My Skills Are Not Serious Book Chapter 821

Chapter 821: : Keep It On A Small Book

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Floating light and gliding shadows, rushing through the shadows, Chen Fang's icy clones appeared next to each of the totem beasts. They cut eighteen knives in a second.

Chen Fang slowly put away the Frost Tang Knife, exhaling a long white breath.

Using a move created and developed by integrating three skills, he wiped out a hundred Totem Maniacs at once. It looked very easy, but it was a waste of money and effort, which made him feel distressed.

This move has no attributes. All element effects are determined by the type of energy he enters. When the move comes out, each clone cuts out eighteen knives. A clone needs four golds and one cut fifty silver coins. A total of eight golds are needed to make up for the source energy. , So this move just consumed Chen Fang's eight hundred gold, he called it "Unlimited Krypton Gold Slash".

Of course, in theory, this trick can be unlimited avatars, but Chen Fangs current source energy reserves cant be done. The full value of all the source energy in his body now consumes a little more than eight hundred gold to make up the amount. Eight knives are the limit he can do now, and reducing the number of knives can increase the number of knives.

By the way, Chen Fang quantified the source energy in his body by swallowing the number of gold coins, and used the consumption of gold coins as the standard to grade his own skills.

I won't say much about this classification, anyway, it is related to distress.

Killed a hundred totem freaks, and it was not over yet, none of the crocodile totems died, and because they lost the totem freak control, they were going crazy.

Wholeheartedly eating a handful of gold coins grabbed from the storage space, Chen Fang waited for the exhausted source energy to recover, while avoiding the attack of the frenzied crocodile totem beast, by the way, he lured dozens of crocodiles to a piece.

In a moment, the source energy recovered to 30%, and Chen Fang charged towards the crocodiles, trampled on the ground, and slowed all crocodiles.

Frost petals once again appeared in Chen Fangshen Zhou and fluttered, spreading to cover the entire crocodile group.


Chen Fang drank, his long swords danced wildly, and the wind started tornado. All the crocodile totem beasts were taken up into the sky. Frost petals attached to their bodies, gradually covering the surface of the crocodile totem beasts, making them unable to struggle in the wind. move.

The wind stopped, fell, and broke into slag.

Chen Fang's face turned dark.

It's too hard.

Chen Fang was very annoyed that he had confiscated his strength, causing the totem mutant beast that could have been left in its entirety to fall into pieces.

Facing the meat lump on the ground stained with mud and black water, Chen Fang wanted to cry without tears, so many days of food were wasted by him.

And there is more.

"This wave has lost another twenty gold coins."

Chen Fang thought that he had spent eight hundred and twenty gold this time, but he didn't get anything. He felt a pain in his chest and almost pulled it away.

"No, you must find Gong Xiaobai for reimbursement when you go back."

Chen Fang took out a small book and wrote a new amount of money on it.

This little book was the only piece of loot he had found on the battlefield before, and it was a very ordinary paper notebook with a pen.

Originally, Chen Fang didn't even want to pick up such a common thing, but suddenly he thought of bringing his soldiers out, and the gold coins consumed in each battle were kept for accounting.

The above is written about the gold coins he consumed in previous battles. He takes a careful record. He writes very clearly in each stroke, what skills are used, how many gold coins are consumed, and they are written clearly and plainly, and in order for people to see. To be clear, on the first page, he also increased the amount of money consumed by all his skills by 30% and wrote it on it as a basis for reference, and after each battle, after Chen Fang checked the accounts, he would look for Ole Signed to testify with Ni Dazhu.

Now the accounts recorded in the small notebook totaled five thousand gold coins. If Gong Xiaobai agreed, Chen Fang could get an additional income of 1,500 gold.

"I hope Xiaobai won't deny it, otherwise, I can only be his father cruelly."

Repaying debts is justified. If Gong Xiaobai dared not admit the debts, then Chen Fang could only act according to the ancient rules of the planting family for debt collection. The father's debts were repaid, and the sons' debts were repaid. This is reasonable and reasonable.

Chen Fang carefully put away the ledger and walked towards the depths of the swamp.

In the depths of the swamp, in a chaotic stockade built of wood, Hei Wu was discussing where to go next with a few tribe chiefs who ran out with him.

"I think I should go back to the West Tribe, and wait for the people to prepare for blood feuds again in the coming year." A tribe chief said.

"Going back to the West, do you think you are going back, can the priest of your tribe allow you to continue to lead the tribe? Don't think about it. If you go back, you will die in a few days." Someone sneered.

This time, the Totem Tribe was divided into two factions, one is the ambitious faction led by the patriarch, and the other is the conservative faction led by the priest.

Ambitionists are mostly young and strong, while conservatives are mostly elderly people.

Most of the young people in a tribe were taken away by the patriarch, and only some relatively old and frail elderly people were struggling for a living in the terrible western wasteland. It is conceivable how difficult it is, and it is inevitable that they will live forever with the patriarch who took them away. blame.

After the defeat this time, so many people died in each tribe. How did these patriarchs go back and explain to the parents who lost their lives? It would be okay if one or two, but now its not one or two things, plus if the priests Adding to the flames, these patriarchs are likely to be killed by angry clansmen.

"If you don't go back, what do you say, just stay in this swamp? The totem beasts of my clan are not adapted to this environment. Anyway, after today, I want to take people back." The patriarch who spoke first spoke again.

He doesnt know what will happen to others. Anyway, the priest of his tribe is his father. He cant escape from torture when he goes back, but he certainly cant die. And when he comes out this time, his brothers are all dead, and his father wants Its not okay to change someone to be the patriarch, unless he can start the cyborg project, but thats impossible. In order to serve the ancestors and totem beast spirits wholeheartedly, the tribal priests cut the crotch and hung the door and dried it early. , Intentional but powerless.

All the tribal chiefs fell silent. The environment was indeed a big problem. Except for some totem beasts that originally lived in the quagmire of the great wasteland or could adapt to the humid environment, other totem beasts could not adapt.

"Then first, if you want to go back, if the tribes that can adapt to the environment remain, we will start the expansion based on the residence of the crocodile tribe, continue to accommodate the tribesmen from the west, and wait for it to develop to a certain scale, and then go out of the swamp to find Those human races settle accounts."

"At the same time, I will contact the people in the southern border and ask them to send us supplies."

After the tribe chiefs were silent for a moment, Hei Wu spoke.

"If you do, I'm afraid that the human cavalry will chase in." A tribe chief who was afraid of being killed said fearfully.

"You think too much. The swamp is not suitable for cavalry. If they dare to come, they don't want to go out again." Someone said viciously.

Heiwu nodded, "I hope those human cavalry will come in, so we don't have to hide here."

In fact, Heiwu hoped that the guy leading the Terran cavalry could come in. After the battle, no matter how slow he was, he discovered that Chen Fang was the soul of the Terran cavalry. As long as that person was killed, the Terran cavalry would be insufficient. For fear.

Then he shook his head again. People are not so stupid, how could they come in and die.

But just as the idea of Black Mist fell, a totem frenzied orc hurried over.

"It's not good, the human race has come in."

The patriarchs stood up in surprise, their faces changed.

"How could it be ~wuxiaworld.online~ are those Terran Cavalry not affected by the swamp."

If this is the case, then everyone will finish here today.

"Not a human cavalry, just a human."

The patriarchs were relieved when they heard that, some people screamed: "You are only a human being, why are you panicking? Let people kill you, get out."

"But no one can stop it, everyone who went up was hacked to death."

The heads of the patriarchs opened their eyes wide, with an expression that you were joking.

The totem frenzy who reported the news said grievously: "Really."

The patriarchs looked at each other for a moment, and then went out together, they wanted to see who was so awesome, no one could stop them.

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