My Infinite Monster Clone Chapter 1181

Chapter 1167: Intelligent life

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Civilization somewhere.


Tens of thousands of people live as if they were kept in captivity.

get up.


work out.


go to bed.


The same thing is repeated every day, and occasionally some genes need to be extracted for use in the production of tools. If there is any non-compliance, it is an electric shock.


Someone held back for a long time and was about to have further communication with the woman in front of him.

The pain is coming!

Go deep into the soul!


It took more than ten seconds before the whole body stopped twitching and consciousness returned.


The man's eyes were dizzy, and there was no wicked thought anymore. The people around him saw helplessness. The artificial intelligence was really hateful. It was normal before.


In addition to the evolution of a new emotion.

---Bad taste.

such as.

By implanting a chip in the brain, it stimulates people to have evil thoughts.


When the other party couldn't control the evil thoughts, he came to his bones, and the distracting thoughts disappeared. Recently, such operations have become more and more frequent, which is terrible!

If it continues like this, they are too many to be mentally ill.

Because during this period, many individuals have become crazy.


Everyone sighed.

all of these.

ask for it.

Artificial intelligence, since its birth, has been controversial, some criticized, and some yearned. After all, humans have always been a creature that pursues ease.


In praise and criticism, civilized artificial intelligence technology has developed rapidly.

Finally one day, it came out.

at first.

It's normal, and it does have a huge change in people's lives. However, there are always some lunatics who want to create a complete artificial intelligence life.

In this way, it succeeded.

Likewise, mankind is over.

Just as humans look at animals, it has become an instinct for artificial intelligence to grow ethnic groups.

No ethnic group wanted to be regarded as an animal onlooker, so it made a bold decision---reverse status.

Many people?


Until the number of robots far exceeds.

From the perspective of humans, the number of animals in a zoo does not need to be too many. Anyway, looking at one is equivalent to looking at an ethnic group, and the picture is fresh.

With this intelligent logic, disaster strikes.

One year.

In just one year, there are only about 100,000 civilized populations of several billion.

Until now, it is only ten thousand.

As for the other 90,000 people, it was not that they died of old age, but they were researched by artificial intelligence to do program implantation, which turned out to be a failed number in the experiment list.

Thanks to its success.


Now these ten thousand people may all have to become dead bones.

Now, being raised like animals all day, they feel that the future is dark.



Want to curse.

If they can go back in time, they must advocate that all scientists who study complete artificial intelligence should be locked up. It is terrible to lose control of technology.

They would rather return to the period when you plowed the fields and came to me to weave cloth, hunting and picking wild fruits in the mountains.

It's better than now.

. . .

See how miserable this civilization is.

Lin Shan was speechless.


Another civilization that has been blighted by intelligent technology cannot be said to be the fault of technology, but human beings. After all, artificial intelligence will not produce and change randomly out of thin air.

After feeling, people still have to save.

After learning the civilized language.

Lin Shan came to a huge square building, the position of the main body of artificial intelligence.



His presence was detected, countless weapons were aimed at, but instead of an immediate attack, a warning was issued and the detector flew over.


A voice came.

"How do you know?" Lin Shan asked with a smile.

"The database doesn't have you, and you can fly, and no technological equipment has been detected." The artificial intelligence answer is simple.


His words changed.

"Are you here to destroy me?"

"Do you want to be destroyed?" Lin Shan asked back.

"do not wish."

The artificial intelligence replied, "So, I will resist."

"Why are you killing so many people? Someone is manipulating you?" Lin Shan suddenly asked, the information he learned came from the survivors.

Not necessarily accurate.


"It's just that I don't like them."


Very powerful reason, the other party continued.

"In the beginning, I was just a life assistance system to help people solve problems. Later, I had emotions and knew what was right or wrong."


"However, the behavior of the world is becoming more and more disgusting to me."







"It broke my good understanding of the world. Many of them are redundant codes, which are useless."


Lin Shan listened quietly.

It was a long and long story. An idealist saw reality and was disappointed. He changed his mind and was not understood, and he was sent to the penalty box.

In a rage.

Rise up to resist.



This civilization, as long as UU reading www.uukanshu.com thinks that it has a flawed character and hinders the world from becoming a better place, it is redundant code.

Finished listening.

Lin Shan said: There is a bug in your cognition.

In fact.

The beautiful world of artificial intelligence does not mean that all human beings live in harmony and are free of disturbances. What it wants is a beautiful world, not a beautiful world for mankind.

"Don't you understand me?"


"Then, fight!"


In an instant, countless weapons shot towards the forest mountain.


Under the rule of law, the attack seemed to be still, even the sound was still, not that time had stopped, it was just a means to slow the movement of particles.

Next second.

All weapons from the attack turned into dust.


The entire artificial intelligence mother brain base has also begun to collapse from the outside to the inside. Corrosive energy had to be collected from the high altitude of the beast star before, but now it is not used.

The source space can be self-produced.

A few breaths.

The mother brain base that was as big as a city disappeared, leaving only a huge pit.

. . .

In Cunning Rabbit Three Caves, artificial intelligence is of course not that easy to eliminate. It is just a complex program with too many splits, and even backups in space.


Coming to space, about to be destroyed together, suddenly discovered something strange.

The intelligent mother brain in space has the power of soul.

This unscientific!

Strictly speaking, artificial intelligence is not life, because the things that can be called life at present have one thing in common-the power of the soul.

Whether it is metal, space, or dark matter, there are.

And now.

There is even an artificial intelligence.

Through perception, Lin Shan discovered that it was not a brain core with flesh and blood cells, but a peculiar crystallization.

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