My Infinite Monster Clone Chapter 1180

Chapter 1166: Soulless man

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The days of wandering are really hard to live!

"Do we need anything to prepare?" the senior civilized hurriedly asked Shangbang.

After a while.

Reply came:

"Shrink the space deployment, and the light gate temporarily stops traveling."


After receiving the reply, the wandering planet civilization immediately began to deploy. Considering various needs, they deployed a large number of spaceships around the parent star.


Early warning!



The nearby group received a contraction order.

Far away.

Never mind.

Too late.

And now that space technology is advanced, even if the planet suddenly turns, those spacecraft can keep up. At the same time, alarms sounded at the doors of all spaces.

Non-combat category.

It was an important situation alert, except that it was impassable, but not many people panicked.

. . .

After half an hour.

Lin Shan arrived.

Go to the star core, release the dark second, and start the operation.


Countless people felt the picture flashed before them.


"God... changed!"


The high-level civilized eyes stared roundly. Although they had received planetary reversal data before, they were shocked when they fell directly on themselves!

"Report! The home planet's trajectory has changed!"


"Report! The home planet is accelerating!"


"Report! The trajectory of the parking direction is overlapping!!"


The supercomputer is constantly running, calculating the trajectories of the planets and stars. Even if the direction is adjusted properly and the speed is not enough, they cannot intersect.



As the speed of the parent star increases.

The trajectory of the planet is getting closer to the trajectory of the parking back to the star system.



"Report! The speed of the home planet has stopped increasing!"


"Report! The speed of the home planet is stable!"


Seeing such data, the senior civilization was shocked once again, and then excited, because at this rate, it will return in about a year.

"Haha! Great!"

"You can go home."

"No more wandering."


With joy, they had enough days without sunshine.

Although the beast stars have sunlight, they are very clear that it is not their territory. Among the major civilizations, their own civilization strength does not have the slightest advantage.


No matter how big.

No matter how good.

It has nothing to do with them.

The only habitat he can count on is the home star.

. . . . .

at this time.


No hundreds of people have also seen this scene.

"Ah! The sky has changed!"



The entire starry sky changed, and the people suddenly panicked. Fortunately, the reason was quickly reported to the world.

"Don't panic, everyone. This is a powerful method used by Shangbang to change the direction of the parent star. It is currently mooring to the trajectory of the protostar at high speed."

"Not only that."

"All the massive planets in the proto-star system have changed their orbits and are on their way home."

"one year later."

"We will be able to embrace the sun again on the home planet."


The senior management did not conceal the slightest, nor did they intend to grab merit.

No way.

They really couldn't grab it, and they didn't dare. Lin Shan's method, they almost knelt and watched. Even if they wanted to break their heads, they couldn't figure out how to do it.

. . .

One listen.

Civilized people are shocked.

"What? Shangbang still has this method?"


"Too strong!"


They didn't know what it was, but they could imagine that it would be extremely powerful, and it would directly change the trajectory of the planets almost insensibly.

Still instantaneous!

Even in sci-fi works, there has never been such a brain hole.

I was shocked.

It is thanks.



At a loss.


During this period, they have experienced too much. Only when they are truly wandering can they experience the kind of loneliness and bathing in the light of stars. How long have they not experienced it?

long time.

long time!

From the psychological process, I feel that it is a long-term thing.

it's good now.

Can go home.

This Shangbang is really awesome. The uncomfortable feeling under the fence was originally a little bit uncomfortable. At this moment, the smoke disappeared and there was a thigh to hold. It was great!

. . .

After finishing the wandering planet, Lin Shan left.

Back to the beast star.

Goal: New civilization.


When he arrived at the gate of space, Lin Shan looked at everything in front of him, a little weird. This civilization has established a firm foothold on the Beast Star and has built a huge base.

"Da da!"




The war with the alien beast was extremely fierce.

Lin Shan was not surprised by this, but in his perception, these human beings had no spirits, and each had a single expression and was overly calm.

Not like people!

But there are no traces of machinery either.


Didn't think much.

Passing through the door of space, a familiar message came, ruling or ruining. After passing through the light gate and seeing all this in front of him, Lin Shan felt even more weird.


It's all machines!



It's all robots doing it, and humans are only in charge of fighting.

No conversation.

There is no smile.

There is no fear.

The entire base was operating silently. When Lin Shan released his mental power, he couldn't help but take a breath, and the information he felt was too shocking.


He has seen biohazard manufacturing.


Compared with the current scale, it is nothing short of the eye.

The huge factories, like the scenes in The Matrix, make people feel numb. The only strange thing is that the people inside are full of spirits.

Or strong.

Or weak.

But both.

And those fighting humans, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com is gone.



Lin Shan knew it.

---Data implantation.


Lin Shan also learned about the status quo of the entire planet.

---Intelligent rule.

It is different from the intelligent rule discovered before, it just raised humans in captivity before.

Give it to eat.

Give it a drink.

Medical care.

Give education.

To the partner.

The work is simple.

Give back to the old age.


You don't need to worry about anything in your life, you just need to abide by the rules, and be a rice bug. Apart from the freedom of indulgence, you can enjoy everything else.

Days are good.

But here is different.

Intelligence and human beings are enemies.

In addition, it also possesses the technology to inject subroutines into the human brain to achieve control.

However, there are still some drawbacks. At the moment of implantation, the creature's soul will dissipate, and the body will completely become a tool for the purpose of exploring the beast star.

Become a fighter, or rather. . . Consumables!

Because high-tech robots cannot go to the beast star.

. . .

Lin Shan wasn't sure whether there were normal humans here, so he immediately released the spirits and asked them to search for them. Soon, the results of the investigation were sent back.


But not many, less than 10,000, were locked up in an underground base.

It's easy to distinguish.

Have expressions and speak.

Unlike those half-machines that have implanted programs, they don't even have an extra action, and their eyes are blank.

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