My Fusion System: Fusing A Thousand Chickens At The Start Chapter 79

Chapter 78 A Fusion Of Maids

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It had been three days since Blackmoon Castle had defeated the manor’s allied troops.

“Young Master Watson, these are the spoils of war sent by Wilber Liszt Manor! They include 1000 iron-tier magical beasts, 100 bronze-tier magical beasts, 150 catties of iron-tier ores, and 10 catties of bronze-tier ores. There are more than 100 servants in the manor, including Wilber’s daughter, Monica Hope.”

Liszt held a list in his hand as he stood in front of Watson.

He stood in front of the Blackmoon Castle gate that had collapsed into ruins. At that moment, there were more than 1,000 men with their sleeves rolled up and their faces covered in dust as they carried huge dark jade slabs to be repaired.

Those 1,000 men were soldiers from the allied troops who had surrendered a few days ago. They were part of the 5000-men army that had attacked Blackmoon Castle. They had survived the battle and became the castle’s slaves. They did not dare to disobey when they saw how the Blackmoon Knights slaughtered the manor owners and Folson.

Other than that, there was another reason why they did not dare to resist the order.

When Liszt spoke, the servants from Wilber Liszt Manor had escorted Monica to Blackmoon Castle. Their hands were bound, and they either had to push the carts with ores or lead the magical beasts. They had looked dejected, especially Monica, who walked in front of the group. She bit her pale lips as she stared at the castle.

That was her second time there, and unlike the last time, she did not wear a fancy hat, nor did she use heavy makeup on her face. She was only in a black gown with a light veilit was relatively plain. There was a white flower pinned on her chest, a symbol of her sacrifice to her father.

The news of her father’s death had reached the manor a day ago. When Monica heard the news, she almost fainted. The servants in the manor were also in a panic and had prepared to escape. However, Watson had sent the Blackmoon Knights, and they immediately dismissed those people’s thoughts.

The Blackmoon Knights’ warriors were at least at the bronze tier. The manor’s allied troops had already taken all the elites from the manor to join the battle. Their prisoners in the dungeon were inclined to join Blackmoon Castle when they heard about the battle’s victor. They even volunteered to help control the people in the manor and count their assets.

Each manor had the same story, so Blackmoon Castle had to subdue more than a dozen of those manors before they could do anything else.

Over the past few days, Watson had given orders to empty all the manors and take over their assets, including their people. So, naturally, they had taken the Wilber Liszt Manor first.

Watson waved his hand when he saw the gloomy expression on the Wilber Liszt Manor’s people as they walked toward Blackmoon Castle. It was an indication that Liszt should not speak.

After he took a few steps forward, he stopped in front of Monica and bowed elegantly. “Miss Monica, we meet again.”

“Watson! You devil! Why? Why did you kill my father?”

Monica was like an angry lion. Her face was pale, and her large almond-shaped eyes burned with flames. If she had not been tied up, she would have rushed toward Watson and bitten him.

“Be careful, Young Master Watson.”

Liszt put the list in his hand away to protect Watson carefully.

The chaos attracted the attention of the slaves, the soldiers who had surrendered, as they moved the stones. Most of them only glanced at Monica and shook their heads in pity. They walked forward and took the ore materials from Wilber Liszt Manor’s carts, and they also led magical beasts away.

“Hello, Young Master Watson. I’m a bronze-tier guard from Wilber Liszt Manor. My name is Gorman.”

A middle-aged man with short hair and a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead walked forward from the Wilber Liszt Manor group. He knelt in front of Watson. “These are all the people from Wilber Liszt Manor. Young Master, please count them all! I’ve long heard of Blackmoon Castle’s good name, and I’ve long wanted to seek refuge here. However, my master drugged my food and threw me into the dungeon before I could leave. He should not have done that, and facts had proven that I was right.”


Gorman had played an important role in consolidating assets from the Wilber Liszt Manor. His great name was not unknown at the border. They said that he was good at using water-elemental combat aura to generate lightning, and some even called him the Green Lightning. He was a bronze-tier warrior, but his speed was at the silver tier.


After Gorman finished speaking, someone spat at him.

Monica’s personal maid, Capella, who had short, fluffy yellow hair and freckles on her nose, looked at Gorman as if she was looking at a dog.

“Gorman, you’re a disgusting man. Master is dead, and we are very sad, especially Lady Monica. How dare you bow to the enemy? Do you think that Blackmoon Castle won’t be wary of you after you become their dog? When Master locked you in the dungeon, I proposed to kill you, but he was merciful and did not do it.”

“Miss Capella is right.”

A few of the maids agreed with the freckled maid.

“We will never bow to Blackmoon Castle.”

“We’re here to take revenge for Master! We will not retreat until we kill everyone in Blackmoon Castle. We will fight until our last moment, and we will shed our last drop of blood.”

Gorman’s face darkened when he heard what they said. He was a strong warrior, and he cared for his reputation.

“Are you courting death?” Gorman stood up as his eyes flashed with unconcealed killing intent. He wanted to wring the necks of those maid servants in front of him.

Those maid servants were not afraid at all; they raised their heads proudly as if they were not scared of death. It was as if Gorman’s actions were exactly what they had wanted.

“Leave this to me.”

Watson stopped Gorman, who was about to make a move and stood in front of the maid servants. He observed them and said, “Wilber and the other manor owners attacked Blackmoon Castle. I was forced to fight back. I can only say that I’m very sorry for their deaths! However, it had nothing to do with you. If you are willing to put down your hatred, then I’m willing to spare your lives.”

“You are not only young, but you are arrogant and stupid as well. Sooner or later, you will die. Do you think we will believe your words?”

A few of the maids looked disgusted.

When Blackmoon Castle had taken over the other manors, Watson’s sayingI came, I saw, I conqueredwas also praised by everyone. Many thought that he was a natural-born emperor; his identity and age could not restrict him. Watson was already a gold-tier warrior at the age of ten, and the establishment of Blackmoon Castle was the best proof anyone needed.

“It’s a pity that you made the wrong choice.”

Watson sighed as he pointed at the maids in front of him.


There was a soft sound. The six maids had shouted in front of him. According to the noblemen’s standards, each woman was a laundry maid, a kitchen maid, a scullery maid, a dairymaid, a casual maid, and a personal maid.

Other than Capella, the other five women’s bodies turned into a ray of light and fused into Capella’s body.


Capella’s eyes stiffened. She twisted her neck with difficulty and lowered her head toward Watson. “Young Master Watson.”

“Very good. Stand at the side.” Watson nodded casually.


The fusion magic could fuse everything. Since it could fuse weapons, minerals, and magical beasts, it meant that it could fuse humans as well. The fusion would not only increase the person’s abilities, but they would obey their master’s every word as well.

“What is this? Magic? Sorcery?”

Monica stared at all of that with her eyes wide open. Her legs trembled when she saw six humans become one. That was too terrifying. The other servants had been acting with righteous indignation, but they were silent at that moment. Even Gorman swallowed his saliva.

Watson and Liszt remained calm, and then there were also the 1000 surrendered soldiers who were hard at work.

Those soldiers looked at Monica and sighed.

“How stupid! She still dares to provoke Young Master Watson? We don’t even dare to bother him. He is not only powerful, but he has also mastered terrifying magic.”

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