My Favorite Manly Husband Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Modern Chapter 3

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Shen Yanbei felt that he was sick, or something unclear.

He bought two large bags of things and squatted on the stone steps outside the iron gate of Gu Changfeng's house like a fool, and stared at Gu Changfeng's neighbor's dog. Fortunately, the dog didn't bark at him loudly, otherwise he would really lose his face.

Scratching his hair, Shen Yanbei felt that he was too stupid and should ask Gu Changfeng for his phone number. The first time I was afraid that Gu Changfeng was disgusted and didn't want it, but last night Gu Changfeng helped him again, and he watched him go without asking anyone to leave the phone!

Suddenly a kind voice rang in my ear: "Young man, why don't you go into the house? Forgot to bring the key?"

As soon as Shen Yanbei turned his head, he saw an old woman pulling a cart with a bag of rice and some vegetables.

Shen Yanbei smiled, not embarrassed to say that he ran to his house because he didn't say hello to Gu Changfeng, so that he didn't get in.

"Young man, I have to trouble you to help me put these up." The old woman smiled and said, "If you can't open the door, please go to my place for a meal. I'll make dumplings for you."

Shen Yanbei was taken aback, and quickly got up and walked over to help the old man carry a car with a meter: "Mother-in-law, can you go?" This old yard is a step-ladder room. The old woman's legs and feet seem to be not good, and her walking is not easy. Look like.

"It's okay, I can hold on to this old bone." The old woman smiled, and then looked at Shen Yanbei worriedly: "Young man, why have you lost so much? You can take a good rest at work so hard. Don't think it doesn't matter if you are young. My body is broken."

This old woman has bad eyes? Shen Yanbei scratched his head: "Mother-in-law, I am not him, I am him... his friend."

He is Gu Changfeng's friend, right?

The old woman blinked, and after she got closer to see Shen Yanbei's face, she laughed and said, "Oh, I'm so sorry! My eyes are not good, I can't see clearly when I'm far away, trouble you brother."

"It's no trouble, it's just a matter of effort." Shen Yanbei looked at the number of stairs and asked, "Mother-in-law, how many floors do you live on?"

"Floor 3." The old woman walked up slowly, holding the handrail of the stairs, moving quite steadily.

Shen Yanbei put the small cart at the door of her house, and the old woman took out the key to open the door: "You have to trouble me, brother, you can help me move Mi to the kitchen door. The old man is not at home, so I really can't move it."

When I entered the door just now, I glanced at it, and found no young people's shoes in the shoe cabinet. Shen Yanbei asked casually, "Where are your children?"

Shen Yanbei regretted the words. There must be a reason for the other side's lonely old man living in this dilapidated old building, and he will definitely touch the sadness of the old man if he asks this.

The old woman smiled faintly: "They are all busy people. They fly here and there all day long. They bought a house and became a family. They will come back to me during the Chinese New Year."

Shen Yanbei frowned: "You are getting older, it is best to have young people by your side to take care of you."

Handing a glass of water to Shen Yanbei, the old woman sighed: "They told me the same way, but..."

"This house is the wedding room of my old man and I. It was earned by our hard work. Now that the old man is gone, I can only guard this house..." The old woman has moist eyes and her speech is sentimental. "My son and daughter persuaded me to sell the house and move over to live with them. But this old small courtyard, there is no school nearby, and it is a stepped house. No one wants to buy it, and it is not easy to rent. ..."

Shen Yanbei was stunned. It turns out that the old woman's husband has passed away!

The old woman wiped her eyes: "They agreed to pick me up next month, but no one can take care of this house. These wooden furniture must be wiped and sprayed with some medicine from time to time, otherwise they will be eaten by insects... "

The old woman said in grief, "If the house matter is not resolved, how can I live in peace of mind?"

Shen Yanbei, who was listening quietly, suddenly said, "Mother-in-law, or... you sell this house to me, right?"

The old woman was stunned: "What did you say, brother?"

"Mother-in-law, sell the house to me. If you don't want to sell it, you can rent it to me, and I will help you take care of the furniture!" Shen Yanbei finished speaking in one breath, but he despised himself too much in his heart.

Your uncle! He has been taken away by Gu Changfeng's beauty!

The old woman smiled and shook her head and refused: "How can you buy a house so casually? Brother, you and your friends are all good people! Your kind old lady is my heart!"

"No, I..." Shen Yanbei said sternly, "I really want to buy it! I don't have much money in my hand. I originally planned to buy a second-hand house to live in. Your house has been so well maintained after so many years. Okay," he said and looked around, said: "The layout and lighting are good, I like it!"

If he can buy this house, he can just let Gu Changfeng move in. There are three rooms here, Gu Changfeng seals one, he lives...

The more he thought about it, the more ridiculous, Shen Yanbei quickly grabbed the thoughts of getting off the hook, and at the same time warned himself that the other party is different from him, don't keep thinking.

"Brother, are you serious?" The old woman still didn't believe what she heard.

"Pearls are not so real!" Shen Yanbei immediately took out the newly bought mobile phone, "Mother-in-law, I will leave a call for you, you can discuss it with your family. If you are willing to sell, then let me contact me. My last name Shen, just call me Xiao Shen."

"This..." The old woman was surprised and delighted, "Xiao Shen, you can eat here at noon, I will make dumplings for you!"

Just seeing Gu Changfeng coming back on an electric bike from the window, Shen Yanbei immediately declined: "You are welcome, mother-in-law, my friend is back!"

Gu Changfeng was wondering that when someone left something at his door, he saw Shen Yanbei walking out of the corridor.

"You're back!" Shen Yanbei strode over, picking up the bag on the ground and standing at the door waiting for him to open the door.

Gu Changfeng: "Why are you here?"

"Then what..." Shen Yanbei rubbed his nose, "Thank you for helping me last night. I want to treat you to dinner."

So I bought vegetables early in the morning? Gu Changfeng frowned, his eyes complicated: "Have you waited for a long time?"

"Fortunately, help the mother-in-law on the third floor send rice up and stay at her house for a while."

Gu Changfeng opened the door: "Come in."

Shen Yanbei smiled and followed him into the room.

Once fresh and twice cooked, Shen Yan opened the refrigerator in the north and put the purchased beer and fruits in the kitchen. Then he brought the vegetables to the kitchen.

"Today's prawns are very fresh. Do you want to eat boiled prawns or braised prawns?" Shen Yanbei poked his head out of the kitchen and asked.

Gu Changfeng was standing in front of the refrigerator with his head up and drinking water, his Adam's apple rolled up and down, and he was hopelessly sexy. Shen Yanbei watched and swallowed unconsciously. When he realized what he was doing, he quickly retracted his head.

Putting down the mineral water in his hand, Gu Changfeng wiped the corners of his mouth casually: "Don't bother to invite me to dinner, I just passed by last night." The refrigerator is full, except for seasonal fruits. He usually Drink beer and water, as well as yogurt and eggs.

The young man used to open the refrigerator when he was at his house the day before yesterday, but he didn't expect that he only took a look and wrote down the name of the water wine brand.

Gu Changfeng threw the empty bottle of mineral water into the trash can and stroked his face on the sofa.

Shen Yanbei's voice came from the kitchen: "I know, I don't mean anything else, I just want to simply invite you to dinner and make friends with you."

Gu Changfeng was taken aback, and then he heard Shen Yanbei say: "Sorry, I ran over without saying hello to you in advance. If you don't have time to eat, I will make it and put it in the refrigerator. Take it out and heat it up."

His working hours are from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm, he has time, but who would buy vegetables and cook them himself in order to invite him to a meal?

Gu Changfeng clenched his fists.

He is not good at getting along with people, not sure if Shen Yanbei did it out of gratitude or for other reasons.

"Changfeng, can you come and help me peel two garlic?"

Shen Yanbei's tone was familiar and natural, as if they had known each other for a long time. Gu Changfeng's tense nerves relaxed and got up to go to the kitchen.

Handed Gu Changfeng a full and huge garlic, and Shen Yanbei turned around and continued to deal with the shrimp in his hand.

The shrimp crawled alive in the sink, and Shen Yanbei grabbed them one by one to remove the shrimp line: "I think this shrimp is better boiled, and it is more original and sweet, what do you think?"

Gu Changfeng put the peeled garlic granules in a bowl: "Boiled is good."

Shen Yan looked at him from the north side and said with a smile: "Then go for nothing!"

The young man has handsome eyebrows and looks especially good when he smiles. Gu Changfeng lowered his head, staggered his gaze, and made a soft "um".

After Gu Changfeng peeled the garlic, Shen Yanbei asked him to go out and wait to eat with a small kitchen space. Gu Changfeng naturally couldn't really sit down, leaning on the door and occasionally handing him a plate.

Look at Shen Yanbei, pulling his sleeves to put the oil in the hot pot and asking in a low voice: "Do you often cook for friends?"

"No." Shen Yanbei sauteed the onion, ginger, and garlic. "They have someone who cooks and I don't need to worry about it. I am the only one in my family." After finishing speaking, he asked Gu Changfeng casually: "When your girlfriend is free Cook for you too?"

Gu Changfeng frowned: "I don't have a girlfriend."

Shen Yanbei paused with the spatula in his hand, turned his head to look at him, and asked hesitantly: "Did you break up?"

Gu Changfeng shook his head: "I have never had a girlfriend."

Shen Yanbei's heart jumped, and countless little bubbles of joy suddenly burst into his heart. He calmed his mind and poured the chili bean paste into the pot and stir-fried: "Where did your electric car come from?"

Gu Changfeng glanced at him strangely: "The girl who sublet the house to me sold it to me at a discount."

Shen Yanbei was about to set off fireworks, but his reason told him that it didn't mean that Gu Changfeng had not had a girlfriend. This kind of man is most likely to get married when he meets a girl.

Thinking about this, Shen Yanbei couldn't laugh.

Seeing the corners of the young man's raised mouth sinking, Gu Changfeng frowned slightly, "Is there a problem?"

"Huh?" Shen Yanbei gave out a stiff smile, "Nothing, I just think you are so handsome, this car doesn't match you." Gu Changfeng's physique is suitable for driving a wild motorcycle instead of a mother. Xi's little sheep.

Gu Changfeng was stunned. The youth's clear eyes are full of praise for himself...

"You are also very handsome." Gu Changfeng said slowly, looking at Shen Yanbei with gentle and serious eyes.

"Shoo!" A splendid firework exploded in Shen Yanbei's heart, and he was stupid!

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