My Favorite Manly Husband Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Modern Chapter 4

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Until leaving Gu Changfeng's house, Shen Yanbei was still silly.

Hehehe, Changfeng said he is handsome!

When passing a car parked on the side of the road, Shen Yanbei deliberately turned his head nervously to see his reflection on the car window, and then he couldn't laugh.

The young man reflected on the car window was still wearing a piece of white medical tape because of his forehead injury. His eyes were slightly bloodshot because he didn't sleep all night last night. The young man's complexion was also not very good, slightly pale...

Shen Yanbei was stunned, feeling very complicated.

Where is he getting involved with Shuai?

Does Gu Changfeng have any misunderstandings about Shuai, or is he simply... comforting him?

Your uncle! Shen Yanbei scratched his hair irritably, feeling that his IQ in the past few days has plummeted like a stock index in the stock market, which is terrible!

Taking a breath, Shen Yanbei took out his mobile phone and checked the information. Although he broke with old man Shen, his life has to go on.

He is currently working on a new energy project. Because the start-up capital requires a large sum of money, he does not have that much money on his hands, so he finds someone to invest and share the risk by the way, but this stall tells the old man Shen to sever his father-son relationship. According to the news, it is estimated that several bosses who planned to invest in him will find excuses to push them away. Even if they don't push away, they will be disturbed by Old Man Shen.

Sure enough, Shen Yanbei looked for them one by one, and everyone changed their attitudes. Some bluntly said that they would not cooperate with him and told him not to look for it again, and some said tactfully that they fell in love with other new projects that could open up the market and said sorry to him.

Shen Yanbei was not discouraged either. These people value his status as the only son of the Shen family rather than the potential and prospects of his project. He also disdains to cooperate with these people who are ignorant and short-sighted.

To find a partner again, he must be strong enough to prevent Old Man Shen from using his hands and feet anymore.

Shen Yan Beili settled his mind and continued to start his own business. He is not the rich second generation who only knows how to eat, drink and have fun. He is naturally not friends with wine and meat. Knowing that he was swept out of the house, his friends all opened his mouth to make him difficult, although Shen Yanbei was not welcome, and immediately asked his friends to help him pay attention to suitable investors.

Old man Shen is a catering giant in this city, and he has a lot to say. After saying hello to everyone in the city, everyone gave face to Shen Yanbei's project. Friends suggested that Shen Yanbei should move the scope of investment candidates outside.

"The wife of the newly appointed mayor is the eldest lady of Shenghe Industrial in Y City. The president of Shenghe Industrial appreciates promising young people. You can try to contact the mayor's wife to see if you can get on line with Shenghe Industrial."

My friends suggestion is good, but how do I get in touch with the mayors wife? On the mayors young sons birthday, the mayor and his wife are preparing to hold a small banquet to celebrate their sons birthday. They will take this opportunity to get to know the big names in the city by the way.

This is a great opportunity! But how could he get in after losing his identity as the young master of the Shen family? Shen Yanbei stroked his chin, thinking that he had to think about it.

The phone ring rang abruptly, and Shen Yanbei took a look. It was an unfamiliar call.

He is a newly bought card, who will call him? Shen Yanbei raised his eyebrows and pressed the answer button.

A slightly excited middle-aged man's voice came: "Hey, hello, is it Mr. Shen?"

"Hello, it's me."

"Hello, Mr. Shen, I am the son of the head of household in Building 2, Minghua Court. I heard my mother say that you want to buy our old house..."

Shen Yanbei was stunned, overjoyed: "Yes, I do have this intention. Are you willing to sell it?"

"Considering my mother's body and the living conditions of the old house, if the price is right, we can talk about it."


After hanging up, Shen Yanbei couldn't help but want to cheer. The other party asked him to come to the house to negotiate this weekend!

Finally, I can go to Gu Changfeng's house again! What reason are you looking for? Shen Yanbei happily retrieved Gu Changfeng from WeChat and sent a message.

"Changfeng, are you at home this weekend?"

But after waiting for a long time, Gu Changfeng didn't reply to him.

Is the phone not around? Shen Yanbei looked at the time, it was just after 8 o'clock in the evening, was it taking a bath?

After waiting for a while, Gu Changfeng still didn't reply to him.

Do you want to call him? Shen Yanbei hesitated.

What if he is busy?

Shen Yanbei smiled bitterly.

He also said that he liked him, but he didn't know anything except his name and the place where he temporarily settled!

Gu Changfeng was indeed busy at this moment, busy correcting the female students' movements.

"The hind legs should be straightened, like this." Gu Changfeng propped his hands on the ground, his left leg contracted forward, his right leg kicked straight back, and his back legs contracted and kicked straight.

The teenager who stood by and watched looked at the smooth muscle lines shown in his movements while propped on the ground, and he was extremely envious.

He also wants to have beautiful muscles, but it's a pity that he can't come to work out every night.

After the female trainee did the two sets of movements under the guidance of Gu Changfeng to be standard, Gu Changfeng kicked her legs and bounced up. Clapping his hands and watching the young man wait aside, he asked, "What's the matter?"

"That coach, I'm going back to school tomorrow and can't come to class." There was an embarrassed smile on the young Yuanyuan's face, "I will come again next Sunday."

Gu Changfeng was slightly surprised: "Going to school? High school?" In the past few days, the teenager has been reporting almost every night, and he has forgotten that he was just a teenager when he was studying.

"No, I am in college, sophomore year this year!" The boy smiled crookedly. "I studied early, and I was younger than others."

Gu Chang sealed it. These few days happen to be the National Day holiday. Tomorrow is the 8th. Those who should go to work should go to school. Nodded

Said: "You can come back when you have time. If it is not convenient, you can exercise at home."

After finishing talking, he exhorted: "Since you are determined to lose weight, you can exercise more and persevere."

"Okay!" The boy responded and took out two invitation letters from his schoolbag and handed them to Gu Changfeng. "Coach, next weekend is my familys birthday party. Its an open buffet. You can bring friends. Have fun."

Gu Changfeng was taken aback. For birthday banquets held in the form of a buffet, there must be a lot of people who came to the banquet. Looking at the invitation letter, it is very delicate. It is estimated that the other party is not an ordinary person...

Is he suitable for someone like him?

The teenager watched him silently and hurriedly said: "You don't need to bring gifts, but you helped me last time. My family wants to thank you in person. There happened to be a child's birthday, so I want you to have a birthday cake to show your thanks! And Many of the people who come to the banquet are people who dont know each other, and they dont interfere with each other.

"It's just a small effort, don't need to thank me specifically." Gu Changfeng frowned.

"Come on, coach!" The teenager wrinkled his face and whispered, "In fact, it is not only because of this, but also because of my family's worry that I will come to the fitness center. I am afraid that I will encounter bad guys like the last time. Ask a private teacher to teach me at home, but I'm not a kid anymore..."

Looking after Gu Changfeng unmoved, the young man looked at him pitifully: "I am so well-behaved and working so hard. Are you going to give up me as a student?"

Gu Changfeng still didn't let go.

"Coach Gu, Brother Gu, I call your brother, come on!"

The boy begged softly, his clear eyes filled with hope.

Gu Changfeng looked at him for a while and sighed, "All right, I will go if there is nothing wrong."

"Not that he will come, he must come!" The young man was afraid that he would regret it, and quickly stuffed him the invitation, then turned around and ran, waving while running, "That's it! See you next weekend, Brother Gu! "

Gu Changfeng looked at the two invitation letters, somewhat helpless.

Take your friends, who should you take? He has no friends here...

The smile of the young man suddenly appeared in his mind, and Gu Changfeng's eyes sank.

Are they friends? But the young man asked him for his mobile phone number before leaving his home that day, and he didn't send a message after adding his WeChat account. He rashly asked him if he would like to go to the birthday party at the juvenile's house with him. Will he agree to it because of his love?

Gu Chang frowned, and took the invitation letter to his locker.

The mobile phone in the locker suddenly turned on, and Gu Changfeng took it out and opened it.

Wechat has no message reminder. He clicked on WeChat and found that the first message was sent after 8 o'clock.

"Changfeng, are you at home this weekend?"

It is from Shen Yanbei, and the name of the note is Yanbei.

Gu Changfengs eyes flickered, as if waiting for a long time without replying to the news, the youth just sent another WeChat message: "Changfeng, are you asleep?"

Pursing his lips, Gu Chang sealed a message back: "No, at work."

As soon as the news was sent, with a ding sound, the youth immediately replied!

"Still at work so late? Hard work!"

Has he been holding his phone waiting for himself to reply to WeChat? Gu Changfeng stared at this line of words, feeling as if warm water was running through his heart, warm and warm.

His fingers slowly edited on the phone screen, explaining to Shen Yanbei that his work was not hard, but after typing a line of text, he paused and deleted it, and finally only sent an "um" in the past.

Shen Yanbei replied in seconds: "I am working near your home this weekend. Are you at home? Can I go to you?"

Gu Changfeng rubbed his mobile phone with his fingers, and it took a long time to reply "OK".

An emoticon that spread flowers while cheering appeared on the screen instantly. Looking at the cheering pattern, Gu Changfeng could almost imagine the happy youth.

The corner of his mouth bends unconsciously, and Gu Changfeng replied: "I'm going to work."

"Go, go, see you this weekend!" The young man replied, with an expression of waiting cutely.

The smile in Gu Changfeng's eyes grew stronger, he put his phone back in the locker and closed the door.

When he got off work, Gu Changfeng drove home in a small electric car, and still took the shortcut back as usual, but when he drove it, he remembered that he met Shen Yanbei here last time.

Does he live here?

Gu Changfeng looked around and found that there was a high-class residential area next to the path. The flowers and trees were scattered inside the iron fence. After the flowers and plants were covered, there were scattered small single-family buildings. From a distance, you could see the cobblestone paths and artificial small buildings. pool.

If the youth really lives here, then his situation may be better than he thought.

Gu Changfeng smiled softly.

The night before going to Gu Changfeng, Shen Yanbei deliberately went to bed early. When I got up to wash the next day, I stared at myself in the mirror for a long time and raised my eyebrows.

The stitches on his forehead have been removed, and the wound has healed well, leaving only a shallow scar covered by bangs, but nothing can be seen.

Going out refreshed, Shen Yanbei smiled almost all the way to the old woman's house.

Things went very smoothly. The old woman's son was a kind professor of biology. He didn't raise the price because Shen Yanbei wanted to buy a house, but gave a very fair price. In the end, Shen Yanbei spent 800,000 yuan to buy this old three-bedroom and two-living house, and the old woman gave him all the furniture in the house.

After the two parties made an appointment to handle the transfer procedures, Shen Yanbei bid farewell to the old woman and the family and went downstairs.

The door of Gu Changfeng's house was closed, and Shen Yanbei wondered, didn't he say he was at home?

He stepped forward and through the window saw the man wearing shorts and **** doing push-ups in the living room, doing push-ups with one hand!

The man's body proportions are almost perfect, his honey-colored skin is shiny and shiny, his bulging muscles are full and explosive, his eight-pack abs is very eye-catching, especially the looming mermaid line that makes Shen Yanbei look straight.

Sweat dripped along the outline of the man's tough jaw, but the man didn't care, his deep eyes looked straight ahead, and he was hopelessly **** as he leaned over and propped up.

Shen Yanbei stared blankly, swallowing unconsciously.

It seemed that the time had come, the man squeezed his hands and stood up sharply, his black eyes confronting Shen Yanbei who stared at him stupidly.

The two looked at each other.

Gu Changfeng stayed there blankly. The youths eyes were burning and thick, but there was no desire in those eyes, only appreciation, and things that could be called... admiration

Shen Yanbei was startled, and immediately narrowed his overly straightforward gaze.

He was not guilty of being caught on the spot, but he did not evade Gu Changfengs questioning gaze. Instead, he smiled embarrassedly and apologized to Gu Changfeng: "Im sorry, the door was closed and I thought you were not at home. Come and have a look, I didnt expect you to be exercising, so I was fascinated for a while and didnt call you..."

Shen Yanbei's generous confession in this way eased the embarrassment of both parties.

Gu Changfeng said, "The door is unlocked. Come in."

Shen Yanbei smiled, turned and walked towards the door. When he entered the room, Gu Changfeng also put on his shirt. But his whole body was sweaty. After putting on his clothes, the T-shirt stuck to his body, drawing out the outline of the ingredients.

Shen Yanbei moved his eyes away: "Why don't you go take a bath first, it's so slimy and uncomfortable."

He has a natural look and pure eyes, even if he really has a friendship with himself beyond that of friends, it won't be offensive.

Gu Changfeng nodded and turned around to take the clothes and take a bath.

Shen Yanbei sighed in relief and sat down on the sofa.

What a shame! Shen Yanbei covered his face and wailed in his heart. Fortunately, Gu Changfeng didn't change his face, or his friends wouldn't have to do it!

By the time Gu Changfeng came out, Shen Yanbei was already in a good mood, and his face did not change his heartbeat when he was refreshed all over.

Gu Changfeng didn't mention the incident just now, as if it had never happened before.

"It's almost lunch time, have you cooked? If you haven't cooked, why not go out to eat together?"

Gu Changfeng originally wanted to say that there was no need to be so troublesome, so he could just cook noodles and deal with it, but remembered the two invitation letters the boy had given him, and agreed.

Shen Yanbei laughed: "Is there anything you want to eat?"

Gu Changfeng shook his head: "I'm not picky eaters, you just decide."

"How about eating Sichuan food?" Shen Yanbei thought for a while, "The weather is slightly cool now, so it's suitable for spicy food."

"Yes." Gu Changfeng took his mobile phone key wallet and went out with him.

On the way to dinner, watching Shen Yanbei walking beside him with his mouth bent, Gu Changfeng couldn't help asking, "Do you have time next weekend?"

Shen Yanbei's eyes lit up: "Yes."

"One of me... a friend gave me two invitations, asking me to attend his family's birthday party. Can you accompany me to it?" Gu Changfeng said sincerely, "I have never attended such a banquet, I am afraid Can't handle it."

However, Shen Yanbei asked tentatively, "What friend? So enthusiastic?"

"A child is my student. He was robbed by the ruffian before. I just passed by and helped..." Gu Changfeng replied truthfully.

The stone in his heart fell to the ground, and Shen Yanbei smiled slightly: "It turns out that it is. Where is the birthday party?"

"The Liuyun Villa on Jinfeng Road," Gu Changfeng hesitated, "this place shouldn't be hard to find, right?"

Liuyun Villa? Shen Yanbei's heart jumped: "Is the inscription on the invitation letter called Li Zhiyuan?"

Gu Changfeng looked at him in surprise: How do you know?

"Thank you so much, Changfeng!" Shen Yanbei couldn't help giving him a hug.

Someone puts on a pillow when I just wanted to fall asleep! Isn't this banquet exactly the birthday banquet held by the mayor for his son?

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