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"This feels so good!"

Watson was soaking in the bathtub as he enjoyed Capella and Wendys service.

A waterproof chandelier hung from the ceiling, and it emitted a soft and hazy light. The bathroom was spotless because it had been cleaned, and the floor even reflected that lonely light.

"Young Master Watson, is this okay?"

Capella dabbed the water with a towel gently as she wiped Watsons back before she moved the wet hair that stuck to her face.

Even though Capella looked average, her freckles that symbolized her youth and her rosy cheeks made her look adorable. Furthermore, she was only wrapped in a towel, and her voluptuous body was clearly visible.

"Young Master Watson, the water is a little cold. Do you want me to add some hot water for you?"

Wendy did not want to be outdone. She glanced at Capellas voluptuous body and then looked down at her flat chest, which was also wrapped in a towel, and pursed her lips in disappointment.

"Okay, just do as you wish."

Watson laid against the edge of the bath and rested his head on his arm. There were more than 20 maids in the house, and it was time to choose a head housemaid. He also wanted each of his family members to have a maid each to serve them.

He tentatively decided that the head housemaids would be Wendy and Capella, and those two were also his personal maids.

"Young Master Watson, can you really do as I say? Then I wont stand on ceremony."

Capellas eyes lit up. She grabbed the ribbon wrapped around her waist and pulled it off gently. She took off her bathrobe and pressed her body against Watsons back. Then she rubbed against Watsons back with her breasts. She even applied soap on them so that her movements would be smooth.


It was so comfortable that Watson exclaimed in surprise.

He did not expect Capella would be so bold to do such a thing. Young Watson immediately reacted.

"Young Master, are you not feeling well?" Capella moved closer to Watsons ear and blew on it gently. "This is how I usually bathe Miss Monica. If you are not satisfied, then I can change to another position."

"No, this is fine."

Watson shook his head with a reddened face and moved his burning face into his arms.

That was the legendary service known as the Ripple Push, Watson shouted in his mind. Did Capella really use that method to help Monica with her bath?

Was Monica the legendary yuri? When he thought about how the two women would have hugged and rubbed against each other repeatedly in the bathtub, he felt a warm sensation in his nose. That scene was too beautiful for him to ponder!

He had transmigrated to that world for almost half a year. He had never thought that he would receive such treatment. However, his body was still a child, and he was the nominal owner of Blackmoon Castle. He could not lose his reputation.

Why did I have to transmigrate as the youngest man in this family? If I had transmigrated to be the same age as my eldest brother, then I could have taken care of these two maids. Watson complained as he suppressed his impulses.

He had not hit puberty, so for the sake of the future, he did not plan to lose his virginity so soon.

"Wendy, do you want to join in the fun?" As he enjoyed himself, Watson waved at Wendy, who was stunned.

"Young master, I Ill pass. Ill go boil some more water."

Wendy got up shyly and ran out of the bathroom in a flash. She leaned against the door outside the bathroom as her fingers clutched the towel tightly; she panted intensely. "How can I do such a shameful thing? Young Master, youre bullying me."


Watson enjoyed Capellas service for an hour before he continued with his bath. When he was done, he changed into a white robe before he told Capella to assemble all the maids in the house.

Allen, Liszt, and the other Blackmoon Knights were also there with him.

"Allen, Liszt, William, step forward! The three of you killed the most enemies in that battle, so I will fulfill my promise. You have the right to choose one of the manors that we seized. And except for Wendy and Capella, you are free to choose any of these maids to be your personal maid."

Watson smiled at the three of them.

He had made a promise during the battle with the allied forces of the manors. Those who killed the most enemies would be rewarded with a manor. Allen had killed the most enemies; he had killed more than 300 men. Liszt also killed more than 300 people, but still less than Allen, while William killed about 100 enemies. They were very impressive!

Allen looked solemn, and the corners of his lips revealed the anticipation in his heart.

He had remembered every word that Watson had said, and he had been waiting for the young masters announcement. He had finally gotten it.

Liszt said, "Thank you, Young Master Watson." Then, he stepped forward as well. He might have looked calm, but the muscles of cheeks twitched slightly, a subtle motion that indicated differently. He had been living in a small house with his parents, and he never thought that he would become a silver-tier warrior, let alone own a manor of his own. He could bring his parents with him and not bother Young Master Watson any longer.

William was the most excited one among the three of them. He was a burly man and as big as a giant bear. His tanned face was full of facial hair, and he was grinning from ear to ear.

When they had their first round of tests in Blackmoon Castle, he was the first one to apply for it. However, he had failed both tests, but Watson still accepted him. He had the highest attack power among the bronze-tier warriors during the battle, and he had risked his life to kill the enemy. So he deserved to get rewarded.

He had not dared to think about his own manor, but he would get one that belonged to himself. He would be a manor owner.

The other knights, including those who had just joined,looked at them with envy. They clenched their fists as they made up their minds. If a similar battle were to happen in the future, they would definitely perform well and strive to stand out among the knights. They knew that Watson would reward them handsomely.

"Weve seized many manors. The first one is the Wilber Liszt Manor. It covers an area of 5,000 square meters and has a farm and a courtyard with a fountain. It has about 100 rooms, which makes it the largest manor on the list. The second one is Zangwill Manor. Even though it is not as big as the previous one, it has a better environment. It has a polo field"

Watson told him the information he had read in his bedroom; he listed all the strengths and weaknesses of each manor.

"Young Master Watson, I will choose Zangwill Manor." As the one who had killed the most enemies, Allen was the first to make a choice.

Everyone was puzzled; they did not understand why he did not choose the biggest Wilber Liszt Manor.

Allen scratched his head as he explained, "My parents died more than ten years ago, and I dont have any other relatives in my family. Its not enjoyable for me to live in such a big manor. Itll give me a headache to keep it clean. Therefore, I prefer a manor with a good environment."

Watson nodded in agreement. "I shall fulfill your request. From now on, Zangwill Manor is yours; it will be renamed the Allen Manor! In addition to that, you can also choose one of the maids."

Allen swept his gaze past Watson. There were more than 20 maids who were so nervous that they were pinching the corners of their clothes. He pointed at a pretty girl with curly chestnut hair and looked about 20 years old. "Ill take her."

Allen was very excited when he had chosen, and the maid was excited as well. She would soon live in a huge manor. If she put in more effort and had sex with Allen, she would be the mistress of the manor. Then, she would also become an official member of Blackmoon Castle.

If they had to choose between a role as the mistress of the manor, or a maid under someone elses command, it was easy to tell which they would want.

The other maids, who had not been chosen, were not discouraged either. Instead, they puffed their chests and waited for the next round of selection. They still had two more chances.

In the tense and exciting atmosphere, Liszt and William made their choices, one after another. Liszt chose a maid who looked honest and capable and the Wilber Liszt Manor, and William chose a manor with its own training ground and a petite maid in her prime.

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