My Fiancee Is A Cold Ceo Chapter 3179

Chapter 3179: Olive branch!

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The strength of the fierce beast kings in the central area is not weak. If they are getting the power of flesh and blood and condense their real flesh, they can completely restore their real strength.

In addition, the origins of these fierce beast kings are not simple, and if they can get some benefits from these fierce beast kings, it will be considered worthy of this trip.

At least at this stage, Ye Chen couldn't kill them all.

Sooth them first, and save them from making any big disturbances in this central area.

"Let's talk? What can we talk about? Human race imprisoned me and so on. The enmity between us and Human race is as deep as a sea."

The White Tiger King gave a low growl, his eyes full of spitefulness.

"Baihu, be quiet, listen to what this human race has to say."

The three-eyed man looked at Ye Chen and said lightly.

"You have been imprisoned here for a long time, and now you have been suppressed here by the Clone King clone. I'm afraid you all want to go out."

Ye Chen said with a smile, "Perhaps, I can help you out."

"Help us out? It's ridiculous, if you want to help us out, you won't kill the black mist and the monkey."

The other fierce beast king shouted in a low voice.

"I need their power, so naturally I will kill them. You are very lucky. In a short time, I should not need your astral power, at least not all of you."

Ye Chen said indifferently.

"Humans, if you can help us out, I'm afraid it's uneasy. I'm waiting to be suppressed here by the Sky King. We can't get out without the Sky King's words."

A fierce beast king in the distance roared in a low voice.

"You don't need to worry about King Sky King's affairs. I am naturally qualified to take you out. For this, you can ask the soul, you should have trusted him for so many years."

Ye Chen pointed to the soul on the side and said with a chuckle.

The soul nodded, indicating that Ye Chen's words were credible.

Many fierce beast kings narrowed their eyes, and a hint of thinking flashed in their eyes.

Ye Chen's proposal was in their arms.

If you say you don't want to go out, it is definitely a lie.

No one wants to be imprisoned here, waiting for a day to be swallowed by the human race.

"I don't believe that you are so kind. If you want to let us out, I'm afraid it will cost a lot."

The White Tiger King shouted in a low voice.

"Naturally, there is a price. If you want to go out, you will sign a master-servant contract with me. Within fifty years, you will work for me. After fifty years, I will let you be free. How about."

Ye Chen said with a smile.

"Sign a master-servant contract? Do you want to enslave us? It's just wishful thinking."

The White Tiger King gave a low growl, his face full of rage.

"If you want to enslave us, even if I wait until I die, I won't be enslaved by the human race. You are such a weak being, so don't be wishful thinking."

The other fierce beast king agreed in unison, looking at Ye Chen's eyes, full of anger.

"It seems that some fierce beasts are unwilling, but I don't force it. Those who are unwilling will eventually fall here. It is considered that I have fulfilled your wish."

Ye Chen said with a smile.

"Just relying on you, also want to make us fall? If it wasn't for the avatar of the Sky King who severely inflicted the black mist, just because you wanted to kill the black mist?"

White Tiger King sneered.

"The last time I entered this central area, I could only run away facing you, but now, I can confront you head-on, and I can tell you that it has been less than five years since I practiced martial arts."

Ye Chen said with a smile: "Maybe you can bet that my future road to martial arts is stagnant, otherwise I will kill you in less than five years."

"Xiuwu has only been five years? How is this possible?"

The faces of many fierce beast kings changed, and their eyes were full of horror.

Although Ye Chen's strength is not very strong, at least in the eyes of these fierce beasts, there is still a gap between them.

But Ye Chen has only cultivated the Tao for five years, and this is the most terrifying thing.

Those who can increase their strength so quickly are basically the geniuses of all races, with unlimited potential.

If Ye Chen hadn't lied, in five years, this human being would really be able to kill them.

"The road to cultivation is far more difficult than you think. Now the land of ancestors is about to open again, can you survive this time and let's talk about it."

The three-eyed man said in a low voice.

"It is already your honor to let you sign a slave contract with me. It is your honor to be able to become a slave to an ancient god, especially an ancient **** of the royal family, and to put it outside, I am afraid that there are too many people rushing to ask for it."

Ye Chen said calmly: "You can think about it carefully. If you agree, you can contact the soul, but I advise you to think about it quickly. Once I have a breakthrough in my cultivation, your effect on me can be It's very small, and I am afraid that only you will be beheaded when the time comes."

"The ancient **** of the royal family?"

The complexions of many fierce beast kings suddenly changed.

Although they knew that Ye Chen had the aura of an ancient god, everyone never expected that Ye Chen was an ancient **** of the royal family.

"The ancient gods of the royal family are in the ancestral land of the ancients, and it is impossible for the ancient gods of the royal family to live outside."

The nine-tailed demon fox exclaimed at this moment, eyes full of different colors.

When Ye Chen heard the words, a faint smile appeared on his face, which suddenly aroused the ancient spirit in his body.

I saw the golden blood of the ancient gods flowing out of the body, and a breath from the ancient gods of the royal family suddenly spread.

"This breath really seems to be the breath of the ancient gods of the royal family. Ordinary ancient gods can't have such a strong blood pressure in their childhood."

The face of the nine-tailed demon fox changed, and he said with a shocked look: "Back then, I was fortunate enough to meet an ancient **** of the royal family with my master. I will never perceive this breath wrongly."

When the other fierce beast kings heard the words of the nine-tailed demon fox, they fell silent.

An ancient **** of the royal family, as long as it grows to adulthood, it is enough to become a strong one.

And every ancient **** of the royal family has a very high status among the ancients.

With their identities as fierce beast kings, they are not even qualified to meet in the face of the ancient gods of the royal family in the outside world.

Unexpectedly, the human being in front of him turned out to be an ancient **** of the royal family in his infancy.

"I only need three servants. I will kill all the other fierce beast kings. You'd better think about it."

Ye Chen put his hands on his back and said lightly.

The seven fierce beast kings fell silent, and a strange color flashed in their eyes.

I have to say that some fierce beast kings are indeed a little moved.

"Soul, let's go."

Ye Chen glanced at the soul, and then took the lead to head towards the sealed land where the monkey king was.

"Yes, master!"

A faint smile appeared on Soul Spirit's face, and he left after Ye Chen.

As Ye Chen left, several other sealed lands began to fall into silence. The latest chapter address of the fiancee of the President of Bingberg: https://www.wuxiaworld/book/40004.htmlRead the full text of the fiance of the president of Bingberg: https://www.wuxiaworld/read/40004/My iceberg presidents fiancee txt download address: https://www.wuxiaworld/down/40004.htmlMy mobile phone reading of the president of Icebergs fiancee: https://m.wuxiaworld/read/40004/In order to facilitate the next reading, you can click "Favorites" below to record this (Chapter 3179 Olive Branch!) reading history, and you will see it next time you open the bookshelf! If you like "My Fiance of the President of Iceberg", please recommend this book to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.), thank you your support! (www.wuxiaworld)

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