My Mr. Gu Is Courting Death Again Chapter 817

Chapter 819 Back At The Apartment 1

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He seemed to have lost the memories of the most crucial part of his life. He would regret it for the rest of his life if he continued to be ignorant.

When his grandfather warned him about it, regrets was already sprouting in his heart. But his mind towards their memories was still a blank page, despite his effort to recall what they had together. He was still at a loss, trying to recall the interactions he had with Xu Weilai.

That was the reason he came with little thought when Xu Shuai asked him out for a drink.

He did not come for the drink; he came because he had questions for XU Shuai.

Gu Yu closed his eyes and said in a low, but deep, voice, “Do you know why Xu Weilai and I got a divorce?”

Although Xu Weilai did mentioned in the hospital wards that they parted in peace because of irreconcilable difference, not only Grandpa Gu did not believe her words, even he himself, a person of no memories of their past they had, did not believe that.

Xu Shuai was suddenly at a loss for words.

He might have the answer if it was for other matters. But he really had no answer to this question. Gu Yu came to that decision fairly quick and revealed nothing to him about his marriage. He only came to know about the divorce later on.

Xu Shuai rubbed his chin and thought through it, “Although you did not tell me the reason yourself, from my understanding of you, you were worried that Xu Weilai might be the next to get hurt when you knew your parents were murdered, followed by Grandpa Gu’s fall. So you wanted to keep her away from you and from dangers she might face being by your side. Second likely reason was that you knew you would fall anytime as your body was failing because of the toxin in your body. You did not want her to face the sorrow from your death as you knew well how it was like to face the death of your loved ones.”

Xu Shuai’s voice became uncontrollably hoarse as he spoke. “Yu, I couldn’t express how much you’ve loved Xu Weilai with just words. As for Xu Weilai, I believed she had loved you dearly as well in the past. I actually feel bad seeing you two go separate ways.”

He picked up the wineglass on the table and drank every single drop of the wine in one gulp.

Xu Shuai’s voice became hoarse, perhaps from being tipsy, or perhaps he was saddened by his own heart-break stories. “If you still have some feelings for Xu Weilai in your heart, I hope you do not give up on her. At least you still have a chance to win her back, unlike me, no chance at all.”

“I’ve already told you everything I know about the things that happened after you and Xu Weilai got married. As for those that happened between just the two of you, I have no idea. But, perhaps you can go back to the apartment you once lived with her when you were married to have a look. Perhaps that can help you recall something from your past.”

Gu Yu got into his car after he walked out from A-Pub. He put on his bluetooth headset and made a call once he started the car.

It was already past midnight, at one in the morning, to be precise. The person at the other end was obviously wakened by his call, his voice drowsy and a little surprised.. “CEO Gu? It’s so late. What can I do for you?”

Gu Yu went straight to the point. “Where is the address of the apartment where Xu Weilai and I lived in after we got married? And do you know where I kept the keys to the apartment?”

Assistant Lin was caught off-guard and completely dumbfounded with Gu Yu’s questions, especially when his brain was supposed to be resting. It was past midnight

His tone was filled with annoyance and indifference when Xu Weilai requested to meet him in person on the matter of the share transfer contract. Hadn’t he decided not to care about Xu Weilai anymore?


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