My Lift As A Top Star In A Book Chapter 540

Chapter 540: I tried it later and it didn't work.

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The fate in this world is really amazing. For example, Song Zhan came to her world by chance, for example, she came to Song Zhan's world by accident.

Is there any mystery in this?

Song Zhan heard the words and replied: "There was a car accident when he was twelve years old."

Qin Nuan said, "The reason why I came here was also because of a car accident."

Song Zhan nodded slightly, "I know, you told me about it."

"Did you know? There are many novels in our world. The most popular in recent years has been through novels, and the heroines of through novels basically traveled because of a car accident."

When Qin Nuan said this, he raised his eyes to look at Song Zhan, and concluded: "We both passed through a car accident. Is the car accident the key point of the crossing?"

Song Zhan's eyes faded when he heard the words, he shook his head, "I tried it later, but it didn't work."

Later I tried...

A very light sentence shocked a thousand waves in Qin Nuan's heart.

She stared at Song Zhan with wide eyes, "You..."

Song Zhan's tone was very plain, as if the narrative was just a very ordinary thing, "Qin Nuan, you are the person I desperately want to see again."

"So in the past 13 years, I have tried many methods, but none of them worked. In the end, I can only wait for the gift of God."

Speaking of this, Song Zhan took Qin Nuan's hand, rubbed it lightly in her palm, and smiled: "Fortunately, God has mercy on me and didn't let me wait too long."

Qin Nuan shook Song Zhan's hand and pressed hard, "Song Zhan, I won't let you wait for me again. No matter what happens, we will never be separated."


Back to the crew the next day, Wen Yihui kept looking at Qin Nuan with a guilty expression while filming.

Qin Nuan looked uncomfortable.

During the intermission, Qin Nuan sighed, put down the script, turned to look at Wen Yihui, "Do you have something to say?"

Wen Yihui stood in front of Qin Nuan and hung his head, "Sister Nuannuan, I'm sorry, what happened yesterday was all my fault."

He was almost frightened when he watched Qin Nuan fall in front of him yesterday.

So when Song Zhan rushed over to be a human mat, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Qin Nuan's tone was somewhat helpless, and patiently said, "How many times do you want my sister to tell you? What happened yesterday has nothing to do with you, it's my own problem. Really!"

Wen Yihui asked, "Really?"

Qin Nuan nodded vigorously, "Really."

Wen Yihui said again: "Sister Nuannuan, my play will be finished tomorrow. We don't know when we will meet next time!"

Qin Nuan smiled and comforted: "Gathering and dispersing are common things in the world, don't take it too seriously."

Wen Yihui shook his head when he heard the words, and said with a narrowed mouth: "But I really like Sister Nuannuan!"

Hearing this, Qin Nuan raised his eyes to Wen Yihui, and said to him seriously and solemnly: "But Sister Nuan already has someone he likes, and Sister Nuan loves him very, very much, do you understand? "

When Song Zhan walked over, he happened to catch Qin Nuan's second half sentence in his ears, and his eyebrows stretched out with a deep smile.

"Silly nephew, do you understand?"

Wen Yihui glared at Song Zhan angrily. He was already very sad when he heard Qin Nuan's words. He didn't expect that this big rival would even stab himself in his heart. It was too much!

No way to get angry and take him!

Wen Yihui turned aggrieved and walked away. After two steps, he suddenly remembered something. He stopped, turned to look at Song Zhan, and exhorted: "Little cousin, you will be friendly in the future. Sister went to the drama together. Dont book a show or watch the drama seriously. She doesnt like this."After wearing the book I became the latest chapter address of the ceiling of the entertainment industry: https://www.wuxiaworld/book/156303.html After wearing the book, I became the ceiling of the entertainment industry. Read the full text address: https://www.wuxiaworld/read/156303/After wearing the book, I became the entertainment ceiling txt download address: https://www.wuxiaworld/down/156303.htmlAfter wearing the book, I became an entertainment ceiling mobile phone to read: https://m.wuxiaworld/read/156303/For the convenience of reading next time, you can click "Favorites" below to record this time (I tried Chapter 540 later, but it didn't work.) Read the record, and you can see it next time you open the bookshelf! If you like "I became the ceiling of the entertainment circle after wearing a book", please ask your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.) Recommend this book, thank you for your support! ! (www.wuxiaworld)

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