red bed, the youth had skin like jade, black hair like algae, slender limbs and pliable limbs, deceptively like a sea monster. Zhao Yu couldn't help eating people from top to bottom from inside to outside several times.

Su Qingze couldn't resist, he could only take him up and down in the tide of love.

Yun Yu first took a break, kissing his sweaty temple, Zhao Yu's voice was hoarse and lazy, full of contentment: "Uncomfortable?"

Su Qingze, who buried his face in the quilt, shook his head. Zhao Yu chuckled out the person with a chuckle. Su Qingze's eyes were flustered and did not dare to look at him.

"What are you panicking?" Zhao Yu pressed the person under him and rubbed him, enjoying the feeling of being close to the skin.

Su Qingze's hairs stood up and put his hand on his shoulder: "Enough!"

"Not enough." Zhao Yu lowered his head and kissed his neck, and then hardened a red mark.

"Zhao Yu!" Su Qingze bit him anxiously, "I will go to see my mother tomorrow, how do you let me see people!" His neck was chewed several times, even the high-collar clothes couldn't hide the trace. , And wearing high-necked clothes at this time is too strange!

"No need." Zhao Yu hugged him and turned over, "The Queen Mother will drive to Xishan Palace tomorrow to take care of her. You don't need to send her off."

Su Qingze was shocked: "We just got married and the queen mother moved to the palace to live, how would the world think of us?"

Zhao Yu kissed his brows and smiled and said, "It's okay, it's all arranged. No one will say that you are a disaster."

Su Qingze frowned: "She doesn't like me, and I can't like her. Others say that I am not afraid of me, but you are the emperor. You send her to the palace. What do you want future generations to think of you?"

"How can I manage so much when I'm in the soil?" Zhao Yu rarely ridiculed easily, "I am the emperor, so what if I do it again and again. I look at each other and let her live in the palace without seeing my heart. Its not annoying, its good to her and me."

After speaking, Zhao Yu touched his face and said softly: "Don't talk about her, sleep with me for a while."

Hearing this, Su Qingze lay on his chest obediently. Zhao Yu stroked his slippery back, feeling peace in his heart.

"Zhao Yu, don't be sad. From now on, I will be your family member, and I will stay with you one by one. If you like children, we will give birth to one, so that you will have family members connected with you by blood..." Su Qingze Xiao Whispered.

The youth's clear eyes were full of distress for himself, and Zhao Yu's heart trembled fiercely.

What he said on the imperial decree was not good. A long time ago, he hoped that someone could understand his joys and sorrows and his warmth. When he received a letter from a young man, he knew he had found it.

The white and soft young man, with clear eyes and pure mind, was like a warm light illuminating his gloomy heart. From then on, his heart was filled with gentle wind, green grass and soft floral fragrance.

The young man with eyes bent like a crescent smiled and worked silently in his heart, opening up a colorful world for him, and gradually the ice in his heart turned into gentle water...

"I have you enough." Zhao Yu kissed his eyes with a serious expression.

Su Qingze hesitated: "Don't you? But my mother asked me to give birth to a son. She was afraid that I would not be able to stay in the palace, and that I would be left alone after falling out of favor." Because he didn't have a son, his mother suffered all the time. His wife's eyes rolled, and the situation improved after his father became Zhizhou. He can understand his mother's worries, but Zhao Yu does not marry others. There is no saying that he will fall out of favor.

Brushing the hair on his forehead, Zhao Yu's eyes were gentle: "Your mother is thinking about you, and I will put her at ease. If I have a child, I must be your blood, so you live if you want to, and if you don't want to. "

Su Qingze was overjoyed: "I don't want to give birth yet!" He is frizzy and doesn't know how to take care of a baby.

Zhao Yuxiao: "Let's talk about it when you grow up a little bit."

Su Qingze: "I am not a kid now!"

"Yeah." Zhao Yu rubbed the tip of his nose against his face, muttered, "If we don't sleep anymore, let's do something that adults can do?"

Su Qingze flushed, and hurriedly closed her eyes.

A smile flashed in his eyes, and Zhao Yu closed his eyes with his arms around him.

In the room, the purple gold rui beast bronze furnace smoke curled up, and the gentle wind blew in from the window, and the clear and gentle fragrance moved with the wind, and drifted out of the room.

The two sleeping in the bed embraced with smiles, as if they were dreaming incomparably sweet.

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