My Fusion System: Fusing A Thousand Chickens At The Start Chapter 80

Chapter 79 A Huge Harvest

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Name: Capella

Position: All-rounded maid

Ability: Combines starch washing, cooking, tailoring, and other skills into one, a perfect maid who can perform any household chores.

Strength: Iron-tier

After Watson fused the maids, the corresponding message appeared within his sight.

He knew that fusion magic could fuse humans. However, he could only fuse with people whose strength was inferior to his. For example, Watson was a gold-tier warrior, so he could only fuse with people ranked below that.

Of course, those who had already been fused would not have the same restriction.

For example, the Golden Flash was a product of fusion. So, it would not matter to Watson if the Golden Flash surpassed his strength and became a platinum-tier monster.

Watson had never used the fusion magic to fuse with his subordinates because it meant that he would forcefully change the fate of others. It was not something he could do. However, those people were different; they were his enemies, and they did not want to surrender. Therefore, he did not feel burdened when he fused them.

“With the fusion system, this world is like a game to me! Unfortunately, with my current strength, I can’t fuse with a platinum-tier elite. At the very least, I’ll have to wait until I become a diamond-tier warrior”

Watson muttered to himself and sighed.

If it were not for the system’s restriction, he would not have needed to pretend to be polite with the people at the border. Instead, he would have accepted their invitation and then fused them so that they would be his underlings.

“I’ll ask you againdo you surrender?” Watson asked the people from Wilber Liszt Manor.

“We surrender.”

“You are now our master, Young Master Watson. I only hope that you won’t use magic to turn us into puppets.”

Those people responded hurriedly and cautiously.

They were not afraid if Watson’s magic would destroy them, and that showed their integrity. However, they did not want to be part of Watson’s fusion system. When they saw Capella’s obedience toward Watson, it was apparent that her thoughts had been twisted to a certain extent. A fate as a puppet was worse than death.

At that moment, they began to see Watson differently. He was no longer a cute child but a devil.

“Miss Monica, what about you?”

She had kept quiet.

“I” Monica bit her lips as she lowered her head dejectedly. “As long as you let me go, you can do whatever you want.”

She no longer appeared arrogant and supreme; she knew who was the real master in that situation. The arrogance that she had developed in Wilber Liszt Manor had been suppressed by fear.

“Very good.”

Watson nodded and revealed a shy smile that matched his young age.

“Liszt, bring Miss Monica to the castle. She will be a maid in our manor. As for the others, Gorman can join the Blackmoon Knight and receive a set of bronze-tier armor and a liger later. The others can be our workers and help to repair the castle. If they perform well, they can be promoted and receive one gold coin per month.”

The people’s eyes lit up when they heard that.

Many of them were low-class servants in Wilber Liszt Manor. It was good enough if they could get a few silver coins per month. They did not expect Watson to be so generous with them, and that rekindled their hope for survival.

It seemed like they could accept their fate as a captive in Blackmoon Castle.

“Yes, Young Master Watson,” Liszt replied respectfully before he looked at Monica with pity. “Miss Monica, please come with me!”

Then, the group of people followed Listz and entered Blackmoon Castle in an imposing manner.

Throughout the day, the guards brought more assets and people from the other defeated manors. The resources were divided into categories and piled in the castle. As a result, the number of people in the castle had increased from dozens to thousands, and it was very lively.


Night fell, and Watson sat in front of his study table in his bedroom. He peeled a Rainbow Phoenix Chicken egg gently and stuffed it into his mouth. He looked at the list in front of himit was what Liszt had listed after he accepted all the farm resources.

“First, the Blackmoon Knights. Their number has increased from 30 to 50 men.” Watson muttered in a low voice as he chewed the egg and tasted the fragrance in his mouth.

They had managed to find one or two bronze-tier guards from every defeated manor who had wanted to defect to Blackmoon Castle. Previously, they had been imprisoned in the dungeons by their manor owners. Watson was very grateful to those people.

If it were not for their intention to defect, then the strength of the allied troops that attacked Blackmoon Castle would have been increased by several times fold. Therefore, Watson was very thankful for them. He did not test them; he allowed them to join the Blackmoon Knights. He also gave them bronze-tier armor and a liger.

Those armors and magical beasts were part of the assets sent by the various manors.

Some of those defeated manors traded in magical beasts, some traded in ores, and some even traded weapons. They had all kinds of resources.

Blackmoon Castle obtained a total of 12,000 iron-tier magical beasts, 1,000 bronze-tier magical beasts, 1,000 sets of iron-tier armor and long swords, a total of 100 sets of bronze-tier defensive weapons, and more than 100 pieces of jewelry, and 200,000 gold coins. There were also other items like meat and rice noodles, but he did not count those.

It was a huge harvest, so Watson was excited. “I hope that the other manor owners at the border can be like these ignorant people and attack me and give me rice! If we do this a few more times, then our assets will increase by tens or hundreds of times more; we’d be the largest force at the border.”

Blackmoon Castle had managed to defeat their opponents comprised of more than a dozen manorsthey had proved their strength. The other manors were no fools; they would never send men to test Blackmoon Castle in the short term.

“Master Watson, the hot water is ready. Would you like to take a bath now?”

At that moment, someone pushed the bedroom door open. Wendy, who was in a maid uniform, walked into the room. She was the one who had asked that question.

A yellow-haired maid in a similar uniform stood behind Wendyit was Capella.

“Young Master Watson, I have prepared a bathrobe and a change of clothes for you. I have also cleaned your dirty clothes and the bathroom. When you take a bath, please allow me to scrub your back.”

Capella wrinkled her nose and glanced at Wendy, who had a smug smile on her face.


Wendy’s expression looked a little ugly. Ever since Watson took over the other manors, they had about 3,000 workers to help with the castle’s repair work and an increased number of maids. There were more than 20 of them, and like Capella, they were all professional maids. Wendy had never been a maid before her position in Blackmoon Castle, so she felt a little intimidated as if her role was impacted by the other maids’ presence.

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