My Skills Are Not Serious Chapter 820

Chapter 820: : Pursuit

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The totem mad orcs retreated, and Chen Fang led his troops to chase after him, in a posture of rush to kill.

Hei Mist took the remnants of the defeated general and retreated all the way towards the swamp, exhausted. He wanted to stop and fight the human cavalry behind him.

But it's useless, you want to work hard, people won't give you a chance.

Terran cavalry is very cunning, you stop, but they won't approach, just circle around the periphery, use rifles for consumption from a hundred meters away, you advance and retreat, always keep your distance, so that you are not in all directions, increasing casualties.

So I can only run away with my tail sandwiched between them, running away without stopping.

When the black mist entered the swamp with tragic soldiers, this passive beating situation was considered to be over.

Because Terran cavalry dare not enter this place full of swamp traps.

But at this time, the strength of the Totem Mad Orcs was only about five thousand.

Heiwu looked at Chen Fang, who was standing on the edge of the swamp with cavalry with a hateful look, and said in the Commonwealth language: "Human race, wait for me, I will come back again with the army, all in this land. The human race above will definitely become food on the cutting board of our race."

"And you, I will make you cramped and deboned into soft skin worms, and then shut in the pig pen, feed you with pig manure every day, so that you are better than dead."

After black mist cursed a few words in vicious pursuit, he walked toward the depths of the swamp with the remnants.

Chen Fang had originally seen the Totem Frenzy retreat into the Big Swamp, considering that the cavalry could not fight in this environment, so he planned to let the remaining Totem Frenzy away.

Anyway, he had almost killed the opponent, and I didn't dare to come over to make a mistake after I wanted to come, but after hearing Hei Mist's words, Chen Fang changed his mind again.

It seemed that the other party was very tough, and he was not afraid of being beaten by him. He still wanted to gather another group of people to settle the accounts.

Can't stay, none of the remaining five thousand totem mad orcs can be let go, if they let the other party escape back, they will cause trouble in the future.

"You take someone back first." Chen Fang said towards Ole and Ni Dazhu beside him.

"My lord, where are you?" Ni Dazhu asked.

Chen Fang said coldly: "Nonsense, of course it is to kill these guys who ran away and talked harshly."

"My lord, or let's go with you. Wouldn't it be too dangerous for you alone?" Ole said cautiously.

Ever since he was scared to death by Chen Fang's murderous aura, every time he was next to Chen Fang, he had been very careful. He didn't dare to speak loudly. He was panting for a few seconds, and looked terrified.

"No, the cavalry can't play any role in the swamp, and it's just a burden."

Chen Fang refused.

There is a lot of grass and water in the marsh, and there are silt pools hidden everywhere. People walking on it will be attacked if they are not careful. What's more, horses and cavalry cant run. If you go in and encounter a totem frenzy, there is only one dead end. Losing your life is not a burden.

"My lord, we can dismount and go in on foot." Ni Dazhu said unwillingly.

Unlike Oles fear of Chen Fang, Ni Dazhu admired Chen Fang even more after that time, so he wanted to fight with Chen Fang.

"Don't talk nonsense, just let you go back."

Chen Fang said impatiently, and then summoned the electric bike to ride and leave quickly, as if not affected by the mud on the ground at all.

Seeing Chen Fang's back, Ni Dazhu sighed.

"Let's go."

Then Ole and Ni Dazhu led the cavalry unit towards the former site of Raofeng City.

After Chen Fang entered the swamp, he was soon ambushed by hundreds of totem beasts and a group of crocodile totem beasts.

The leader is a totem warrior fused with a crocodile mutant. His hands are replaced by a crocodile head and tail. Behind him are ten totem warriors of the same family. The others are ordinary totem beasts.

"Human race, you are so brave, you dare to enter the territory of our race." The leading totem warrior looked at Chen Fang fiercely in his eyes, and said to the Federation Common Language.

At the same time, he felt very disdainful of the black mist that made him come to ambush. It was really useless. With so many people, he was chased by a human race, and it was ridiculous that I brought people to the palace.

In an ambush, Chen Fang didn't panic at all, instead focused on the group of no fewer than fifty crocodiles.

There are so many crocodiles, each of which is about three or four meters long, enough for me to eat several meals.

Chen Fang looked at the group of totem-mad orcs blocking him curiously and asked, "Your site? Have you ever been out of the swamp before?"

"This place is suitable for the survival of my swamp crocodiles. Why go out?"

The leading swamp crocodile family totem warrior subconsciously replied.

"Did the previous group of people go to your tribe?" Chen Fang wanted to ask after thinking about it.

"Yes what's the matter."

That leader, let the owner of the tribe who settled here come out and take the nest by himself, so shameless.

"Can you take me there?"

"What are you doing?"

"Help you to drive away the villainous guests who occupy the magpie's nest."

The leading totem warrior listened and smiled coldly, "He wants to occupy my clan's residence, and I also want to get new men. It depends on who is capable."

After saying this, the leading totem warrior suddenly changed his face, "Damn human race boy, you are playing my words."

Chen Fang scratched his head. What happened to the guy's fluctuating IQ?

"Patriarch, what to tell him, I will kill him, and roast a pig to split my leg at night."

A totem warrior became impatient, and rushed to Chen Fang first, holding a crocodile head in his hand and biting it according to Chen Fang's.

Chen Fang jumped back, avoiding the huge mouth of the severed head, and then patted the ground with his right hand. The source energy was poured into the cold air, and a burst of extreme cold energy was output. The naked eye could see that the frost stretched forward along the moist ground, directly freezing the totem warrior. It became an ice sculpture, and then a lightning bolt shot from Chen Fang's left hand, hitting the ice sculpture, and directly hit it into large and small irregular fragments.


Before the others had reacted, the tribe who rushed up was killed by the tribe in front of him.

"This Human Race kid is not easy, let's go together."

The patriarch of the swamp crocodile clan roared, and then everyone and the totem beast rushed towards Chen Fang.

"Good job, just to try the recently developed move."

Chen Fang calmly looked at the totem madman who rushed, and drew out the ice to hit Tang Knife in the circle, and then urged the cold air to freeze the moisture in the air, turning it into pieces of white petals, without wind fluttering, cold The ice petals hovered around Chen's defense.

"go to hell."

The patriarch of the swamp crocodile tribe who rushed to Chen Fang first, stretched out the mouth of the giant crocodile and bit down towards Chen Fang's upper body. Chen Fang didn't hide, just stood up straight, and was bitten by the crocodile's big mouth.


The sound of empty teeth sounded.

The head of the swamp crocodile tribe felt bad for a moment.


This speed...

The head of the swamp crocodile tribe wanted to retreat, but it was too late.

I dont know when, Chen Fang appeared five meters in front of him, stepped back, holding a long knife in his right hand, and swinging his left hand forward, in a stab posture ~wuxiaworld.online~ When the head of the swamp crocodile tribe saw him, Chen Fang's figure suddenly disappeared and turned into a distorted figure. He rushed to him before he could make any response. Then the head of the swamp crocodile tribe felt that he had been chopped more than ten times on his body, and every wound was extremely cold. Energy invades, freezing the blood of the body.

What's the matter, why can't I move anymore.

The head of the swamp crocodile tribe wanted to move, but found that his limbs were stiff and he couldn't even do it with his fingers.

"Damn it, move me."

The patriarch of the swamp crocodile tribe screamed and moved his whole body with all his strength, and then he successfully moved his fingers, but just like that, countless cracks appeared in his whole body, and finally the ice cracked and the whole person seemed to be The broken glass shattered like broken glass, scattered on the ground and piled up.

At the last moment of his life, his eyeballs that fell from his eye sockets reflected the scene of all the masters behind him also scattered into scum, and Chen Fang had finally taken his sword and breathed out white gas.

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