My Gorgeous Wife Chapter 3794

Chapter 3787: Ice Planet

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Bai Xiaoning seemed to touch, but still didn't say much.

The father and son were in a rare dilemma to be able to talk heart-to-heart together, and after drinking some alcohol, Chen Yang took Bai Xiaoning to visit the black hole spar.

Chen Yang introduced all the mysteries in the black hole spar to Bai Xiaoning.

As well as his personal feelings, and some rules, etc., all will be explained to Bai Xiaoning in detail. Including things encountered when absorbing some rules...

Bai Xiaoning listened very fascinated, he was also a cultivator, and of course he admired people who were more knowledgeable than himself. Especially this person is still his father...

Before, in his heart, his mother was heaven. He once missed his father, but it became a kind of rebellion and hatred over time.

But now, after Chen Yang returned, he was completely shocked by the supreme coercion and coercion.

Chen Yang took him to visit the black hole spar, also wanting to let him know that the universe is big and the truth is small!

Only by seeing the vastness of the world can you know that you are a frog at the bottom of the well!

The frog at the bottom of the well is not terrible. The terrible thing is that you are at the bottom of the well, but you think that the bottom of the well is the world.

The black hole spar flew all the way in the void, and after five days, it reached the Danube Star!

Danube star covered in snow!

When entering Danube, Chen Yang sealed Bai Xiaoning with a black hole spar. Bai Xiaoning couldn't perceive the situation outside.

Danube is still the same as before, covered in snow and ice!

Chen Yang's spirit shot the entire Danube Star, and quickly locked the Purple Mansion.

In the information fed back to my mind, Dunau has been calm for more than a hundred years.

Chen Yang breathed a sigh of relief, and then came to the sky above the Purple Mansion.

The Purple Mansion was shrouded in a barrier, and Chen Yang broke through the barrier and entered the square in front of the Purple Mansion Palace...

When he entered, he immediately alarmed the disciples in the Purple Mansion. The figure flickered, and four lightning flashes came and surrounded him in the center.

"Who?" the four female disciples shouted.

Chen Yang wanted to see Meng Qingchen soon, and was not in the mood to entangle with them, so he flashed again and quickly entered the palace.

With his divine mind shooting, it has been found that Meng Qingchen is meditating in the study of Zifu.

And there was only Meng Qingchen in the study.

Meng Qingchen at this time is no different from Meng Qingchen a hundred years ago. Although time is cruel, it is difficult to leave a mark on the monk.

She still wore long purple hair, beautiful and dusty.

But the temperament is still slightly different.

It seems more calm than before.

After Chen Yang arrived, a disciple from outside immediately ran to report, but before entering the door, Meng Qingchen sent a voice message: "Don't worry about it."

The disciples retired now.

Meng Qingchen closed her eyes cross-legged to meditate from beginning to end, and Chen Yang came in, but she did not open her eyes either.

Chen Yang knew immediately that she was angry.

Yes, I said at first that it was ten or eight years ago, but this time it has gone for a hundred years...

After a dry cough, he came to Meng Qingchen's face. Seeing that she didn't open his eyes, he simply leaned forward and wanted to give a kiss.

Meng Qingchen's cultivation base has also reached the seventh level of Creation Realm, where Chen Yang will be allowed to succeed, and his figure flashes, and he sits down on a chair in front of him. She looked at Chen Yang faintly and coldly, and said, "Are you suddenly remembering that there is still my Meng Qingchen on Danube?"

Chen Yang sighed and said, "You are ashamed to question me?"

Meng Qingchen said: "Why am I embarrassed? You were like this last time, this time you are still like this. How do you tell me to trust you?"

Chen Yang said: "The first time I was wrong, but this time, your husband and I almost died in a foreign country. I know I went to find a husband in thousands of miles with others and saved me from danger. If you don't save me, I will come here. Blame me? Doesn't this make sense?"

When he said this, Meng Qingchen was taken aback and said, "You are in danger?"

Chen Yang was also a preemptive strike, not only did not admit his mistakes, but also came first to criticize. He immediately said: "It's not good luck. I don't know how many times I'm going to die. This time I went to Tianhe Divine Kingdom and encountered a big problem. Would you like to listen to me and talk about it? I'll tell you that I just came back just a few days ago. When I came back, I was with Susu and Qiao Ning. So I didn't come here to find you the first time. But after I returned to Earth, I came back soon."

Meng Qingchen's resentment disappeared.

Chen Yang complained again and said, "Hey, Susu knows that I will run back to the earth to ask my whereabouts. You have not looked for me for a hundred years. I am so sad!"

Meng Qingchen felt a little embarrassed at once, and took the initiative to get up to Chen Yang's side, holding his hand, and expecting Ai Ai: "I...people thought you were like before, so I was gambling with you. You. Don't be angry with me, okay?"

Chen Yang was amused when she saw her rarely showing this pitiful look, but still sternly said, "It's okay not to be angry, it depends on how you compensate me."

Meng Qingchen said softly: "How do you want me to compensate?" Chen Yang hugged her waist, then kissed her, and whispered: "You understand."

Meng Qingchen blushed immediately.

Next, some ups and downs are indispensable.

Speaking of it, Chen Yang also found it ridiculous, after all, his son Bai Xiaoning was still sealed in the black hole spar. The only thing that reassures him is that with Bai Xiaoning's cultivation base, it is absolutely impossible to see what is happening outside.

Meng Qingchen opened the door of the void and quickly reached the bed in her palace with Chen Yang.

I don't know how long it took before the rain and thunder stopped.

What is left for each other is endless satisfaction.

The long drought meets the rain, hearty and full of satisfaction!

After that, Chen Yang asked her daughter Meng Tinglan again. Meng Qingchen told Chen Yang that Tinglan had changed her surname to Chen.

Now it's called Chen Tinglan!

Chen Tinglan is now over a hundred years old.

Her cultivation reached the second level of the creation realm...

Chen Tinglan has been very stable and well-behaved over the years, and is no longer the wild girl back then. That little unicorn has also been with Chen Tinglan...

"She read the letter you left to her very seriously and forgave you. In fact, she missed you all these years. She often asked me why you have not come." Meng Qingchen said.

Chen Yang said: "I really miss her a bit, let's go see her now!"

Meng Qingchen gave Chen Yang a white look, and said, "You are finished enjoying it, so you will immediately pick up your pants and deny your wife."

Chen Yang laughed and said, "How can it be, besides, I am not enjoying it alone. Don't you also enjoy it?"

Meng Qingchen's face blushed again.

Afterwards, the two put on their clothes and finished ordering.

Next, Meng Qingchen wanted to send Chen Tinglan over. Chen Yang stopped, and said: "Let's go find her. I am so unreliable as a father, I can't put on airs anymore."

Meng Qingchen smiled and said: "Well, you know you know it!"

When I saw Chen Tinglan, Chen Tinglan was meditating in the snow in the back mountain.

There have never been many ways of entertainment for monks.

Chen Yang saw a mighty unicorn lying obediently beside a young girl from a distance. The girl looked only seventeen or eighteen, with black hair and azure blue eyes.

She is so beautiful, like an elf in the world.

"Ting Lan, see, who is here?" Meng Qingchen shouted when he was ten meters away.

The girl opened her eyes and saw Chen Yang for the first time.

In fact, before Chen Yang and Meng Qingchen arrived, Chen Tinglan had already sensed it. I also guessed that my father had arrived...

Only for a while, she didn't seem to be mentally prepared.

But right now, I can't help but face it.

She stood up and walked quickly to the front of Chen Yang and Meng Qingchen.

Chen Yang looked at Chen Tinglan, and after Chen Tinglan shouted his mother, he also looked at Chen Yang.

"Father!" Chen Tinglan opened his mouth diligently, and shouted out his father.

Chen Yang was happy with flowers in his heart, and replied loudly: "Eh!" Then he touched his head, a little at a loss, and said: "Tinglan has grown up so big, it's really not good for me to be a dad. I have been with you." After a pause, he said: "I'm sorry, Ting Lan, I was my father..."

"Father, you don't need to apologize to me!" Chen Tinglan smiled and said: "I understand all of your painstaking efforts, and I really appreciate your cruelty back then. Don't give your daughter a vicious medicine, the daughter is still I dont know the sky is high and the earth is thick."

Chen Yang smiled, and said, "That's true. Your mother didn't know the sky and the earth are great, so I taught him a lesson. You don't think you are a knowledgeable person now."

Meng Qingchen kicked Chen Yang's **** and said, "I'll go to you!"

Chen Yang laughed.

Chen Tinglan couldn't help but laugh...

Reunion again, I am so happy.

After that, Chen Yang entered the Purple Mansion Palace with Meng Qingchen and Chen Tinglan.

Meng Qingchen arranged for the people below to prepare wine and food.

They get together as a family, but they don't want any outsiders to join in.

Chen Yang also began to talk about this trip to the stars.

In the view of marriage and love on Danube, especially there is no monogamy among such monks. So Chen Tinglan also knows that Chen Yang has other wives and children on earth.

Chen Yang went to the Star Territory to look for Qiao Ning and others, and Chen Tinglan also knew.

Chen Yang then talked about going to the Tianhe Kingdom, which was destroyed by the Eternal Star Territory.

In grief and anger, he reincarnated and so on!

Difficulties, dangers, and dangers were discussed one by one, until finally he recognized the blue and purple clothes, Qiao Ning. And let the Eternal Star Territory almost disappear, etc...

After speaking, he said, "This is why I have been there for so long this time."

Chen Tinglan said sincerely: "Father, you are amazing!"

She is not jealous, because Chen Yang thought of them when he said that he made the decision to reincarnate. At that time, he felt that no matter what, they were still fine. And he must do something for his dead wife and children.

Meng Qingchen couldn't understand Chen Yang's character better, and he could also imagine the kind of grief he felt at the beginning. She was also moved after hearing this!

Meng Qingchen felt very sorry, because she hadn't inquired about Chen Yang in these years.

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