My Gorgeous Wife Chapter 3795

Chapter 3788: Tears In The Afterlife

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Chen Yang didn't blame Meng Qingchen, on the contrary, he understood Meng Qingchen very well and felt sorry.

Because she had escaped from her at the beginning, she hadn't returned for a hundred years this time, and she thought she was running away from her again.

This is the hurt that I brought to her, so that strong women like her have such a humble mood.

Chen Yang later said: "Yes, Qing Chen. It seems that the earth is no longer suitable for us people to survive. I was thinking, I will let them all move to this Danube in the future. Of course, this is just my preliminary stage. Imagination. First of all, it depends on whether you want it or not, and it also depends on whether it is appropriate."

Meng Qingchen was startled slightly, and then he said: "Donau Star is so big, they don't live with me when they come. I don't care." After a pause, he said: "As for whether it is suitable or not, I can't say it. . For now, the ecosystem of Danube is okay. I just dont know if there are too many masters, whether it will destroy the system and aura." She did not refuse, but expressed her real concerns.

Chen Yang said: "This is just my idea, I haven't discussed it with them yet. But it's not in a hurry now, let's talk about it later!"

Meng Qingchen nodded and said, "I will listen to your arrangements anyway!"

Chen Yang smiled, feeling very much for her to show her face in front of her daughter.

After that, Chen Yang took out a fairy artifact.

This fairy artifact is the tears of the next life, he found in the treasure of the Insect Emperor.

"Qing Chen, this is for you!" Chen Yang had long been determined to send the tears of the next life to Meng Qingchen. He found an opportunity at this moment and took it out.

He prepared the Nebula Electric Talisman for Qiao Ning, the Bridge of Fallen Soul for Lan Ziyi, and the Eight-Pole Thunder Bead for Black Suzhen.

As for Situ Ling'er, he has always had the eyes of the heavens.

Shen Mo Nong's side was not that he was partial, but that he gave her a magic weapon that was too good to use.

The tears of the next life are like a blue diamond with a crystal clear tear in the middle of the diamond. Chen Yang hasn't studied this thing in particular, just know that it's a good thing.

Meng Qingchen didn't care what gift Chen Yang gave, and took it at will. Then, the magic power came in naturally.

Chen Yang and Chen Tinglan soon saw her expressions start to change, and then they were short of breath.

Obviously, she was aware of the benefits of this baby!

"It's actually a fairy!" Meng Qingchen was surprised, and said: "There is a huge world in this fairy. The tears contain the laws of the universe and the laws of time, as well as the laws of nightmare, once they are displayed. , It can make people fall into a demon barrier, and it is difficult to extricate themselves. And around the tears, this blue thing is made of the hardest star stone, which can condense with the tears into sword energy, and can also be turned into a barrier!"

"There are still spirits!" Meng Qingchen was pleasantly surprised again and again, and then ignored Chen Tinglan's presence, held Chen Yang's head in public, and kissed his lips fiercely.

Chen Tinglan was fed this handful of dog food, feeling a little unhappy, and said, "Father, what about me? Don't you have anything good for me?"

With a smile, Chen Yang took out some Taoist artifacts from Jie Xumi, and gave Chen Tinglan a large amount of pill, and said, "Immortal artifacts are something you can't find, but when you come to you, you won't have it."

He actually has a fairy artifact called Forgotten Immortal Mansion!

But even if Chen Tinglan's cultivation base had reached the creation realm, he still couldn't give it to Chen Tinglan. Because a bowl of water is uneven...

There are still so many children.

So I didn't tell Chen Tinglan at all.

Chen Tinglan also said casually, seeing that the things his father took out at this time were all good things, so he took it happily.

After that, Chen Tinglan took the unicorn out to rest.

Chen Yang and Meng Qingchen slept together at night.

This night, I refused to rest even for a moment, and the love was endless.

When it was light, the two men embraced and fell asleep.

Chen Yang spent a week in Danube, and this week was accompanied by Meng Qingchen and Chen Tinglan. He also cultivated spiritually with Meng Qingchen, and pointed out some obstacles in her practice. He also told Chen Tinglan some principles in his practice and so on.

A week later, the time is ripe.

Chen Yang talked about another purpose of this trip in front of Chen Tinglan and Meng Qingchen.

When I said that, I was in Meng Qingchen's bedroom.

Chen Yang talked about Bai Xiaoning's son, including the purpose of bringing him here this time. He talked about how absurd Bai Xiaoning was, and he abolished his cultivation level, and so on.

After listening to Chen Tinglan, he couldn't help but said, "My brother, he is even more evil than I was back then! But I didn't get rid of that place early by my father, and now I am just like him."

Meng Qingchen had concerns, and said, "Bai Suzhen is not a fuel-efficient lamp. I will fix his son. She will be unreasonable then, and I will not fix her."

Chen Yang said: "You can rest assured that if she is really making troubles unreasonably, I will not let her. You should understand me. I can compromise on many things, but no one can change my mind if I don't compromise. This child I must educate him well. If he is still stubborn, I can ban him for a lifetime."

Meng Qingchen said: "Have you... have you discussed with Bai Suzhen?"

Chen Yang said: "I can't talk about it. I took people away in front of her. She didn't know that I brought Bai Xiaoning here."

Meng Qingchen said: "This task is a bit difficult!"

Chen Yang smiled and said, "Aren't you still afraid of vegetarianism?"

Meng Qingchen is also a strong person, so excited by Chen Yang, he immediately said: "I'm afraid of her? What a joke."

Chen Yang said: "Okay, if there is no problem, I will leave him with you. After that, I will go back to the earth first. Anyway, it is also close to come from the earth. I will come and find your mother when I have time."

Meng Qingchen said: "Okay!"

Chen Yang said to Chen Tinglan again: "Tinglan, you and Xiao Ning are not much different in age. You are a sister, and Haosheng looks at him. If he doesn't change, you will beat him."

Chen Tinglan smiled and said, "I'm good at this."

After Chen Yang left Bai Xiaoning down, he left Donau.

Bai Xiaoning was in a state of lethargy in the black hole spar, and when he woke up, he was on a bed in a bedroom.

After sitting up, I looked around and saw that the bedroom was fragrant and elegant.

Bai Xiaoning seldom comes into contact with modern technology, because he had been practicing with Suzhen in black in the universe before, and later he cultivated too high. So he has basically never been to the Great Thousand World...

The bedroom here is very similar to everything on earth, and he almost thought he was back on earth.

But he thinks it should not be.

He knew that his father would never give up halfway.

Get up and move the lower joints. There is no physical problem at all, but the brain is damaged...Once the activity is large, you will feel very tired.

It is difficult for him to concentrate on thinking about problems now.

He knew that he needed a lot of pills, and if there were some particularly good elixir, he could quickly repair his brain damage. Once the injury in his brain is healed, his mana will be naturally full, thus regaining his cultivation.

The lack of cultivation base makes him feel very frustrated and resentful!

But they couldn't resist.

He wanted to kneel down in front of his father and plead, praying that he could let himself go.

But the dignity that remained did not allow him to do so, and he knew that his father would not agree.

Bai Xiaoning took a deep breath, got out of bed, and came to the window.

Opening the window, the cold wind and snow poured in.

He suddenly felt a little chill, and it was icy and snowy outside.

There are many trees on the periphery of the snowfield. The trees are already covered with snow, and the branches are bent.

He especially wanted to go out to get some fresh air, so he went out of the bedroom regardless of the cold.

This is actually a wooden house in the snow. After leaving the wooden house, I walked deep in the snow and lightly.

After a few steps, the shoes under my feet were soaked.

The biting chill soaks the bone marrow...

Bai Xiaoning became irritable again, and if the cultivation base was on his body, he could let the world melt away with his hands up.

He is a stubborn person. Although he feels cold, he still doesn't go back to the house, but goes farther and farther in the snow.

He walked for a full hour, and an hour later, he was far away from the wooden house.

He walked to a cliff, and when he looked back, he realized that he was on a mountain peak.

Looking around from here, I found that it is surrounded by mountains...

The dark clouds in the sky continue...

"What the **** is this?" Bai Xiaoning cursed.

He couldn't wait to jump off the cliff. After a hundred, he took a step with his thoughts, but he drew back.

Between life and death, after all, I still reluctant to die.

Moreover, if you really choose to die, what's the point?

Father will definitely not let himself die, he will only despise himself even more!

On this cliff, Bai Xiaoning stayed at night, and his whole body was frozen stiff.

Finally, I couldn't help it.

He began to return to the previous wooden house, this time he went back and walked for a full two hours.

The moment he returned to the wooden house, he felt so satisfied when he took off his clothes and shrank to the bed.

After waking up the next day, Bai Xiaoning found that there was a lot of mortal food in the house. My stomach was really hungry, so I couldn't control so much, so I ate some dry food hungrily.

Let's say that after five days, Chen Yang returned to Earth.

This time, I went to Shennong World for the first time and called Suzhen Black to come out to meet again.

The two met again on the mountain peak.

The sun is still shining...

Dressed in black, Suzhen in black looked at Chen Yang coldly.

Chen Yang smiled and said, "It seems that you don't want to know about Xiao Ning's situation, then I'm leaving."

Suzhen in black suddenly became anxious, and said: "You stop!"

Chen Yang grinned and said: "You give me a pleasure to uncle, and I will tell your son what's going on."

"I'm not in the mood to joke with you." Black Suzhen said coldly.

Chen Yang said: "Then I'm leaving."

"Dare you!" Black Suzhen grabbed Chen Yang's hand.

Chen Yang took the opportunity to hug her, she tried hard to break away, but Chen Yang refused. "Do you want to hear me?"

Black-clothed Suzhen stopped struggling, but she could see that she was still out of anger!

Chen Yang said: "Well, it's hard to make you happy. If you take the initiative to kiss me, I'll tell you well."

Suzhen in black was silent for a while, and finally kissed Chen Yang on the cheek.

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