My Sassy Crown Princess Chapter 792

Chapter 798 Becoming Guards 2

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798. Becoming Guards (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Mo Fei refused last time. If it was so easy to detoxify, it would not be worthy to be called the top ten poisons.

Besides, there were many other factors that had solved the cold poison last time, and he was not sure whether he could succeed again. Besides, the young mans father was from a renowned family, he had been poisoned suddenly, there might be some hidden things involved, so Mo Fei didnt plan to get involved.

The most important thing was that the duke seemed to be poor now. To solve the poison, it needed a lot of money. So Mo Fei might even have to subsidize him.

Mo Fei then briefed the whole story to Lou Yu.

Lou Yu frowned, "Is it possible this guy has recognized who you are?"

Mo Fei wore a composed face, "Very possible." The young man should have recognized his identity, but just didnt expose him, apparently he was scrupling about something.

Lou Yu frowned, having no idea where the problem was.

"Stone(Shi Quans surname Shi means stone in English), what are you looking at?" Feng Xi looked at Shi Quan, head tilted.

Shi Quan smiled, "Nothing, I just saw that those two people look dependable, so I was thinking if we could hire them as the guards."

Feng Xi blinked, "Those two guys are only at human class, nothing special. Im afraid its no use to hire them."

Shi Quan smiled, "That is not a problem, as long as they have good personalities. Given my present situation, I cant afford those with big abilities."

Feng Xis eyes flashed some kind of strange color, "You think these two guys are good people?"

Shi Quan nodded solemnly, "Yes!"

Feng Xi tilted her head, looking at Shi Quan with confusion, "How do you know?"

Shi Quan bit his lip, "Through their appearances."

Feng Xi twitched his mouth, saying disapprovingly, "Really? But I have different opinion."

Shi Quan lowered her head, "I think they look honest."

Feng Xi looked at the appearance of Shi Quan, suddenly stood up and walked toward Mo Fei and Lou Yu.

Shi Quan hurriedly followed behind, "What do you want?"

Feng Xi scornfully glanced at Shi Quan, "You are too honest, very easy to be cheated, Ill help you give them a warning."

Shi Quans face suddenly changed, while Feng Xi had already come before Lou Yu and Mo Fei.

"Miss Feng, whats up?" Asked Mo Fei.

Feng Xi proudly held her chin high, "You two are so lucky. My buddy happens to need two guards and thinks you two are not bad and decides to hire you two. You two lucky dogs!"

Mo Fei smiled, "Yes, yes."

"My buddy is very generous. Follow him and youd no longer have to risk your life every day, and you could earn ten medium star crystals a month and have good food and drinks every day." Feng Xi said while turning an eye at Lou Yu and Mo Fei.

Shi Quan wanted to speak but stopped, face flushing.

Mo Fei pretended to look jittered, "Thank you…" Ten medium star crystals? That many? Asshole, with ten star crystals and you want me to serve you? Oh come on!

Shi Quan carefully looked at the two people, "So you agreed?"

Mo Fei nodded, "Yes!"

Hands held around the waist, Feng Xi looked at them overwhelmingly, "Hum, dont bully my buddy since he looks silly. My buddy said you two look honest. But I hold different opinion. You dont even offer your roasted meat to your master but only eat there yourselves."

Feng Xi said so, while snatching the barbecue from Mo Feis hand, and started to gnaw up.

Mo Fei, "…"

Lou Yu, "…"

Soon, a large piece of meat was eaten up, then Feng Xi looked at Lou Yu and Mo Fei, "Hey! Is there more?"

"No." Lou Yu replied. This stupid woman! Even I havent had a bite but you already ate it all!

Feng Xi blackened her face, "No? Then keep roasting more! So stupid! When will you have your day to hold up your head?"

Mo Fei nodded, "Yes, what you said is very reasonable."

Shi Quan took Feng Xis hand and said, "Well, Feng Xi, you have had a big piece. If eating more, youd gain some weight."

Feng Xi disagreed, "I am thin, its OK."

Shi Quan pulled Feng Xis hand, "Its late. Eating too much isnt good."

Feng Xi said with some dissatisfaction, "Stone, why are you speaking for some outsiders?"

Lou Yu looked at Mo Fei, asking through sound transmission, "How could you just agree?"

Mo Fei shrugged his shoulders and replied through sound transmission, "A lean camel is bigger than a horse. After all, he is a duke."

Shi Quan didnt look like a rash person, and Lou Yu was about to upgrade to the earth class, and he needed a safe place.

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