My Gorgeous Wife Chapter 3796

Chapter 3789: Meeting Of The Century

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Chen Yang's attitude towards Suzhen Black has changed. If Suzhen in black was a goddess that was difficult for him to touch before, even if the two had a physical relationship, she would feel that she might leave at any time.

But now it's different.

The two already have a child, which is a fact that can never be changed.

At the same time, Chen Yang's cultivation base really followed, so his waist became straighter.

He especially likes to see Suzhen in black become soft and soft in front of him...

"I can tell your son's situation, and even take you to have a look, but you must never disturb him." Chen Yang said at this time.

Black Suzhen's eyes were overjoyed, and said: "Really?"

Chen Yang said: "I don't actually tell you where he is the best."

Black Suzhen snorted coldly, and said: "From the number of days you have been out, what else is there except Danube? Do you really think I am stupid?"

Chen Yang patted his head and said, "I rely on it, it's sloppy."

Suzhen in black said, "Go, go to Donau Star now."

Chen Yang said: "Wait a minute!"

Suzhen in black said, "What are you doing?"

Chen Yang said, "Don't go so fast, what will be the result of these few days?"

Suzhen in black said: "I'll take a look, see if he is well, I'll come back, right?"

Chen Yang had nothing to do with Suzhen in black, and said: "Okay, okay!"

So the two quickly left the world of Shennong, then left the earth, and flew towards the star Donau.

On the way to fly, Chen Yangzheng had a cordial conversation with Suzhen in black.

He said, "Susu, look at me."

Suzhen in black looked at Chen Yang.

Chen Yang said: "I'm definitely not kidding Xiao Ning's punishment. You must not think about anything in the middle. Otherwise, it will only make things more embarrassing. My son can't be a bad kind. , This is my bottom line. If he keeps going bad, I still say that, I will imprison him for the rest of my life. Therefore, whether he can have an upright life in the future depends on whether you cooperate with me. Disciplined."

Black Suzhen did not speak.

Chen Yang looked at her, and after a long while, said: "Why don't you speak anymore?"

Hei Suzhen rolled her eyes and said, "I think something is wrong."

Chen Yang said: "What's wrong?"

Suzhen in black snorted and said: "You are amazing now. You used to be conscientious and cautious in front of me. Now you still have to teach me? I gave birth to you a son. You will eat me. Isn't it? Tell you, I angered me, grandma and aunt I caught you in the same way."

She seemed to have only realized the incident at this moment.

Chen Yang laughed.

Then he approached her with a shy face, hugged her arm, and said coquettishly: "That's something, don't I still treasure you?"

Hei Suzhen vomited and said, "Don't be coquettish. I'm going to throw up disgusting food overnight."

Chen Yang also got upright and said, "Susu, look, even if you used to be self-willed. Then you are a person with clear grievances, right? If you say, I mean if your sister is still alive. There is a man Insult your sister for no reason, and because your sister is crying, then the man will kill him. Do you think such a man is a demon? Isnt it scary? Lets not look at Xiaonings incident with a filter. If this The incident happened to my daughter, and I chased that man to the end of the world and killed him. Su Yue does not have a strong background like ours, but this does not mean that Xiao Ning's incident is not so bad. You want your son to continue Is it a demon?"

Hei Suzhen sighed and said, "Well, I know you are right. If I didn't tell myself in my heart, you were right. Do you really think you took him away? Just anyway, he They are all my sons, and I still feel a little bit reluctant. Why are you so hard-hearted?"

Chen Yang smiled and said: "It's not hard to talk about hard-heartedness. The sacrifices I made to Nian-ci can be the same for Xiaoning. It is all my son, and I feel distressed. However, he is like this, I have to Discipline." After a pause, "I haven't told you about something."

Suzhen in black said: "Oh?"

Chen Yang said: "I told you that the daughter Meng Qingchen gave birth to me was Tinglan."

Suzhen in black said: "What?"

Chen Yang said, "Don't you think you are very similar to Meng Qingchen?"

Suzhen in black said: "She was so bad at the beginning, how am I like her?"

Chen Yang gave a dry cough and said, "That's all in the past. In short, you have two babies and one virtue. When I went to see Tinglan, I was also arrogant and willful, and regarded human life like a musty."

Suzhen in black suddenly became interested and said, "Oh?"

Chen Yang said, "I also taught her a lesson."

"Also beaten up?" Suzhen in black said.

"That's not true!" Chen Yang said.

"You are partial!" said Suzhen in black. Chen Yang smiled bitterly and said, "Why is that the same? Of course boys and girls have different education methods. Can you still listen to the latter?"

Suzhen in black said: "Let's talk about it!"

Chen Yang said: "I threw her to a strange place and let her live on her own. I also found her a new master. In short, she suffered a lot. This time I went to see her. The little girl is already pretty good. ."

Black Suzhen said: "It's just...Xiao Ning is already this big after all. He and Ting Lan can't be the same."

Chen Yang said: "So he is more difficult to handle than Tinglan. To be honest, I don't have much confidence in whether he can be brought over. If by any chance he is always inferior and difficult to correct, then I will keep him by my side. Alone. Its no good to put it next to you, you are too easy to be soft-hearted."

"He can definitely change it," Suzhen Black said. It seemed to comfort Chen Yang, and it seemed to comfort himself.

Five days later, Chen Yang and Black Suzhen finally reached Dunau.

Along the way, Chen Yang did not make affectionate with Suzhen Black, mainly because the two were in a bad mood. Suzhen in black was always worried about her son, and Chen Yang couldn't help it even for a moment.

After arriving at Donau Star, Chen Yang and Hei Suzhen did not alarm Meng Qingchen. Chen Yang took Suzhen in black to hide in the clouds, observing Bai Xiaoning's situation with divine thoughts.

With the cultivation bases of him and Suzhen in black, Bai Xiaoning was definitely not aware of it.

At this time, Bai Xiaoning was still in the icy mountain forest hut, but he had learned to cook and eat by himself, go out to find firewood and so on.

Suzhen in black was relieved to see her son safe and sound.

At the same time, I couldn't help asking Chen Yang: "What does it mean to put him here alone?"

Chen Yang said, "He was born too smoothly. He used to be quiet. When he was sitting, he was focused on cultivating. Now I disperse all his mana. Without the aid of the pill, he did not practice well in a short time. So now, he It is completely in a state of life. He needs to stop for a while and calm down. When he can really get used to this kind of life and really calm down, I will plan for his next step."

Suzhen Black was a little skeptical, and said: "Is this possible?"

Chen Yang said: "It is not good to be famous as a teenager, and it is easy to be arrogant. Only those who are late bloomers can really understand how to cherish. A child who is rich from a young age can hardly know the hardships of ordinary people. On the contrary, after a poor person becomes rich, he will understand One meal and one meal are hard to come by. Of course, some people will retaliate after they become rich. So this still depends on personal knowledge and background. Xiao Ning has followed you since childhood, too eager for quick success."

Suzhen in black said: "It's all my fault!"

Chen Yang said, "That's not good, you really have to bear a lot of responsibility."

Hei Suzhen rolled her eyes and stopped talking.

The two of them kept observing Bai Xiaoning's state, and Bai Xiaoning seemed to have calmed down.

After he finished his meal, he cleaned the dishes and chopsticks. After being bored, I picked up the book on the shelf and read it.

In this wooden house, there are not only food, but also many books.

The book was carefully selected by Chen Yang and Meng Qingchen.

It's not some books that talk about great principles, but some interesting novels. But these novels all have very correct values and so on.

Suzhen in black couldn't help asking Chen Yang: "After he calms down, what do you want to do in the second step?"

Chen Yang said, "Let him worship Qingchen as his teacher and re-practice in Zifu."

Suzhen in black said, "Meng Qingchen's three views are not very correct, right?"

Chen Yang said: "You can't use the old yellow calendar to see people."

Suzhen in black said: "Well, when can I see him?"

Chen Yang said: "You must not see him. When you can see him, you have to wait for me to judge. When he really grows up and is fully mature, you can come to see him again. But you can visit him secretly!"

Suzhen in black said, "I want to meet Meng Qingchen!"

Chen Yang said, "I have this intention." After a pause, he said, "What do you want to say to Meng Qingchen?"

Black Suzhen said: "Don't worry, I won't threaten her."

Chen Yang gave a dry laugh.

After that, Chen Yang arranged for Suzhen in black and Meng Qingchen to meet.

In the clouds, in the black hole spar, in the villa of Jie Xumi.

Chen Yang wanted to participate in this meeting of the century, but Suzhen in black refused to join Chen Yang.

This made Chen Yang a little bit on fire...

In the villa of Jiexumi, Suzhen in black covered the surroundings with dark elements, and it was difficult for Chen Yang to spy.

After Black Clothes Suzhen and Meng Qingchen took their seats, Meng Qingchen first smiled bitterly and said, "I didn't think we would meet here."

Suzhen in black smiled lightly and said, "Chen Yang, that guy must be very scared of our two meetings now."

Meng Qingchen couldn't help but smile, and then said: "Don't worry, I will take care of Xiao Ning."

Black Suzhen said: "Thank you!" Then he said: "I know all the things about you and Chen Yang in Tyrannical Star. Qingchen, although we have been opposed before, I know that you are a true temperament. Woman. And, both of us. There are similarities in personalities."

Meng Qingchen moved slightly, and she was happy to be recognized by a strange woman like Suzhen in black.

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