My Lift As A Top Star In A Book Chapter 541

Chapter 541: My brother wants to help his child with math problems earlier.

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Song Zhan raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard this, he looked at Wen Yihui with a trace of joking in his eyes.

After watching a drama, how much psychological shadow did the little girl leave on Wen Yihui?

Thinking of this, Song Zhan turned to look at Qin Nuan.

The little girl has her own way of forcing the suitor to retreat. She is indeed the junior sister who used the love letter as a draft paper back then.

But she didn't know it yet.

He was able to chase her because of his own charm.

After Wen Yihui said, he imagined that Song Zhan and Qin Nuan would take notes for her in the future. He glanced at Song Zhan sympathetically, then sighed silently, bowed his head and walked away.

After Wen Yihui left, Qin Nuan and Song Zhan said, "I will have no role in the next two days. I have to go home and go to Mingyue's house to propose marriage with my brother and parents, and set a wedding date."

It was already about to discuss the date of marriage with Chu Mingyue, and Qin Shi's progress was also quicker.

All rushed ahead of him and Nuannuan.

Song Zhan asked casually: "Why is your brother so anxious to be engaged to Miss Chu?"

Qin Nuan originally thought that with Qin Shis straight male personality, the day lilies that Chu Mingyue would expect to be able to wait for him to cultivate Zhengguo would be cold. Unexpectedly, after falling in love with Chu Mingyue, he tasted the sweetness of having a girlfriend. His whole person is as if he is hanging up, he has changed himself.

He also said that if he is going to get married sooner or later, why not marry his wife home sooner?

Marrying back early can give you peace of mind, cut off other people's thoughts of digging a wall, and enjoy the right to be a husband early.

Thinking of this, Qin Nuan smiled and retelled to Song Zhan what Qin Shi had said to himself, "He said he wanted to help his son with math problems earlier."

Song Zhan's eyes lit up when he heard this, "Nuan Nuan, I have passed the exam for the teacher qualification certificate."

Arent we talking about Qin Shi and Chu Mingyues marriage, why did you mention this suddenly?

Qin Nuan didn't understand, she thought for a while and smiled: "Then congratulations!"

Song Zhan leaned slightly, leaning close to Qin Nuan's ear, who was sitting in the chair, with a smile in his voice, and asked: "Sister Nuan, when can I help our children with homework?"

Qin Nuan: "!!!"


Is this... a marriage proposal?

When confessing, I said "Sister Nuan, can I sleep with you? I promise not to press your hair." When I want to get married now, I say "Sister Nuan, when can I help our children with homework?" .

It's really her brother Zhan, who doesn't blush or beat any words, and takes it for granted.


Qin Nuan coughed vigorously twice, and her face was slightly red. She calmed down and said with a serious face, "It depends on your performance."

Song Zhan propped Qin Nuan's chair back with one hand, leaned over her ear, and his voice was clean and deep, pleasant and sultry.

"You want Sanjin actor to be a boyfriend, I did it."

"You want your child's dad to have a teacher qualification certificate, and I did it too."

"So, now, Sister Nuan, what do you want from your future husband?"

Song Zhans voice was very sultry. Qin Nuan almost broke her defense. She coughed slightly, and said with her small face, "As for what I want from my future husband, I have not yet decided.

In short, I will not let my future husband marry me so easily. I have to temper him well, and only after he is qualified can he take up the post with a certificate, fulfill his obligations, and enjoy his rights. "

Song Zhan listened carefully to Qin Nuan's words, raised his hand and squeezed her soft cheeks, and smiled: "Okay, I will listen to you."

The interaction between Song Zhan and Qin Nuan fell in the eyes of Director Zhao. He closed his eyes tightly, really seeing nothing!

No matter how hard you bear it, it will be finished in one month!

Thinking of this, Director Zhao took a deep breath, picked up the horn and shouted: "It's all up! It's time to film! If you are in love, stop the meeting, stop drinking water, and come over to film!" After wearing the book, I became the newest chapter of the ceiling of the entertainment industry. Address: https://www.wuxiaworld/book/156303.html After wearing the book, I became the ceiling of the entertainment circle. Read the full text address: https://www.wuxiaworld/read/156303 /After wearing the book, I became the ceiling of the entertainment circle. txt download address: https://www.wuxiaworld/down/ 156303.htmlAfter wearing the book, I became the ceiling of the entertainment industry. Read: https://m.wuxiaworld/read /156303/For the convenience of reading next time, you can click on the "Favorites" below to record this time (the 541st Zhang, my brother would like to help his child with math problems earlier.) Read the record and you will see it next time you open the bookshelf! If you like "I became the ceiling of the entertainment circle after wearing a book", please ask your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.) Recommend this book, thank you for your support! ! (www.wuxiaworld)

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