My Infinite Monster Clone Chapter 1182

Chapter 1168: You are too weak

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Seeing that I was caught, I couldn't escape.


"I don't want to die yet!"


Intelligent life keeps begging for mercy.

I can't help it.

The defeat was too fast.

The creatures in front of them didn't give it time to react at all, so they caught it. After arriving in a new place, the surrounding space was filled with powerful spirits.

Terrified it.

Compared with that, he is a scum.

The kind that can be killed in seconds.

"what's your name?"


"how come?"


As he asked questions, Lin Shan gradually understood.


It is not an intelligent life created by this civilization. It is also true to think about it. If you really have such an ability, it will not be so miserable. It comes from an outside civilization.

An accident, lost here.

It was discovered by various studies.


It quickly adapted to this civilization and lurked into the Internet.


After human beings made great discoveries, they began to defuse them. Just like a white mouse, and only one, the most gentle treatment will be given in the early stage.





In the beginning, in order to avoid playing badly, I was very cautious.


When you are thinking about it and it is hard to make any progress anymore, you inevitably want to study it in depth. The most direct way is to dissect.

one look.

This is pretty good.

Intelligent life has been studied before, so you dont need to care about it. As a life, it also has a personality. It is more salty, and its favorite thing is to do nothing.


go to bed!

No offensiveness, no life maliciousness to human beings.

But a good temper doesn't mean that you have no temper. If you want to tear yourself apart, then you can't bear it.

Want to tear me down.

Then I will demolish you first.


Conflicts break out, and wars sometimes cannot be stopped once they start to fight. In this way, the conflict escalates step by step to the point of getting out of control.

Mutual exchange.

The population has plummeted.


Intelligent life has won, or that is, the artificial intelligence of intelligent life'upgrading and instigating rebellion' has won.

It didn't pay much attention during the whole process.

Almost all were sleeping. As for the destruction of this civilization, it did not directly participate in it, but added one to the core of artificial intelligence.

---Whoever hits me, I hit whoever.

Ignore it anymore and let it play.


When the artificial intelligence loses contact, it wakes up. It doesn't look right and ran away immediately, but it overestimated its abilities and was easily grasped by Lin Shan.

. . .

Finished listening.

Lin Shan said: Good blood!


But I also quite understand that if I was caught, the general research would be fine, but if I wanted to dismember him into parts, I would be murderous.

Who cares about you.

If you want to dismember me for research, you have to pay a price, the price of being wiped out and lost in appearance and spirit.

"what will you do?"

"Invasion of the program body."


After listening to the explanation, Lin Shan was quite interested. His skills can invade almost any program body. That is his natural skill, invading and controlling.

It's kind of useful.

Forget it.

Just keep it for now.


The contract is bound, and he has one more subordinate.

At present, it is too weak. Except for the soul beast, it is the weakest contracted life under its own hands. The strength of the soul is only the star rank, and it is still the elementary level of this rank.

Mind moved.

Soul crystal modulation.

"Absorb well, you are too weak." Lin Shan said.


Wisdom crystal trembled.

Both excited.

Afraid again.

The excitement is that this new master actually gave it such a precious soul power crystallization, and the fear is that if he is useless, he will be dealt with.


This new owner is terrible!

Its men.

There are so many existences that make it tremble, and some even feel that it is stronger than their own life level, and they can kill it with a breath.


It is also a good thing to have a strong man covered.


It began to absorb the power of the soul crystal.


Soon, it discovered the difference.

The absorption speed is too fast. It stands to reason that at this speed, one's own soul can't bear it at all, but now it can easily bear it without any effort.

The soul energy shows no signs of collapse.

Could it be.

Has your talent improved?

. . .

Of course, his talent has not been improved, but he is in the source body space, protected by the rules, it is difficult to collapse, and the forest mountain control speeds up the indoctrination speed.

This is how it feels like flying.

In fact.

With the source body space, Lin Shan can completely manufacture warriors in large quantities.

in the past.

Relying on the beast-eating pill, the federal soldiers practice slowly.


At this.

But he can directly help them cultivate like a strengthened soul beast.

An ordinary person.

In ten minutes, he broke through to the warrior.

One hour, break through to the ground division.

Ten hours, break through to heaven.

In two days, he broke through to the stars.


It's been a long time, even if you help yourself, it will take twenty days to transform your soul into a crystal, which is a kind of upgrade of life level, a kind of life transformation.


Although he could do it, Lin Shan didn't do it. U U Reading www.uukanshu.com

Pull out seedlings to encourage growth.

Not a good thing.



A strong person is indispensable.

Just like a normal person.

Suddenly there is the ability to see through the wall, it is not difficult to imagine what it can be used for, and then give it the ability to erase the short-term memory of others, and it can play a piece of sky.


The strength is fast and powerful, without a firm heart, that is not a good thing.

As for yourself?


Is the two-hundred-year battle fake? Wandering on the brink of life and death all year round, performing dangerous tasks, born to death, only step by step did he become a major general by virtue of his military merits.

If it were not for the red roost ant emperor, he would be a lieutenant general of the Federation.

A Taoist heart, extremely firm.


At present, the growth of federal soldiers has been too smooth, and they have been playing smoothly, with almost no casualties, let alone experiencing the pain of losing their comrades hundreds of times.

There are no days where one eye is half-opened for dozens of hundreds of years of sleep.

Two hundred years.

An ordinary person is almost three times the length of his life.




The body and mind have been torn apart by reality thousands of times, healed again and again, and become stronger.

Lin Shan was helpless.

Sometimes I feel like a parent who wants his child to go smoothly, but Im afraid that he will grow up in the greenhouse and suffer a loss when he goes out.

Suddenly he was given a hundred million yuan, the house and the car were all available, and he was worried that he would not be motivated, so he developed a sense of dependence and couldn't afford it.

In peacetime, if you can't afford it, you can't.

But now, where is the age of peace, and any civilization, it may be only one second away from destruction, which is much shorter than the time when Microsoft went bankrupt.

. . .

Finish collecting intelligent life.

Back to the planet.

Lin Shan began to remove the traces of this civilization.




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