My Skills Are Not Serious Chapter 809

Chapter 809: : I Feel Awkward

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Qianqi charged forward with a shocking momentum.

The abrupt sound of horseshoe trampling around him awakened the trampling madman who was sleeping.

Sitting in a dream, he just opened his eyes, but he was stomped back by a horse's hoof.

The war cavalry trampled and whizzed past, leaving a piece of mutilated remains.

"Enemy attack."

The stern shouts echoed in the night sky, and the originally silent place of sleep suddenly became noisy.

Someone who had just woke up looked at the companions standing around and asked blankly.

"What happened."

Someone who heard the call clearly asked: "enemy, where is the enemy?"

"Over there, over there, the human cavalry."

"Damn, they are so courageous, they just hit us."

"Brothers, kill me."

Totem mad orcs are actionists who do more than they think. When they wake up, they rush straight up when they see the enemy.

Those who are not clear enough to figure out the current situation, yelling and screaming and wanting to kill people but can't find the enemy, and seeing where the enemy is but only caring about themselves, it's a mess and unruly.

Under this circumstance, the totem freak orcs could not cause any trouble to the human cavalry.

Under the leadership of Chen Fang, the cavalry unit pushed all the way horizontally, just like bowling, and lay down the totem frenzied orcs who stood up one by one, and couldn't get up again.

In this way, he rushed through the army of totem frenzied orcs. After two trips back and forth, Chen Fangcai led the cavalry force and left, leaving behind all the mourning.

Hei Mist was also awakened. Amid the noise, he summoned his hands all the way to the edge of the army and rushed to the location of the incident, but even if he reacted quickly, it took a lot of time to assemble the manpower that made him feel enough. Seeing the back of the human cavalry leaving.

"Ah, damn, damn, where did this group of human cavalry come out."

The angry black mist subconsciously glanced at the black hillside covered with trees in the distance, regretting why he didn't send anyone to look at it before.

At this moment, the patriarchs of the previous tribes rushed to him.

"What's the matter, where did this Terran Cavalry emerge from?"

"What's the use of talking about this now, Chief Black Mist, talk about what should I do now?"

"Yes, yes, do you want to chase?"

Hei Mist looked at these tribal chiefs who had no idea, and he wanted to kill them.

These few guys who failed me more than failed me wronged me.

If it hadn't been for what they thought they were saying before, they would definitely send someone to check it nearby, and there would be no such incident of being attacked at night.

Hei Mist was quite angry, but he didn't dare to spray out the face of these guys, because a group of improvised army, it was not him who said nothing, if it makes the other person's face unsightly, don't even think about directing them in the future. anyone.

"Stop chasing, hurry up to treat the wounded and see how many casualties." Hei Wu said, rubbing his brows.

While scanning these patriarchs by the way, Heiwu suddenly found that there was no individual, so he asked in confusion, "Where is Pericou?"

The heads of several tribes looked at each other, and then shook their heads.

One of them said puzzledly: "I saw him just now, it's weird."

Suddenly a tribal chief pointed to the distance and said:

"Wait, look over there, if someone led the troops to chase the Terran troops."

Heiwu squinted his eyes, only to see a group of vague figures disappearing quickly in the dark, and half-human and half-animal bodies could be vaguely seen.

"Should he be chasing after the cavalry of all the tribes with the animal body?"

Heiwu heard the confusion, and hurriedly called for his men.

"Go to the place where the cavalry rested before. No one is there."

The men ran away in a hurry.

Damn, don't just follow it all.

After waiting anxiously for a while, his men ran back.

"Patriarch, no one is gone."

Gan, this **** guy.

Heiwu cursed on the spot, and from time to time he clutched his chest and gasped, feeling quite agitated.

The patriarchs of the surrounding tribes didn't know why Hei Wu was so angry and so excited, so he took a group of people to chase him down. Is there anything wrong?

"Don't be so angry, Periku brought the cavalry to catch up. Maybe he can kill the Terran cavalry directly."

"Yes, yes, even if it can't be wiped out for a while, it should be able to wipe out part of it."

The patriarchs of several tribes encouraged the black mist.

Looking at the few guys with no IQ in front of him, Heiwu could no longer hold back his temper and scolded.

"A group of idiots, their brains are fed to totem beast idiots."

"What do you know, the man who led the Terran cavalry unit was very cunning. He attacked the camp, ambushed the night attack, and was accurate. I'm afraid that the other party's sneak attack will not only kill people, but also the idea of enticing us to pursue and intercept. Pericou has gone and never returned."

"He died and it's okay. If the three thousand tribal cavalrymen can't come back, then we will only be like mice, driven by the human cavalry units."

Several tribal chiefs in the tribal united army perform their duties, and Periku leads all the totem warriors in the army as a cavalry unit. If the cavalry unit is taken down, then only the infantry army will be very Passive, especially on plain terrain, it is really impossible to chase or catch up, or escape.

The patriarchs of the tribes licked their lips, their faces looked unbelief, and their hearts were unhappy at Hei Mist's curse.

"You too underestimate our soldiers, no matter how strong the human cavalry is, it is impossible to push us to fight."

"Yeah, you said that Periku has gone or not, because of how low the combat effectiveness of our cavalry is."

"Are the Terran Cavalry strong? If they are strong, we won't be beaten by us last time."

"Patriarch Black Mist, don't you worry about it."

"It's gone. Send someone to treat the wounded first. It's still dark. I'll take a rest. By the way, I will wait for Pericou to catch the Terran cavalry and come back. Then I will have a good meal."

"Yes, yes, go."

The patriarchs of several tribes just said a few words and left.

Hei Wu's face turned black into charcoal, his eyes burst into flames as he looked at the backs of these few leaving.

Standing in place for a while, Hei Mist finally straddled his shoulders and sighed deeply.

I just became impulsive, so I shouldn't swear at others. I'm fine now. I guess no one will listen to anything afterwards.

"That's it, I hope Periku can do some strength to take down the Terran cavalry unit, or else..."

Its not that he feels dejected that the cavalry on his side is incapable of combat. He believes that in frontal combat, even two or three times the human cavalry cant beat the cavalry on his side. He is really afraid that the person commanding the human cavalry will attack premeditatedly. .

Since confronting this horrendous human cavalry, he has been led by the nose and slapped around, stealing two homes and a night attack, making him deeply feel that the commander of this human cavalry is not easy. The cavalry chased out will not have an accident.

"Do you want to send troops to meet?"

Heiwu shook his head and gave up.

In fact, Hei Mist had this idea just now when he learned that Periku was chasing out with the tribal cavalry ~wuxiaworld.online~, but at that time, several patriarchs were so angry that he forgot to curse.

Its okay now. Ive looked for the past and Im probably still angry, and some people have asked if I want to catch up, but I rejected it when I didnt know that Perico was chasing it out. I used to ask them to send troops together. I would definitely not agree. Uncertainly also sneered.

Heiwu smiled bitterly while thinking.

"I almost forgot. I have always focused on that cavalry, ignoring that there is another human army."

"It seems that this time the opponent is really under attack. The cavalry attacked the enemy at night, and then the Terran army ambushed."

The more Hei Mist thought about it, the more correct he felt that the night attack was a conspiracy by the human army.

"No, I can't let Pericou die, I have to go and respond."

If you decide to chase, you will find a helper. If only he leads people, at most hundreds of people from your own tribe, then it is definitely not enough.

Hei Wu didn't care about other things either. He turned around and went to find the patriarchs of the tribes, but to no avail, as he had expected before, people were upright, even if Hei Wu sincerely apologized, he didn't even care.

On the way back, the frustrated Black Mist turned to look in the direction of the swamp and was silent.

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